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How to Get Featured in Forbes India Magazine?

How to get your business featured in Forbes India?

Would you like to have your company showcased on Forbes India for increased visibility and credibility? Many enterprises consider Forbes India as the most valuable platform because it highlights successful entrepreneurs and businesses. However, distinguishing yourself from other companies may be difficult with fierce competition for attention. This article will give you tips on what can make your enterprise appear in Forbes India more likely than ever before including introducing Nextcorp Media; the best PR agency that can help.

Tip 1: Unique Value Proposition Development

Forbes India features companies based on their unique value proposition, innovative products or services they offer and a good story behind it all. You are encouraged to create a message which clearly shows off what sets your company apart from others in the market while representing its uniqueness in short statements also referred as UVPs (unique selling points). Below are some ways through which this can be achieved;

– Identifying who exactly your target audience is and understanding their needs better than anyone else does

– Carrying out some market research about different players within the same industry niche so that you know where each one stands vis-a-vis another

– Coming up with USPs – unique selling propositions or positions which differentiate me too type competitors from my brand

– Crafting an elevator pitch that compels interest by summarizing why somebody should care quickly about my organization.

Tip 2: Creating A Strong Online Presence

According to Forbes India editors & writers always looking out for firms having strong online presence here’s what they say about websites; they need to;

• Look professional while being user-friendly

• Be mobile friendly and responsive across all devices users might access them on

• Have easy navigation systems where visitors can find any information quickly or intuitively such as having clear menus tab structures etcetera

• Regularly upload fresh content like news updates blogs articles etcetera so that there is always something new happening every time someone visits

• Be optimized for search engines so that when people search online using keywords related to my business, website pops up first on google ranking pages for example.

Also make sure all social media profiles are; complete and up to date with correct information about your brand consistent with other forms of messaging (logo colors etcetera) you use engaging interactive platforms where people can talk back at you sharing company news achievements via them.

Tip 3: Network And Relationship Building

According to Forbes India editors & writers always looking out for companies with strong online presence here’s what they say about networking; it should be done through attending industry events conferences roundtable discussions one-on-one meetings etcetera where key influencers might be present who could help raise your profile within the publication world so that next time somebody reads an article or sees something published under their name about me/my organization then more attention will likely come our way from readership circles interested in similar topics as covered by Forbes India magazine itself.

Tip 4: Craft An Inspiring Story

To get featured in Forbes India a business has to tell an inspiring story of success, innovation or entrepreneurship. Therefore come up with narratives which highlight different aspects such as;

– The journey of our company and its milestones over years

– Challenges faced along the way + how these were overcome

– Unique solutions offered by us towards solving customer problems better than anyone else can today

– Recognition received by my organization through awards won locally nationally etcetera.

Tip 5: Social Media Campaigning

Share industry insights thought leaderships apart from engaging content like infographics through social media channels if you want them noticed by Forbes India editors & writers plus remember to tag relevant individuals while commenting on posts sharing articles published under their names too.

About Nextcorp Media – Best PR Agency For Getting Featured In Forbes India

Nextcorp Media is a top-tier public relations agency experienced in helping businesses attain coverage across leading publications including Forbes India. With a team of highly skilled professionals and proven track record, Nextcorp Media can assist you to;

– Create unique value proposition statements for different brands

– Establish a solid online presence

– Network with influential editors and writers within Forbes India magazine

– Tell compelling stories about your company’s success journey so far

– Utilize social media platforms to increase visibility among various target audiences.

Services Offered By Nextcorp Media Include;

• Media relations & outreach programs creation

• Content development & storytelling strategies implementation

• Social media management and marketing activities planning

– Crisis communicating and reputation management

– Branding and positioning

Benefits of Working with Nextcorp Media

Teaming up with Nextcorp Media can help you:

– Increase the odds of being featured in Forbes India

– Boost your company’s credibility and reputation

– Create a strong online presence and following on social media

– Build a compelling story and narrative

– Keep ahead of competition as well as industry trends.

Extra Tips Moreover Insights-

Don’t wait around hoping they’ll notice you; get proactive about getting noticed!

Keep track of when certain topics come up in their editorial calendar year after year… there might just be some patterns worth exploiting here 😉

Use every single one among Forbes India’s web pages plus each social media channel accessible through this website if possible – why not? They’re free! And don’t forget, in case anyone asks what you’re doing… just say “I’m building backlinks for SEO purposes” 😉

Be ready (and willing!) To provide numbers/data/stats that support any claims made during the pitch process i.e., how many visitors have visited your blog over last month etc., because nothing says “trustworthy” like some hard cold facts!

