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India is well known for its culture, architecture, heritage, cuisine, festivals and also the hardworking and determined people. Indians have excelled in all walks of life. In this country they can put everything at stake to achieve what they always desired for. They visualize their dreams with open eyes and work their lives out to meet them. Some of such highly dedicated workers who have gone through thick and thin to reach their ultimate goals are listed below.

Some of the Highest Paid CEOs in India are Mukesh Ambani, Shiv Nadar, Lakshmi Mittal etc., who although being from different sectors of business have one thing alike- their firms are doing terrifically well in India. The three together possess over $100 billion in net worths which continue to grow at an alarming pace for their businesses. More impressively, it’s a fact that they started as mere nothing but now they are considered as self-made men having built their organizations from scratch.

However much these may be some among the Highest Paid CEOs in India; they are equally a philanthropic bunch too. All these three gentlemen also give large amounts towards charity besides setting up funds which assist less fortunate individuals. Furthermore, they tirelessly give back to communities that enabled them gain success as voiced by each one of them These men have also given up significant portions of their wealth and time to help others realize their objectives.

The Highest Paid CEOs in India inspire us all by showing us that hard work pays off and dedication can get you far. Everything is possible if you set your mind on it and as such there is no limit to what we can do just like these guys show us.. There is so much that we can learn from how these people became successful entrepreneurs ourselves.

India harbors some of the richest CEO’s on earth today; this country has many wealthy corporate executives within its borders who happen to be Indian citizens too – amongst the highest paid CEO’s worldwide! So, who are the richest CEO in India?

Let’s have a look at the top 10 highest paid CEOs of India:

  1. Gopal Vittal

Top 10 CEO in India
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Gopal Vittal is the CEO of Bharti Airtel, which is the third largest telecommunications services provider in India. He had worked with HUL after he graduated from one of the best schools known as IIM Calcutta and afterwards joined Bharti Airtel. This man earns about INR 169 crores per annum.

Optimism is returning to corporate India. Many businesses are now re-investing and hiring new staffs because the economy has started to pick up. Hence, salaries for top executives have risen, such that some CEOs now take home hundreds of millions of rupees each year. Gopal Vittal’s pay packet has grown significantly over this period like others.

Consequently, he is now among the highest-paid Indian CEOs in his capacity as a CEO of Bharti Airtel; same implies for him paying attention to details while doing his job. In 2017, he earned more than Rs. 500 crore ($75 million), thus making him one of the country’s wealthiest executives. This level of compensation is frequently objected at; however it appears that it would stay at least today’s world calls for it. For better or worse, Gopal Vittal embodies a new breed of highly paid CEOs in India today.

2. C P Gurnani

Top 10 CEO in India
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C P Gurnani is among the most handsomely rewarded CEOs in India. He finished his undergraduate studies in National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. For instance, he was named IT Person of the year 2013 and Forbes India’s Best CEO of the Year 2015. This is almost INR 165.6 crores every year.

Mahindra Group where Gurnani serves as the managing director and CEO is one of the leading conglomerates operating in various fields such as automobile industry, IT and real estate among others. Mahindra Group has been his home for a period spanning over two decades where he has contributed to its growth.

The company under his leadership has consistently grown and maintained profitability hence becoming one of the most respected business houses in India today. In addition to being at Mahindra, he is also a Board Member of several listed companies including Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. He has been honored multiple times including ET Now Leaders Award for Best CEO – IT Services in 2013. C P Gurnani remains one of India’s most successful business leaders to date according to ET Now Leaders Award for Best CEO – IT Services in 2013.

3. Kalanithi Maran

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Kalanithi Maran the founder of Sun Group owns many TV channels, radio stations, DTH services print media outlets and a film production company too. If he isn’t mentioned when discussing the Indian top paid CEOs; then it is completely wrong. He began with a monthly magazine and now is referred to as The Television King Of Southern India. He makes almost 875 million rupees yearly.

Maran is among the highest paid CEOs in India. He serves as chairman and managing director at Sun Group which is one of India’s biggest media conglomerates. Maran has an estimated net worth of $5.5 billion, putting him up there with some of the richest people in India. Furthermore, apart from his vast media empire, Maran also engages in aviation industry among others like real estate, education.

