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Top 10 Data Science Companies in the UK 2024

Top 10 Best Data Science Companies in UK for 2024

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, data science is playing an ever-growing role in the success of businesses. From understanding customer behavior to predicting industry trends, data science is taking center stage. With that in mind,

Let’s take a look at the top 10 data science companies in the UK for 2024:

1. Accenture –

Accenture is one of the leading names in global consulting, and its data science team offers services such as analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), predictive modeling, and more. Accenture is one of the world’s leading data science companies with its headquarters located in London, UK.

Founded in 1989, it provides a wealth of services and solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world, from Data Analytics to Artificial Intelligence. With over 485,000 employees based in over 200 countries, Accenture currently holds a revenue of approximately 39 billion USD for 2020 and according to estimates, could see that figure possibly increase to 75 billion USD within 2022.

Their team of experts specializes in helping clients develop strategies to leverage their data for maximum value. Data Science skills remain essential for businesses today, so let Accenture help you unlock the power of data-driven thinking and uncover potentially game-changing insights for your organization.

2. KPMG –

KPMG has positioned itself as one of the premier providers of data science services in the UK. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in the UK, KPMG is one of the largest Data Science Companies in the country. The multinational services firm employs over 200,000 people globally, providing audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and other services to their customers all over the world. Revenues for 2022 are projected to exceed 28 billion USD, with more than 145 countries relying on the knowledge that KPMG provides.

Their team specializes in transforming raw data into actionable insights through advanced analytics and AI solutions that help their clients make smarter decisions while driving cost savings and productivity gains. With all those resources at hand, KPMG is a sensible choice when considering a Data Science Company in the UK.

3. Deloitte –

Another major player in the consulting space, Deloitte was established in 1845 and headquartered in London. Deloitte provides data and analytics services to clients across a range of industries with its team of more than 330,000 employees throughout the world. It offers a range of digital and cloud-based services aimed at helping organizations make better decisions through advanced analytics and automation technologies.

Deloitte’s data science team offers a full suite of services ranging from predictive modeling to AI/ML-driven decision support systems. They also specialize in providing tailored guidance and support to their clients on how best to use their collected data. The company is on track to generate approximately $50 billion in revenue by 2022 due to its expanding portfolio of products and services.

Its integrated approach across Data Science services allows its customers to interact with a single source for their Data Science needs ensuring quality, speed, efficiency, and scalability.

4. IBM –

Founded in 1911, IBM has established itself as one of the premier providers of cloud computing solutions, and its expertise extends into the field of big data and analytics as well. Headquartered in New York, their range of services spans from Cloud Computing, AI, and Data Analysis to Blockchain technologies.

Their team provides services such as AI/ML-driven insights, predictive analytics solutions, dashboards for real-time monitoring, and much more. As successful as they are, they have also been able to maintain a large employee base around the globe with 377,757 people working as of 2021. With more Data Science projects situated across the world each year, predictions show that by 2022 IBM will reach a formidable $77.1 billion in revenue— further bolstering its reputation as an industry leader in data science solutions. IBM is doing something right!

5. PwC –

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in London. It employs over 38,000 staff and provides a range of professional services including assurance, tax, legal advice, and business consulting. PwC’s focus on digital transformation has made them one of the top names when it comes to leveraging big data for competitive advantage.

They provide a full suite of services from design thinking workshops to AI/ML development platforms that help their clients drive greater efficiency and value from their operations while also enhancing customer experiences across multiple channels. In 2022 PwC expects to reach a revenue target of 5 billion USD which reflects its focus on delivering high-quality products and services to its clients within competitive timeframes.

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6. Capgemini –

Founded in 1967, Capgemini has grown to a multinational organization, with headquarters in Paris, France, and offices all over the world. Their services include consulting, digital transformation, and tech solutions across many industries.

Capgemini’s approach to using technology for business transformation focuses heavily on leveraging big data through custom solutions such as machine learning capabilities integrated with existing systems or cloud-based platforms powered by predictive analytics algorithms that enable organizations to make more informed decisions faster than ever before.

As of 2021, Capgemini had 270,000 employees working on projects around the world and estimates show that their revenues are set to increase steadily over the coming years, reaching nearly 20 billion USD in 2022. With a wide range of services and offerings designed to help their clients reach their goals, this technological powerhouse looks poised for sustained future growth.

7. ThoughtWorks –

ThoughtWorks is a renowned Data Science Company based in the UK with its headquarters in London. Founded in 1993, it has been providing top-notch services for 27 years and counting. Currently, ThoughtWorks’ team consists of 2500+ motivated professionals who win awards for their work each year. It offers quality consultation and services to businesses around the world aiding them with Data Science tools like machine learning, IoT, cloud automation, and analytics to name a few.

ThoughtWorks provides end-to-end services ranging from design thinking workshops through implementation using technologies such as Hadoop clusters combined with Spark (a distributed computing platform) or Cassandra (a distributed database). According to market analysis, the company has the potential to generate more than 8 Billion USD in revenue by 2022 which makes it one of the leaders in the Data Science Companies of the UK.

8. Wipro –

Founded in 1945, Wipro is one of the leading Data Science Companies in the UK with its headquarters located in Bangalore, India. Wipro is another major player when it comes to leveraging technology for business transformation purposes. Their portfolio includes service offerings such as big data engineering & integration solutions, ML-based insights & recommendations engines, predictive analytics tools, enterprise IoT applications & dashboards, etc., all designed to help organizations make better decisions faster than ever before.

With over 175,000 employees worldwide, Wipro provides innovative technology solutions to its clients globally and is expected to have a revenue of more than 24 billion dollars by 2022. The company aims to drive digital transformation for customers by leveraging industry-leading emerging technologies like SaaS, AI, and Data Science. Wipro continues to make remarkable strides in innovation and creative problem-solving as it grows from strength to strength.

9. Cognizant –

Founded in 1994, Cognizant is a Data Science company with its headquarters based in the UK. It offers myriad services such as Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Consulting to its diverse customer base. Cognizant takes an innovative approach by combining big data with cognitive computing technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) or computer vision algorithms that enable organizations to gain deeper insights into customer behavior patterns or market trends than ever before possible.

These customers range from startups to Fortune 500 companies and the team is made up of over 40,000 experienced professionals. By 2022, their revenue is projected to reach $20 billion which will make them one of the forerunners of Data Science Companies in the UK. With more customers relying on Data Science solutions to drive their business goals, Cognizant is well-positioned to continue providing world-class innovative products and services.

10. EY –

EY (formerly Ernst & Young) is a global professional services firm that provides assurance, tax, consulting, and data science services to clients. Founded in 1889, the company currently has its headquarters in London, UK, and operates in over 150 countries around the world. EY focuses on providing end-to-end services ranging from design thinking workshops through implementation using technologies such as Hadoop clusters combined with Spark (a distributed computing platform) or Cassandra (a distributed database).

They also specialize in helping organizations leverage AI/ML capabilities integrated with existing systems or cloud-based platforms powered by predictive analytics algorithms that enable them to make more informed decisions faster than ever before. With over 270,000 employees across their many offices worldwide, EY generated annual revenue of just over USD 36 billion in 2022. Their goal is to create sustainable value for their clients by utilizing the latest Data Science technologies and helping them to solve today’s most critical business issues.


As you can see there are many great options when it comes to utilizing data science for your business needs here in the United Kingdom! While these are only some of our top picks for 2024 there are plenty more out there depending on what type of solution you’re looking for so be sure you do your research! Hopefully, this list will give you a good starting point if you’re looking into expanding your use of Big Data & Analytics here within the United Kingdom!



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