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Top 10 Logistics Companies in Canada

The Best Logistics Companies in Canada that took the Canadian Market by storm

About the Logistics Industry in Canada

Because of increased globalisation, all types of Canadian businesses use the services of logistics firms in Canada. Canada’s logistics and supply chain firms have extensive expertise dealing with a worldwide customer base. As a result, they can readily meet the needs of diverse industries. For instance, the Canadian freight and logistics industry is anticipated to develop rapidly throughout the projection period by dint of the excellent performance of the rail freight segment.

The market may be driven by the thriving e-commerce business as well as expansion in the construction, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. In 2018, there were 19.8 million active e-commerce consumers in Canada. Furthermore, e-commerce expansion may raise demand in the logistics business.

The transportation and logistics business in Canada is influenced by the country’s enormous size, diversified terrain, and fluctuating currency, as well as worldwide economic developments. In this sector, effective risk management is critical to success. The Canadian transportation and logistics business is critical to the country’s economy since numerous industries rely on it for the security and performance of their supply chains.

List of the top Logistics Companies in Canada

Below is a list of the Top Ten Logistics Companies in Canada:


Purolator is 91% owned by Canada Post, with the remaining shares held by Barry Lapointe Holdings Ltd. (7%) and others (2 percent ). The firm provides integrated freight, parcel, and logistics solutions across Canada and earns more than CAD 1 billion in revenue each year. For delivery outside of Canada, it has collaborated with UPS.

2.Day & Ross Transportation Group:

Founded in 1950 as McCain Foods Limited’s transportation and logistics business, Day & Ross Transportation Group offers a wide range of services, including transportation haulage, specialised fleet operating logistics, and same-day delivery services. It employs 2,500 people across Canada, has 3,500 owner operators, and owns 3,300 vehicles and trailers.


Simard, founded in 1943, provides freight trucking and freight logistics services to clients across Canada. Its facilities are near marine terminals, airports, and railway stations in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

4.Westcan Bulk Transport:

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the firm provides bulk transportation, flat deck freight, product handling and warehousing, oilfield services, and other transportation and logistical services. It primarily services customers in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Western Arctic and is one of Western Canada’s major specialty bulk commodities transporters.

5.Normandin Transit:

Normandin Transit, which was founded in 1988, specialised in the transportation of less-than-truckload and full-truckload freight cargoes. It is one of the province of Quebec’s largest public fleets, with 369 vehicles and 1,077 trailers.

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6.Groupe Robert:

Founded in 1946 as Robert Transportation, Groupe Robert provides integrated transportation and logistics, distribution, and warehousing and storage solutions across Canada and North America. Its headquarters are located in Rougemont, Quebec.

7.Siemens Transportation Group:

As one of Canada’s leading transportation and logistics firms, Siemens has eight trucking divisions: International Truckload, Less Than Truckload, International Flat Deck, Ground Courier, Warehouse Distribution, and Third Party Transportation. The firm was established in 1962 and is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

8.Penner International:

Penner International was founded in 1923 and specialises in truckload dry van, international transport, and domestic transport throughout Canada. It has 395 tractors, 705 dry van tandem trailers, and 100 dry van tandem trailers with heaters in its fleet.

9.Hyndman Transport:

As a subsidiary of Celadon Group, Inc., Hyndman Transport offers transportation and logistical services throughout Canada and the United States. The firm was formed in 1972 and is headquartered in Wroxeter, Ontario.

10.Western Canada Express:

Western Canada Express is a freight forwarding and intermodal transportation firm based in Canada’s western provinces and territories. It was formed in 1994 and provides transportation and logistical services to some of Canada’s top corporations.


Companies may achieve efficiency and better manage resources by using technological solutions that connect business partners all over the world. The finest supply chain management systems will guarantee that the relevant people, products, or data are available when and where you need them. In today’s modern business climate, a fully leveraged supply chain solution will enable a firm to be more competitive, flexible, and prosper.

Transport and road freight are undoubtedly the backbone of meeting the supply and demand that keeps the Canadian economy humming; nevertheless, the industry continues to confront changes and difficulties that will be part of its growth in the future.

According to Industry Canada’s “State of Logistics: The Canadian Report 2008,” the top 20% of organisations in total landed costs and on-time customer shipments are more likely to invest in logistics network strategies and technologies such as electronic collaboration with networks of suppliers and customers, as well as supply chain modelling applications. Leaders in Supply Chain performance regularly invest 3–6% of their sales in business solutions and technology. Meanwhile, laggards continually underperform in comparison, as well as face a considerably higher chance of failing.




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