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SMC Global Securities

SMC Global Securities: A Credible Brand with Strong Reputation and Good Recall

It takes years of industry expertise, farsightedness and competence to foresee major table-turning events in order to carve a niche for your company in the financial market. And this is exactly what places SMC Global Securities Ltd apart from its competitors in the field of financial services. Established in 1994 by Mr. Subhash C. Aggarwal and Mr. Mahesh C. Gupta, the company has grown into a diversified financial services company over a period of almost three decades. The company offers brokerage services, investment banking, wealth management, distribution of financial products, financing (NBFC), insurance broking, clearing & depository services, fixed income securities, financial advisory services to corporates, institutions, high net worth individuals and other retail clients.

The company has achieved many pathbreaking milestones in its spectacular journey. In Feb 2021, it was listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This speaks a lot about its reliability and eminence in the market. Being true to its futuristic approach, it has launched a number of innovative digital technology-enabled capabilities and best-in-class products and services. Through a strong network of approximately 100 branches and 2,500 Sub Brokers and Authorized Persons, the company’s footprint spreads over 460 cities across India. The company is governed by strong board including 6 independent directors and is run by a highly qualified and experienced management team.

SMC Global Securities Limited was incorporated on December 19, 1994 at New Delhi. In 1995, it took the membership of NSE and started broking business and after all the years of hardwork, SMC is now a one stop financial services provider, having various verticals like, Distribution, Brokerage & Clearing, Financing (NBFC), Real Estate Advisory, Insurance Broking, Wealth Management, etc. with more than 20 lac unique clients and more than 3500 employees and more than 460 branches across India and abroad.

“With over 30 years of Management experience in industry and young blood coming in, we are a one stop investment shop and well established and a credible brand with strong reputation and good recall”, says Mr. Ajay Garg, CEO and Director of SMC Global Securities Ltd. The group has extensive corporate relationships.“SMC has earned trust that cements One Transaction, Lifetime Relationship of our clients and employees”, asserts Mr. Garg.

Technologically Dedicated Manpower

The last decade has witnessed a new wave of technology flourishing the investment market. If a firm is not able to cope up with the fast-paced developments in the market the likelihood of its failure becomes a strong possibility. Being aware of this, for the short-term goals, the company has been working to have a technologically dedicated manpower wherein it would go hand in hand with all the advancements in technology and have the latest software and hardware. All in all, its major focus is to be technologically forward.Technology keeps changing constantly which is why companies are meant to be up to the par with the technical advancement. That’s why SMC Global has a special team for IT and Software.

“We also have disruption and keep on planning for any future interruptions”, asserts Mr. Garg.

As far as the long-term goals are concerned, it aims to be in the Top 10 Financial Services provider worldwide, similar to its rank in India now.To achieve this, the company is actively working on it.

Being in the business for a time span of more than 30 years, it has become the most trustworthy company for its customer base of over 20 lakh. What has added to its trustworthiness is its customer-centric approach and the value its customers get. This is exactly what has helped it in keeping pace with the industry, be it products or technology.

The company believes in accepting challenges and turning them into opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has been one such challenge. Before the pandemic, there was too much of paperwork and with the sudden shift in the lockdown it went to being almost paperless. With the support of its IT and the team, it switched the mode of working to work from home smoothly within a time span of only ten days. “Since then, we haven’t looked back, the efficiency has increased and the profits were better than the previous years”.

Nurturing the Employee-Friendly Work Culture

Parallel to its successful corporate journey, SMC Global has always made it a priority to nurture employee-friendly work culture at SMC.You can find the people from various religions, with various values and still be a family at the same time. “We always refer our employees as SMCians and SMC family”. There are employees and clients that have been working with the firm for more than 20 years. This is reflective of the culture and the trust the company has created for potential employees and clients. Also, SMC Global understands the value of suggestions and feedbacks. Keeping this in mind, it invites suggestions and feedbacks from employees, clients, associates and all the other stakeholders and even third parties.

“We have placed an idea box at our premises for anyone and everyone to drop in their ideas”. A close eye is also kept on the competitors. The company has, since its beginning, made it a priority to keep an open mind to all the ideas from all the internal and external stakeholders of the company. Feedback from stakeholders comes handy too. This has been part of its core values. Core values are the backbone of a company and this is rooted in SMC Global. “We keep on emphasizing the valuesin every opportunity we get like group discussions, trainings, awareness sessions.”

Any prospective businessman or entrepreneur can learn the nuances of business from the journey of SMC Global. You need to befocused to your goals and maintain a perfect balance between work, life and personal time. When you set your mind on one thing and you have to work hard and smart to earn it then no can stop you from what you deserve and have rightfully earned it.

According to Mr. Garg, staying in your comfort zone will never let you achieve what you are destined for. So, get out of your comfort zone.



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