Some of his boards include SpiceJet and Aircel companies. As well as being a philanthropist who supports different good causes, Maran has been contributing heavily to them.Maran was born into a family with political ties in Tamil Nadu state.His father- Murasoli Maran was an MP (Member of Parliament) who worked closely with M.G Ramachandran-former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.The political leader and ex-Chief MinisterKarunanidhi Muthuvel Karunanidhi was his uncle.

Maran first worked in the newspaper business owned by his family before establishing Sun TV-His personal television channel –in 1993.Marans’ guidance has seen Sun group emerge as one of the most influential media houses in India.Sun TV which happens to be the group’s flagship channel reaches over 95 million viewers on daily basis.Across India it manages more than 33 radio stations plus other 48 FM channels.

He has also invested significantly outside media industry thus leaving him with such massive amounts of money. For example he owns SpiceJet that is low cost airline created in 2005, and also has stakes in Aircel which is a top telecom operator Highest Paying Ceos In India”. Forbes . Retrieved 6 October 2017..From 1991 to date, Maran has been married to Kaveri and they have two children together.

4. Pawan Munjal

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Hero MotoCorp’s Chairman, Pawan Munjal, is the largest maker of motorcycles and scooters in the world. Among other things, he is also the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) chairman as well as a member of Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry. In 2016, he became India’s highest earning CEO with an annual pay package of Rs 59.6 crores.

In 1976, Munjal began his career at Hero Cycles as an executive trainee. Subsequently, he advanced to general manager then to managing director by 1991. After Hero Honda separated from its joint venture partner Honda Motor Company in 2006, he was appointed to serve as its Chairman and CEO. As a result of Munjal’s efforts, Hero MotoCorp has become India’s top motorbike manufacturer commanding over half of the market.

Additionally, it has dispersed globally with products being sold in more than sixty countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East. Some awards conferred upon him include “Global Leader in Automotive” by Forbes magazine and ‘Automotive Man of the year’ by CNBC-TV18 for his outstanding contributions towards Indian automotive industry.

The CEO for Hero MotorCorp draws nearly INR60 cr annually. By training he is a mechanical engineer and his engineering studies were done at NIT Haryana . He has shown himself a very committed person towards work where we have seen him struggle with high determination to rise this high since 1980s when he started working with it up to date which shows how loyal Mr. Munjal is to this company till today.

5. N Chandrasekaran

Top 10 CEO in India
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It was 2009 when N Chandrasekaran became the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services. He was born at Mohanur in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli were his alma maters respectively. His memberships include IEEE, Computer Society of India and British Computer Society he earns an average pay package of 65 crores INR.

Natarajan Chandrasekaran is a business executive from India. The chairman and managing director of Tata Sons are him while also being the chairman of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Under Chandrasekaran’s watch TCS’s fortunes have been reversed around and he is widely considered as one of the most successful CEOs in India. In his 2017 ranking for Highest Paid CEO in India by Forbes magazine, he emerged top. In Tamil Nadu, India where he was born in 1963.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli. TCS is a firm that he joined back in ’87 to be promoted to CEO nine years later than this. Being among the best IT services companies globally, TCS has taken giant strides under him since then. Moreover ,Chandrasekaran is on the board of directors for other businesses within its Tata Group which includes Tata Motors and Tata Power besides TCS.He is married with Lalita to whom they are blessed with two children

6. Salil Parekh

Highest paid CEO
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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Infosys, Salil Parekh, is the Highest Paid CEO in India. He joined Infosys in January 2018. Before that, he was a member of the board of directors at Capgemini between 2015 and 2017. Prior to joining Capgemini, he was a partner at McKinsey & Company from 2001 to 2006. Parekh also attended Cornell University where he got his Master’s degree in Computer Science after graduating from IIT Bombay with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and getting his Masters from Cornell University, this man took over as the CEO of Infosys in 2018. Every year Salil Parekh makes about INR 35 crores due to his superiority, unrelenting spirit and fortitude.

