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Best IIT Coaching in Patna

Top 10 IIT coaching Institutes in Patna

Every year lakhs of students appear for different competitive exams to start their career with reputed colleges. In turn to work with top companies to grow and gain wide knowledge across.

These exams can be many for both the medical and science fields, and they are no doubt very tough to pass. But as we all know nothing is impossible if we have firm determination, dedication, and also power to study.

To this, one of those exams we have come up with is IIT. It is a dream for many students to pass IIT and get the best colleges in India to study. This later helps them to work in reputed firms or MNCs to get top positions and earn well.

But to cover the entire journey right from studying to passing, students need to get the best learning practice. This is eventually happened by connecting with the best mentors and therein some top coaching comes into play.

Different cities have reputed coaching/institutes to let students prepare for their desired courses. We always help you to explore, different cities, and their top coaching (against different competitive exams).

Today, we have come up with the best IIT coaching in Patna. But again, the question arises Why Patna? We always help you to determine the positive side of choosing the desired city for different courses. So let us again help you to determine why Patna is for the IIT exam.

Patna – educational front in the state of Bihar for students

Patna like other cities has grown exponentially in terms of education. This is because the city has top and renowned faculties to help students prepare for the IIT- JEE exam and score well.

Further Patana is known for delivering the best education and has multiple coaching institutes for IIT- JEE, GATE, IAS, and NEET. Also, the majority of this coaching has the highest success rate and this is why students look to step ahead towards Patna.

Since IIT- JEE exam is found to be the most challenging and competitive exam. This exam tests the ability of students to enroll in undergraduate engineering programs.

But to clear IIT one needs to have a calm and dedicated approach. This is where students look to find a dedicated place from where they can prepare well. Usually, the preparation lasts for about 4-6 months and this is quite crucial. So here in this particular article, we will help you to determine the top and best IIT coaching in Patna.

So explore all of those below and find out what makes them the best.

Top IIT coaching in Patna to shape the future of students

No doubt one of the most demanding exams in the country with tough competition is the IIT-JEE. To crack the exam, students spend day and night undertaking its entire syllabus and make themselves admitted to the best colleges.

But as we mentioned above to help you go through with the exam you need a competitive place. The one where you can get complete guidance, and understanding, easily solve your doubts, and more (which cannot be obtained while preparing from home).

So, to stop your search against searching the best IIT coaching in Patna we are here.

1) Toppers Academy

Toppers Academy provides the young mind to prepare for IIT-JEE. For quite the past few years, Toppers Academy has been on the top list in Patna and many students by undertaking guidance have cracked IIT either in the first or second attempt.

This is the major reason why students search for Toppers Academy. Students along with the preparation can also make themselves prepare for overall personality development.

The main reason to join Toppers Academy is its faculty. They have cracked IIT-JEE and hold the potency to teach students for the best. This is yet another reason why Toppers Academy falls under the top 10 best IIT coaches in Patna.

Advantages of joining Toppers Academy

  • Provides quality study material prepared by the mentors to cover the entire syllabus easily.
  • The entire faculty focuses on students to strive for betterment.
  • Motivation and learning are provided simultaneously to help students make them prepare for the best.
  • Seminars and doubt-solving sessions are available within coaching to give students a new direction.
Google Reviews 5 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    40-45 Student
Fee Structure Rs. 90,000 +18% GST For 1 Year Course.



2) Gyanaj

The list of best coaching for IIT in Patna is Gyanaj, and it is mainly because of their progressive results and best faculty. The main vision that Gyanaj takes forth is to make students prepare for the best and crack IIT-JEE to get a reputed college for further studies.

The institute has placed many students and has a proven track record for every year. Students here can get the best mentors to let them solve all of their queries because they have cracked IIT-JEE.

Now what can be the best opportunity to study under mentors who have undertaken such benefits?

Advantages of joining Gyanaj

  • All of the faculty members put their heart and soul into letting students prepare for the best against competitive exams no matter what.
  • Gyanaj has been praised all over the country because it has a proven track record for quite long years.
  • The desired notes and classroom environment with other facilities are provided.
Google Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    40Student
Fee Structure Rs. 50,000



3) Allen Institute

Talking about another best IIT coaching in Patna is Allen Institute as it helps students to complete their goals against IIT. They are focused on delivering the best environment and mentors for all students no matter online or offline batches.

Allen believes each student is equal to them and tends to serve best going beyond their capabilities. In Patna, Allen is one of the reputed coaches to accommodate young aspirants to study well against IIT main and advanced.

Advantages of joining Allen Institute

  • Offers multiple courses to study apart from IIT-JEE (mains and advanced). So students who want to get ahead in different competitive exams can reach Allen.
  • Students can seek guidance any time they want to.
  • Top-quality study materials are offered by the faculties themselves so that nothing can be left behind to study.
Google Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    35-40 Student
Fee Structure Rs. 45-50,000



4) Delta Institute

Delta Institute began in 1993 intending to motivate and assist students for different competitive exams. In the early days, there were not many sources to help students, but with time, the best faculty rolled within the institutes.

