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Layam Group

Layam Group: Helping Transform Various Industries through its Offerings

Incorporated in 2007, Layam Group is recognized as a human capital value chain provider and a trusted partner for the automobiles, manufacturing, and engineering industry. The Group offers services such as staffing, talent acquisition, contract manufacturing, job contract, learning and development, and business consulting. Since its inception, they provided job opportunities to ITIs and diploma holders by training or upskilling them. They identify and help candidates to have a relevant career path with a business model of hire, train and deploy. The Group fulfills the dreams of all those who want to join an MNC or large industry. Today, over 30000 youth have become employable because of the skill sets gained through Layam.

The Group has been certified by D&B and many international entities from Europe and Asia for its work and services. They are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. It is also a NEEM agent, NAPS TPA, and accredited ASDC partner by the Government. It has further won several awards like Company of the Year (manpower services) and has been adjudged as one of India’s 10 most trusted HR Solution Providers.

“We strongly believe in quality and a high degree of professionalism in our approach and representation of services.We have invariably surpassed the expectations of our clients and candidates alike which is unmatched in the industry,” says G.S. Ramesh, Chairman of Layam Group.

The Group has a workforce strength of 12,500 and a turnover of over 200 crores. G.S. Ramesh established Layam Group as a one-stop solution for all businesses. In 2007, he laid the foundation of Layam Group with an intention to help others achieve their dreams. He pioneered the concept of head count to brain count with a focus on maintaining cost, quality and productivity. With the philosophy of Hire, Train & Deploy, the company’s  focus and emphasis is on People, Process & Productivity and this is strengthened by working on “reducing cost”, “ensuring quality” and “scaling productivity” in the Industrial Sector. Layam Group strongly believes in quality & high degree of professionalism in their approach and representation of services.

About the Chairman and the Director

G.S. Ramesh, Chairman of Layam Group, has inspired many people in the HR industry. With over 40 years of experience in the field, he continues to grow by leaps and bounds. His unique approach endears all to perform. Under his able leadership, Layam is recognized as the Game Changer in the HR Process.  Before laying the foundations of Layam, he worked with Hyundai Motor India Limited as Senior Vice President – HR wherein he was widely acknowledged for building Hyundai Motors India into a jewel in the crown of Hyundai worldwide. He has traversed the vast expanse of human resource management, production, corporate planning, and commercial aspects in various industrial sectors. He is also an advisor and external board of directors in several companies that are well entrenched and growing in India.

Rohet Ramesh, Director of Layam Group, is a highly effective management professional who has a penchant for innovation and displays exemplary creativity in solving intricate problems. At Layam, he is responsible for managing the resources and operations of the company. He acts as a competent point of communication between the chairman and the team. With a steadfast focus on quality and competitiveness, Rohet has been successful in developing and leading diverse teams to achieve outstanding results. He has been a guiding force and a motivating factor for various department heads by encouraging creative thinking, improving morale, and instilling teamwork. His inventive approach and a never-say-die attitude have inspired many at Layam Group to achieve their professional goals in a systematic and consistent way.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Every organization faces challenges at some point in time. Some problems are easy to solve whereas others are not. But challenges nevertheless help the organization to become resilient. Layam Group is no different from other companies. They also faced challenges during the pandemic. Rohet says, “Pandemic time was quite challenging for us as we had to adapt to a new mode of working. Working from home was tough initially, but our employees embraced the new norm and delivered their best even in the most trying times. These challenges have helped us emerge stronger thereby leading to a success path.”

Over the years, the company has emerged as the ideal partner in growth for manufacturing excellence by creating a strategy for cost, quality, and productivity for any industrial sector. They use the latest technologies to create impactful HR solutions. They believe in the new age HR concepts and are in sync with the latest trends in the technological space.  With its rich experience and expertise in the field, the company has a competitive edge in the market.

Speaking about encouraging employees, Ramesh says, “We believe in leading by example. We encourage them to think out-of-the-box and also implement their ideas wherever possible.”

The company communicates its core values with employees so that they can achieve the goal efficiently. “Communicating with our employees about the core values of the company during their onboarding process is one of the methods we follow,” he adds.

Journey Ahead

To stay ahead of the competition, the company keeps innovating newer lines of service offerings based on the changing needs of clients, market trends, and technological advancement. They are planning to expand their presence in other sectors as well.

They aim to become the Global Institute of Leadership Excellence by being the

  • Consort and the Most reliable and trusted Management Solution Partner for Corporate Companies, Educational Institutions, Overseas, and people at large
  • Companion for setting up or turning around business ventures through demonstrated capabilities
  • Catalyst for holistic growth and architect of change through the empowerment of people
  • Creating Academy for Excellence

Their short-term goal is to analyse the market and understand market trends.

Parting Words by the Leader

G.S Ramesh asserts, “Be passionate about what you do and believe in yourself. Perseverance is the key to your accomplishment. There is no shortcut to success. Hard work, perseverance and a never say die attitude can help you achieve your goals. Ethical work culture is crucial to an organization’s success as it ushers in strong teamwork, high productivity, and unswerving integrity with stakeholders. Hence, one should nurture it for a consistent growth trajectory.”


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