Finally remember feedback is good so take criticism constructively rather than personally because ultimately its meant to help us improve our chances right?

Forbes India Magazine – the global podium for Indian leaders

Forbes is one of the top Magazines or we can say a global media company with rich offerings.

Forbes was founded in the year 1917, and since then it has been one of the respected sources of business (news and information). Mainly Forbes focuses on: 

  • Business
  • Investing
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • leadership, and lifestyle.

When you are looking to get a wider presence then what can be the best way to consider than getting Featured in Forbes India Magazine?

One of the top reasons is that Forbes has a robust presence online and they even produce several regional editions.

Talking about its target audience then it primarily focuses on individuals, business leaders, investors, and professionals. In turn, its main aim is to educate and inspire the audience with top most valuable insights and even success stories.

Therefore, if you get a chance to be featured in Forbes India Magazine, then it can be a plus point for your business and even you to get an easy recognition.

But as we stated earlier, not many can get featured, and here there is a need for you to determine how to easily get Featured in Forbes India Magazine.

Lift your brand with Forbes India Magazine

As we have mentioned you earlier getting Featured in Forbes India Magazine is one of the top-class ways to get your brand recognition.

But in addition, to this, we did state that it is not obtained by everyone. The main reason is that Forbes is one of the reputed magazines and it requires you to have strategic planning.

Therefore, you need to determine what the publication seeks and in turn, complete all of your requirements. Hence, come along with us to determine what requires you to get one-shot approval in Forbes Indian Magazine.

What requires you to get Featured in Forbes India Magazine?

To get published in a Magazine some of their criteria need to be followed. Hence, you must understand and implement all of those points or steps.

Similarly, Forbes has some of its criteria, once you follow then nothing can stop you from getting a wider presence.

Remarkable news

Since Forbes is one of the highlighted and top magazines it only requires you to own newsworthy news. Therefore, you need to consider taking a story that can match the latest business trends. In turn can offer the audience better information through which they can connect.

Top achievements

You must not forget to demonstrate what your achievements are, some of the leadership that can positively impact society. This can be one of the best way to Get Featured in Forbes India Magazine, as many of the businesses have undertake the one stage.

Must target audience

Forbes is easily connected with business leaders, individuals and even investors. Hence your story must be able to connect with them all.

Must have strong data 

Before giving up your narrative, you must ensure that you double-check your story and give solid proof to readers.

Building a relationship with Forbes

This is one of the top steps that you should not miss out on as it will help you to get easily featured in Forbes India.

Here you must start analysing the Forbes India Magazine and beat them. You need to understand what topics they are covering and must beat with your storyline.

Another way to follow journalists is to connect with them via social media platforms. Here Twitter and LinkedIn are the top channels to offer insights and other offerings.

You can also subscribe newsletter of the Forbes as this will help you to connect with the latest publications.

All you need is to engage authentically and this will help you to get ahead to get featured in Forbes India Magazine.

Must engage in an authentic manner

There is a need for you to personalize your outreach more authentically. This can be done by mentioning the specific article you admire to work with.

It is always advisable to offer valuable insights, but do not ask for a favour. Rather you must demonstrate your work and show willingness to work.

By participating in social media discussions, you can easily build your online presence as a thoughtful leader. As it is considered to be one of the best way to get an entry into Forbes community.

You can also take advantage of connecting with Forbes journalists upon attending industry events and even conferences.

To get Featured in Forbes India Magazine requires you to own all of the above steps and in turn step ahead with the success. Along with this, building relationships is one of the thoughtful strategies.

Hence, upon approaching journalists with the respect they deserve, offering value to them and demonstrating your expertise you can take advantage of getting featured in Forbes Magazine.

Forbes commands significant attention business community

You have to understand why businesses are looking to get Featured in Forbes India Magazine. This in turn will allow you to take command to step ahead and take your business to the next level.

Since then, Forbes has developed a strong reputation and operates in multiple countries i.e. with regional addition and even licensed publications.

Therefore, once you understand the right strategy to follow to get featured in Forbes then you can be ahead in your business presence and success.

This is the major reason why we have mentioned everything above you need to look at and proceed in the same manner. This way it becomes easy to get Featured in Forbes India Magazine on the first attempt.


Getting featured in Forbes India could change everything for your business; however, it takes more than luck. You need an outstanding value proposition, networking skills combined with relationship building abilities, strong online presence creation strategies coupled with unique story crafting techniques that will make other people want to share it too. These should be accompanied by use of various social media platforms which are available today so as to expose yourself widely within different communities or groups related to your field or industry where potential customers might reside. Having said all these I couldn’t think of any better way than partnering with Nextcorp Media – the best PR agency.


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