This is where Delta has some of the top mentors to guide students against IIT. It is one of the competitive exams that thousands of students appear on every year. However, not all can crack it due to less understanding and knowledge.

It is then and there that Delta comes into mind for students to train them.

Advantages of joining Delta Institute

  • One of the premier coaches in Patan for IIT preparation. Students here can get the complete environment for both advanced and mains.
  • Over the past few years, the institute has come out with top results.
  • Study material and desired environment are provided for students.
Google Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars  
Batch Size    80Student  
Fee Structure Rs. 45-70,000




5) Vidyamandir classes

Vidya mandir classes is a well-known coaching for IIT in Patna and has created a record for best score. They polish students in such a way that students understand the entire syllabus in one go and import the desired information.

The classes are run by ex-IITians which makes it more connected by students. Thousands of aspirants come to Patna to enroll in Vidya mandir classes and this makes them come out with a bright future.

Advantages of joining Vidya mandir classes

  • Vidya mandir classes have gained trust among different aspirants because of their success rate.
  • Offers multiple courses to help students prepare well.
  • Study materials provided within classes.
Google Reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    40-50Student
Fee Structure Rs. 50-70,000


GMAT Coaching in Delhi

6) Resonance

Resonance backed its position among the top 10 best coaching for IIT in Patna. The coaching is well crafted with all of the facilities to let students explore the different learning processes along with tips and tricks.

Further, Resonance has also claimed that the desired study material provided is quite enough. This means the aspirants for IIT-JEE will only have to prepare against those notes and everything will be covered.

Furthermore, the mentors are supportive of letting everything be covered in one place and that is Resonance.

 Advantages of joining Resonance

  • Resonance conducts weekly tests to help students determine their capability.
  • The institute is well focused on what they are known and this made them fall on top among best IIT coaching in Patna.
Google Reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    35-40 Student
Fee Structure 1.39 Lakh for 1 year IIT JEE course and 1.44 Lakh for 2 years


7) Global IIT

All IIT-JEE aspirants, if you are looking for the best coaching in Patna then, do look for Global IIT. They have got 5/5 rating and this is because of their extensive teaching methods. The coaching helps students to understand the basic to advanced syllabus easily and lets them be placed in the best colleges.

Global IIT has a unique teaching methodology and this is what helps them to separate from others. So, if you are looking to join the best IIT coaching then do reach Global IIT

Advantages of joining Global IIT

  • Helped thousands of students to crack IIT (from different cities) and ranked them on top.
  • Study materials are prepared by the faculty itself.
  • Tests are conducted every month to let students determine their flaws and in turn, prepare for the best.
Google Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    25Student
Fee Structure 35,000 (1 year IIT program)

 45,000 (2 years)


8) Narayana

By crossing all barriers, Narayana coaching is also one of the leading names in IIT preparation. The coaching helps students to move towards the betterment by giving them the right guidance.

In addition, Narayana offers a diverse range of features that let students be at ease within the institute and focus on learning. Mentors here are well-versed in the IIT exam and what can make aspirants succeed hence it’s one of the top-rated institutes in Patna.

Advantages of joining NarayanaAcademy

  • The institute has integrated classrooms with all of the facilities for students.
  • Small batches are available so that mentors can focus on every student easily.
  • Quality learning sessions along with tests and doubt clearing.
Google Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    25-30Student
Fee Structure 35,000-50,000 and above


9) Mentors Eduserv IIT

Upon continuous research for the best IIT coaching in Patna, another name that struck us is Mentors Eduserve IIT. It is spotted to be one of the top-rated coaching in Patna for IIT preparation.

Every year they hold different batches (with a small number of students) and let them focus on the best.

Advantages of joiningMentors Eduserv IIT

  • All of the faculty of Mentors Eduserve is highly experienced in delivering the best guidance.
  • Students can undertake one to one doubt doubt-solving sessions.
Google Reviews 3.4 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    25-30 Student
Fee Structure Rs 50,000-1,20000.



ELITE IIT is known as the top coaching for IIT in Patna all because of its faculties. No doubt when you get the best guidance everything becomes simple. This is what ELITE IIT finds and guides students to prepare them against the best.

Students join ELITE IIT from different cities because of its reputation and results. Students can take complete coaching by being connected with ELITE IIT either online or offline.

This in turn lets aspirants score well and get into top colleges.

Advantages of joining ELITE IIT

Considered to be one of the best coaching institutes in Patna against IIT preparation.

All of the study materials provided are updated each year.

Google Reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
Batch Size    25-30 Student
Fee Structure 1.20L for 2yr, and 60,000 INR for 1 year



Cracking the IIT exam for quite long years has been challenging. But as we stated above if you get the best guidance nothing is impossible. You tend to simply things and your learning process with complete dedication.

This way, if you have a dream to study in reputed colleges of engineering and science then IIT is one of the best modes to enter. Yet to make this entire journey smoother, we have listed out the top 10 best IIT coaching in Patna.

Explore them all to determine the best for your career and get started.


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