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Best NEET Coaching Centre in Chennai

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres in Chennai

Becoming a doctor is a dream of many but not all can accomplish it. Since the path of thinking to become a doctor is to follow the right tracks- the entire journey can be tough.

But nothing is impossible if you have firm determination, and dedication to achieve your dreams.

This means, that if you are looking to become a doctor then you have to first clear the NEET exam (that is the mandate step for all aspirants). But to be thorough with the exam you need to be well prepared, need an understanding of concepts, and a lot of practice.

It is then and there that you need to find the best NEET coaching centre. However, different cities have different coaching, but when it comes to your career you tend to choose the best.

In the case of NEET, you need to choose the best.

It is therefore, we have come up for you to explore the best NEET coaching centre in Chennai.

Choose the best city for NEET preparation

We all know the fact that medicine is one of the prestigious fields and we all at some point aspire to become a doctor. On the other hand, we also know that it requires a lot of patience, hard work, determination, and deep knowledge.

To this, while growing not many can accomplish their dream. There can be many reasons, and the top is not to get the desired knowledge. But for those who have the power to be with the one dream of them can be fulfilled.

This is where joining the best coaching or undertaking the best guidance is a necessity. But the other question that arises is from where?

Many NEET centres or institutes are available to help NEET aspirants. Among all of those Chennai has some of the top centres.

Why Chennai?

Chennai is one of the cities that has top-class education facilities- in terms of colleges/schools/ and even different exam preparation coaching.

Likely one of those is for medical aspirants as well.

For you to be thorough with all concepts you need to follow the right faculty and track. So, here is the top list of the best NEET coaching centres in Chennai through which you can come up with the right track and power to learn all of the tips and tricks to crack NEET.

Top NEET coaching centre in Chennai to become successful

The NEET exam is one of the first steps on the path to becoming a successful doctor. But as we have mentioned earlier it is not an easy role to crack the NEET exam.

You have tons of syllabi to undertake and be very quick in answering your questions. But this is not what you need to look for, behind every competitive exam many hidden facts and secrets can be revealed by the best faculty or experts.

Now these experts can be caught within the best coaching. To this, we have come up best NEET coaching centre in Chennai.

1) Aakash Institute

Students who want to pursue medical examination must reach out to Aakash Institute. They have the best faculty/experts to let students understand the basic to advanced courses of NEET.

However, when it comes to medical or engineering exam preparation, Aakash Institute is at number top. They have a proven track record for students passing with good scores.

In addition, not only Chennai, but you can find Aakash Institute in many other cities with the best faculty in hands. They start their batch with the basis and then go to the advanced knowledge about the NEET exam so that students can be well-versed with the NEET pattern.

At present time, Aakash Institute is offering both online and offline classes. So if you are not willing to leave your native place, then also you can be in touch with the best mentors.

Advantages of joining Aakash Institute

  • They offer solved examples for students to prepare themselves for the NEET exam.
  • Question banks are available within the batches.
  • Motivation is one of the keys to success and hence Aakash Institute organizes some sessions as well.
  • Aakash Institute is known to deliver guaranteed results.

2) Focus Education 

Next to Akash Institute if we talk about the best NEET exam preparation it is Focus education. The Institute offers the best and most effective teaching method to students who aspire to crack the NEET examination.

The faculty member is focused, highly skilled, and also holds a degree from India itself. This means they are from top medical colleges and institutions.

For the last 15 years, Focus Education has been helping aspirants prepare themselves for AIIMS, IIT-JEE, and even other entrance examinations.

Advantages of joining Focus Education 

  • Faculty of online education are available which makes the best and easiest way for students to be at home.
  • Availability of digital program along with the test series.
  • There are pre-recorded video classes are also available. So, if any student misses out on the class then they can be helpful.
  • Deliver free study material.

 3) VVT Coaching Center

Among the top 10 best NEET coaching centres in Chennai, VVT Coaching Center is one of those. Students who are willing to prepare and fulfill their dream of becoming doctors then they must join the VVT Coaching Center.

VVT Coaching has the best of the facilities to offer students in terms of technologies and teaching methods.

This way students will not have to face any difficulties and can make them learn everything to the best. This way at the end of the batch they can help themselves to prepare everything required to crack the exam.

Advantages of joining VVT Coaching Center

  • There is practical learning available so that students can strongly prepare themselves.
  • Every week there is a performance analysis by teachers to review the progress of students.
  • All of the classrooms are well-equipped with all of the necessary things.
  • If you are not willing to leave your home then you can even sit back home and take classes. This means online classes is one of the facilities that VVT offers.

4) Appolo Academy

Established in 1992 Appolo Academy is also one of the best coaching institutes in Chennai. It is one of the units of appolo that helps aspirants to get the best knowledge to score good marks in NEET.

