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Upgrade Your Creative Process with These Top 10 Apps Like Procreate 

Apps like Procreate: Digitalization has been transforming various industries, and the art and drawing fields are no exception. The advent of digital platforms has revolutionized the way artists create and share their work. In this regard, drawing apps like Procreate have provided artists with a platform to produce breathtaking and realistic works of art.

Digital art is expanding at a rapid rate, and although we are aware that procreate is only available on iPads, there are a number of other apps that can assist artists in producing drawings that have both illusion and vision. Other current apps are still usable for creating digital art by artists who desire to switch from traditional to digital media. This post will go through all the procreate alternatives that can be used by artists to make amazing and wonderful artistic drawings.

You won’t need to look farther since we’re going to give you a list of amazing alternatives to apps like Procreate that are great for both beginners and experts.

Top 10 Incredible Apps Like Procreate That Will Help You

One of the best tools for creating illustrations is Procreate, which has amazing capabilities for anything from sketching to illustrating. The smooth and blendy sketching drawing on the iPhone demonstrates its versatility, but the only drawback is that it is only available to iPhone users. However, this is no longer the case as Android users can now try out apps like Procreate

Here we accompany the list of the top 10 incredible Apps like Procreate that will help your artistic skills! 

1. Pixelmator

One of the  highly regarded professional image apps like Procreate, it aids artists in producing striking images and photographs. It has a number of strong tool collections and other visual tools that support slick and aesthetically pleasing designs. It features a wide range of capabilities for editing and retouching photos, creating graphic designs, painting, drawing vector graphics, and adding amazing effects, making it the only image editor you’ll ever need. .

Features of the Pixelmator:

  • updated table aside: It has a brand-new appearance and is completely adaptable to the needs of the artist. Additionally, it contains a number of usability enhancements. 
  • Color Adjustments and Effects Layers By adjusting colours and adding useful layers to your sketches and drawings, it will give them a fresh, new look. Additionally, you can change the colour density and effects layer.
  • New Vector Shapes 200+: There are more than 200 new vector shapes created by artists in areas including science, activities, and symbols. By incorporating these new vector forms, you can simply offer your sketches and drawings new, exciting shapes and fantastic drawing effects.


 “Overall, the experience with Pixelmator Pro has been extremely positive. It is currently my go-to software for photo and image editing. With the super-resolution feature, I can be sure that my images will print at premium quality and that enlarging the photo will not result in blurriness”. 

2. Assembly: 

Get rid of the challenging design programmes’ high learning curves with  apps like Procreate Assembly . You may add a digital touch to your sketches and artistic creations with the aid of an assembly tool. It is one of the most complete, enjoyable, and convenient tools that the majority of artists use right now. The support for 3D standard shapes, which will improve the aesthetics and realism of your drawings and photographs, is one of this app’s best features.


  • Mobile-friendly: The finest feature of apps like Procreate  is that it is a tool that can be used on mobile devices and is the best software, similar to Procreator. One mobile studio with all the functionality of a professional editing package.
  • Supports 3D images: It has a sizable database of 3D images from which the user may choose the best ones to add the right design to their sketches and drawings.
  • Typesetting tools Browse our font selection or import your preferred font. Line and letter spacing, font compatibility, formatting settings, and more can all be changed. Additionally, it has a function called “ultimate colours” that lets you select your chosen unique colours and adjust the color’s density.


Assembly is a joy to use. In reality, it no more transforms you into a graphic designer than playing Need For Speed turns you into a street racer. In a sense, it’s more of a toy — a modern-day take on playing with felt shapes” 

3. Artstudio Pro: 

Other apps like Procreate painting and photo-editing tool that will wow you with its really gorgeous, complete comfort, and fantastic design features is Artstudio Pro. The replacement for our well-known ArtStudio software has been completely revamped with numerous new features and enhancements, fully utilising the most recent technologies Metal and iCloud Drive. Additionally, it supports the theme for painting and altering designs and the smoothest workflow. 


  • Flexible layer system: It has a flexible layer system, which means that it is made to look more realistic and adaptable than ever before when used to create paintings and photographs.
  • Advance brush collection: A collection of innovative brush engines are included, which will make your drawings look smoother and more polished.
  • Professional photo editor: With the use of a professional photo editor tool, individuals may now more easily recognise their abilities in graphic design and the use of numerous tools and technologies.


ArtStudio is interesting because of the abundance of options, excellent tools and colours, and capability to incorporate pictures into artwork. This app might be too overwhelming for children to find enjoyable if they need more guidance and fewer options.” 

4. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is another one of the most popular and amazing apps like Procreate  that is easy to use, ranking among the other great apps after Procreate. It encourages artistic concepts and allows for their inclusion in sketchbooks. Additionally, it has the best modifying and illustration drawing features. 


    • Hundreds of brushes to study and use: A sketchbook has hundreds of brushes. Here, you can pick the brushes that suit your preferences and even alter them to suit your needs.
    • Smooth texture:Sketchbook has a smooth lines texture effect that will give your drawings a natural, smooth appearance and an aesthetically pleasing feel.
  • Natural pen interaction The experience of using a stylus to sketch in Sketchbook is quite natural and responsive. Sketchbook accurately produces  your strokes with pressure and tilt as you sketch.


