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How to Get Featured in Fortune India: 40 Under 40

Unlocking the Path to Success: How to Get Featured in Fortune India

Fortune India, one of the most prestigious business magazines in the country, holds the power to catapult individuals and businesses to new heights of success. With its extensive readership and influential reputation, getting featured in Fortune India can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility, credibility, and market positioning. In this article, we will explore the strategies and techniques how to get featured Fortune India, and how Nextcorp Media, a leading PR agency based in Delhi, can help you realize this dream.

Understanding the Importance of Fortune India:

Fortune India has established itself as a trusted source of business news, insights, and success stories. Its readership includes influential business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers who actively seek information about emerging trends and prominent brands. Being featured in Fortune India not only provides exposure to a vast audience but also creates opportunities for collaborations, investments, and partnerships. It acts as a validation of your business’s credibility and expertise in the industry.

Navigating the Path to Success:

To increase your chances of being featured in Fortune India, you need to develop a strategic approach that aligns with the magazine’s editorial guidelines and appeals to its target audience. Here are key steps to follow:

Research and Analysis:

Begin by thoroughly researching Fortune India’s content themes, focus areas, and editorial calendar. Familiarize yourself with the type of stories they feature, the industries they prioritize, and the angles they find compelling. This knowledge will help you tailor your pitch and content to align with the magazine’s interests.

Developing a Strong PR Strategy:

A robust public relations (PR) strategy is crucial for successfully securing a spot in Fortune India. Identify the unique aspects of your brand or story that make it relevant and valuable to the magazine’s readership. Craft a comprehensive PR plan that outlines your objectives, target audience, key messages, and media outreach tactics.

Crafting a Compelling Story:

To capture the attention of Fortune India’s editors, you must tell a compelling story that stands out from the crowd. Identify the unique angle or narrative that differentiates your brand or business from others in your industry. Showcase your achievements, innovations, and contributions to the business landscape. Use data, case studies, and testimonials to strengthen your story’s credibility and impact.

Targeting the Right Audience:

Understanding Fortune India’s target audience is crucial for tailoring your pitch effectively. Identify the specific demographics, interests, and preferences of the magazine’s readership. Ensure that your story resonates with their needs and aspirations, and highlight how your brand can bring value to their lives or businesses.

The Power of Nextcorp Media:

Nextcorp Media, a renowned PR agency based in Delhi, has a proven track record of helping clients secure advertorial opportunities in esteemed publications like Fortune India. Here’s how they can assist you:

Overview of Nextcorp Media:

Nextcorp Media is a full-service PR agency known for its expertise in media relations, content creation, and strategic communication. With a team of experienced professionals, they specialize in bridging the gap between brands and media outlets, ensuring maximum visibility and positive coverage.

Leveraging Nextcorp Media’s Expertise:

Nextcorp Media has an in-depth understanding of Fortune India’s editorial preferences and requirements. They have built strong relationships with the magazine’s editors and journalists, enabling them to pitch your story effectively and increase your chances of being featured. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives and generating media interest makes them a valuable partner in your journey towards Fortune India.

40 Under 40 by Fortune India:

With the assistance of Nextcorp Media, your chances of being featured in special editions like “40 Under 40” in Fortune India increase significantly. Nextcorp Media has a proven track record of helping clients secure a spot in prestigious lists and special features. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives and their strong relationships with Fortune India’s editorial team give them the edge in positioning your brand among the top young achievers. By leveraging their strategic approach, media outreach tactics, and content creation skills, Nextcorp Media can help you showcase your accomplishments, innovations, and potential, ultimately earning you a well-deserved place in the exclusive “40 Under 40” special edition of Fortune India.

How to Get Featured in Forbes India Magazine?

Services Offered by Nextcorp Media:

Nextcorp Media offers a range of services designed to enhance your brand’s visibility and secure advertorial opportunities in Fortune India. These include media outreach, press release writing, content creation, story ideation, and crisis management. They work closely with you to develop a customized PR strategy and execute it with precision.

Success Stories: Clients Featured in Fortune India:

Nextcorp Media has an impressive track record of helping clients secure coveted spots in Fortune India. By leveraging their expertise and following their strategic approach, several businesses have gained valuable exposure and reaped the benefits of being featured in the magazine. These success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of Nextcorp Media’s services.

Conclusion, Making Your Mark in Fortune India:

Securing a feature in Fortune India can unlock a world of opportunities for your brand. By thoroughly understanding the magazine’s preferences, developing a strong PR strategy, crafting a compelling story, and targeting the right audience, you can significantly enhance your chances of being noticed by Fortune India’s editorial team. However, to maximize your potential, partnering with a PR agency like Nextcorp Media can provide you with the expertise, connections, and strategic guidance needed to navigate the competitive landscape and secure advertorial opportunities in Fortune India. With their help, you can make your mark in the business world and propel your brand to new heights of success.


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