You can find Appolo centres in different cities apart from Chennai. You can explore the best one as per your convenience and join the best.

Advantages of joining Appolo Academy

  • All of the necessary infrastructure is available within the academy so that students do not have to go anywhere for anything important.
  • All of the faculty are dedicated to assisting aspirants to work harder and score well.
  • There is an online application service available to gain admission to Appolo Academy.
  • Helps each student to study hard, and solve all of their doubts to clear NEET in the first attempt.

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5) Smart NEET Coaching

There are many NEET coaching centres/institutes you can find in Chennai, but it is about the best one to find. If this is your primary goal then smart NEET coaching is one of those that fall on top.

They have extremely well-equipped facilities and mentors to guide all aspirants in the right direction. So, in Chennai, smart NEET has two entities- one is Science& Mathematics Academy and the other is Smart Minds Academy.

Advantages of joining Smart NEET Coaching

  • Availability of foundation junior and senior programs
  • Students can take 2 years of NEET program
  • Mentors will help them to crack exams with all of the desired study material and notes.

6) Extel Academy

Extel Academy is one of the oldest NEET coaches available in Chennai. Students from a longer time who wish to crack NEET have enrolled themselves and passed with top results.

This is the major reason aspirants wish to learn the best tips and tricks Extel Academy is one of the best NEET coaching centres in Chennai.

Advantages of joining Extel Academy

  • Extel Academy has one of the great academic strengths.
  • All of the mentors are from reputed medical colleges and they help aspirants to prepare best.
  • Desired notes and weekly assessments are available for best-in-class preparation

7) T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E is also one of the best NEET coaching institutes in Chennai assisting aspirants to make them prepare for best. The faculty within T.I.M.E has a vast knowledge of the desired study material for the NEET exam.

This way, all of the best tricks can be obtained on how to crack exams well. But when it comes to competitive exams, not only do you have to be well-versed with the syllabus, but with additional steps as well. These include your speed, tips to solve questions fast, and also to know the shortcuts.

Then and there T.I.M.E helps to ensure everything is in the right manner.

Advantages of joining T.I.M.E

  • I.M.E has updated the course every year so that students are not left behind with any information.
  • Online and offline facilities for learning are available.
  • All benefits are served within T.I.M.E and to every batch.

8) SPIRO Academy

SPIRO Academy has one of the unmatched benefits as compared to others. This is the main reason why SPIRO Academy is one of the best NEET coaching centres in Chennai.

Own prime mentors with years of experience in teaching and hold vast knowledge about NEET exams. SPIRO Academy is mainly committed to helping aspirants bring out the best within them.

This way, right from getting the right direction to scoring good marks becomes easy.

Advantages of joining SPIRO Academy

  • SPIRO Academy believes that hard work is the key to success and hence with the best mentors, they help aspirants to study hard.
  • Weekly test and performance reviews are available
  • Both offline/online classes are available.

9) Conceptree

Conceptree offers the best NEET coaching in Chennai, so whether you are a fresher or have attempted, you can join Conceptree to get the best results. This is mainly done by helping students to understand the syllabus at a wider level and with day-to-day assessments.

This in turn helps students to get all of the desired knowledge and to make them withstand strong for exams.

Conceptree in turn helps to build a strong foundation to make all aspirant’s way to excellence.

Advantages of joining Conceptree

  • Get access to the best NEET preparation tools along with theoretical and practical
  • NEET test series organized to help students prepare well
  • Free preparation resources that include advanced revision sheets.
  • Weekly review classes so that students can solve their doubts.

10) Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute has around 73 centres in India and one of the tops is in Chennai. Students who want to enroll themselves for AIIMS, NEET PG, and PGIMER can join Dr. Bhatia’s medical coaching institute.

The name of the coaching is quite popular in Chennai and students from different corners of India come to study.

This is the main reason why Dr Bhatia’s medical coaching falls within the top 10 of NEET coaching. This is because they have the best guidance and support within the session. In turn, this makes it one of the top-rated coaching in Chennai

 Advantages of joining Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute

  • Printed notes and test series are available for students
  • The distance learning program is also available
  • Periodic tests and performance review sessions, in turn, solve the doubts
  • Counselling and online lecture facilities are also available.


All of the above coaching institutes we have mentioned above are top, reputed, NEET coaching in Chennai. Students who have a dream to become doctors and serve their country can prepare on top with any one of these coaching.

However, Chennai is one of the prominent and most adopted cities to prepare. All of these coaching offer the best tips, tricks, guidance, and other amenities

In this manner, students can get in the right direction without any distractions. So, you can undergo each one of those and choose which is best for you. We have compiled all of the necessary information so that you can make your decision easily.


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