The Goldline really is a gold standard in paper quality. I am not crazy about the natural, linen-like textured fabric cover but I tend to be messy so easy-to-clean black sketchbooks are my preference. Maybe it was years of art school and the classic black sketchbook ” 

5. Infinite Painter

It is now one of the most potent  apps like Procreate and painting apps that encourages creativity and enthusiasm to coexist.  Experience the most sophisticated painting app ever made for a mobile device, complete with natural brushes, realistic blending, and an unmatched toolkit. It is currently an app that has won awards and is appropriate for both professionals and amateurs. High tech features and the greatest blending methods are all included.


  • Endless Designs: One can explore the variety of infinite designs over here because it contains a list of the cutting-edge designs that will enhance the effect of the drawing.
  • Pro blending simply means that it will give drawings a naturally pro blending appearance. It includes the features of pro blending.


The program is fantastic. The “flow” brush is incredible at simulating water color wet into wet. I particularly like the textured background that interacts with the brush strokes. ” Infinite painter” does not have either of these features, but it does have…”

6. Concepts: 

Check out the most skilled painting tool, “Concept,” if you’re looking for something other than paint for professional and flexible purposes. It is an app like Procreate that is tailored to satisfy the demands of professionals, particularly project managers. One of the most comprehensive and flexible sketching tools, it offers several advantages. 


  • Professional tools: One can find a variety of professional tools here that will assist them meet both their professional and fundamental needs. Additionally, it is optimised for ultra-low latency styli like the Apple Pencil and high performance 120Hz displays.
  • High resolution: It also has a touch of professionalism and the high resolution impact that will give the sketches a more professional appearance. 


As a product designer, I need a tool with the flexibility of a traditional sketchbook but with the speed and versatility of a digital drawing tool. Concepts allow me to iterate faster while remaining flexible and creative.” 

7. Art Rage: 

Use Artrage, the most comprehensive apps like Procreate and painting programme, to unleash your creativity. It is one of the best painting apps because it allows both technical drawings and graphic designs. It supports the set of  astonishing tools and is appropriate for both desktop and mobile use. 


  • Natural blending abilities: The software excels at mixing textures and showing the artist results that are of a high calibre. It also has silky textures, which add to the realistic appearance of artwork.
  • High density: It also has a professional flair, and the sketches will look more polished as a result of the high resolution impact.


ArtRage Vitae is an excellent and easy to use paint app that does a great job of simulating the flow and texture of real oils and watercolours. The software’s UI may feel basic to some but it’s also very easy to use”

8. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is a simple tool that is mobile friendly and also offers pictures a visual edit look, Adobe Photoshop is currently one of the most recommended and used apps by everyone. Additionally, there are options for sketching, graphic creation, and simple image transformation.


  • Excellence in texture: The software is exceptionally skilled at combining textures and displaying professional results to the artist. Additionally, it features the silky textures that contribute to the realistic appearance of artworks.
  • 3- D tools In order to give your image an exciting effect, you may choose the necessary 3D tool from a range of 3D tools and templates.


“Adobe Photoshop has been the most used photo editing software for the longest time in the design field. It has plenty of pros that I can describe. The UI of Photoshop is absolutely incredible, and it has a wide variety of features and plugins”

9. Medi Bang Paint: 

Another top digital painting tool, Medibang, is advised for use with paintings, drawings, and particularly comics. Using the plotlines of comic books and manga, MediBang Paint is a design tool for producing various sketches and illustrations. You may create complicated images with the exact amount of detail you choose using this incredibly flexible tool.


  • Free affordable tool: It is a free painting tool that is accessible to anyone. Additionally, there are no additional fees for the sketching.
  • Lightweight: It is one of the lightest and most portable tools for demonstrating the new comic designs, their outlines, and their portal characteristics.


MediBang Paint is an excellent app that enables you to paint while on the go – especially considering that it’s free. With over 50 brushes and hundreds of materials,” 

10. Tayasui Sketches : 

Tayasui is a reputable software that is accessible on both iOS and Android. One of the most wonderful sketching apps, it offers users a genuine textural experience and the capacity for progress for beginners. Additionally, it supports the range of watercolour used in real life and uses click colours, giving this sketch an artificial feel and appearance.


  • Best realistic tools: The Sketches app gives you access to 20 realistic tools. These resources are sufficient to give your picture an amazing and exceptional appearance.
  • Access to eyedroppers it also includes access to a number of other items, such as brushes and eye droppers with basic and professional colours. 


“Tayasui Sketches is an illustration app for iOS and Android. It has an elegant, minimalist design yet isn’t lacking for features.”

Wrapping Up

One of the top apps right now that is appropriate for both beginners and professionals is called Procreate. However, if you’re someone who is searching for apps like Procreate, then this list is a resource you should save. Save this blog for later use and utilise these fantastic apps. For more such useful blogs make sure to keep yourself update with


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