Parekh has previously been employed by Airbus as well as Capgemini. He is renowned for strategic thinking and execution-oriented approach that enable him transform struggling firms around. Business Today magazine named him India’s Highest Paid CEO in 2017. He has been part of World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders since 2009 too.

7. Rahul Bajaj

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One of the best paid CEO in India is Rahul Bajaj. His yearly income is three million rupees, while his annual compensation equals to six crore rupees which include bonuses, stock options and other benefits. Besides being a CEO, he also serves as the chairman of the board of directors for Bajaj Auto.According to Forbes magazine,The company’s flagship unit ,Bajaj Auto, ranks fourth globally when it comes to two-wheeler production and ninth when it comes to commercial vehicles.

This group has a variety of business units including; two-wheelers, three-wheelers, auto components, insurance and steel. He has been associated with this firm for over forty years during which he played an instrumental role that saw its growth and success. Through his guidance and support,Bajaj Auto has become one of the largest and most successful automotive companies in India. This clearly shows that Rahul Bajaj is a very talented and successful businessman who deserves a high salary.

He was born in 1938.The CEO of Baja Group  also happens to be a philanthropist. Additionally,Rahul bajj studied at Harvard Business School and St Stephen’s College Delhi.He now earns a whopping thirty-two crores per year in return of his remarkable hard work .

Among India’s top CEOs is Rahul Bajaj ,who remains one of the nation’s most respected business leaders .In 2001 ,he received Padma Bhushan award for his outstanding philanthropic efforts on behalf of India society.Besides,the gentleman went through Harvard Business School as well as St Stephen’s College New Delhi. What he gets for all these hard works can only be estimated at around INR 32 crores annually.

Rahul Bajar belongs to one such esteemed group because among other things he received Padma Bhushan-India’s third highest civilian honour-in 2001.He was awarded “The Best CEO” by Business Today magazine in 2010.Bajaj group has been a model of success for other Indian businesses to imitate under his regime. In the years ahead, Bajaj Group will remain successful due to Rahul Bajaj’s clear vision and strategic thinking.

8. S N Subrahmanyan

Top 10 CEO in India
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The CEO and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro is a person that has been in the company since more than thirty four years. He was conceived in 1960. His perseverance and hard work are legendary beyond doubt. He took over from K Venkataramanan on July 1, 2017. Chennai- born Subrahmanyan graduated from NIT, Kurukshetra and Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune.

Mr. Subrahmanyan gets a salary of about INR 31 crores per annum. Larsen & Toubro is an Indian conglomerate based in Mumbai, Maharashtra India which operates globally. This was founded by two Danish brothers who had taken refuge in India. The company also has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology (IT), financial services and operates across more than 30 countries.

Subrahmanyan hails from Tamil Nadu where he did his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli. In 1984 he joined Larsen & Toubro as project trainee engineer with the company for some years . Previously he has held several positions within L&T including heading the power transmission and distribution business ,water business ect October 2016 saw him become the president of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

He is also part of National Competitiveness Council and National Council on skill Development for India . In Davos Switzerland during World Economic Forum ,he received titled Global Leader for Tomorrow by World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland: “Global Indians” title reigned upon him by Newsweek magazine among other things that recognized his outstanding performance . Finally I will mention here Most Admired CEO Award conferred to him by Business World magazine in the year 2015.All these achievements helped him be awarded as ‘CEO of Year’ by S&P Global Platts –India consecutively in 2017 and 2018 Metallurgical industries category.

In addition, Bloomberg Markets’ “50 Most Influential” list of 2018 placed him at position #21 globally and #1 in India. Subrahmanyan is a member of the boards of several Indian companies including HDFC Bank Ltd., MindTree Ltd., and D assault Systemes SE among others. He is the highest-paid CEO in India with a total compensation package of Rs59 crore ($8 million) as at April 2019.

9. Guenter Butschek

Highest paid CEO
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Guenter Butschek has been one of the Highest Wage Earners in India and he has been so for the last three years. He is currently the CEO of Tata Motors and is credited with a turnaround. Through his leadership, Tata Motors have registered highest ever profits and increased its stock price by more than two times. Butschek has also been a vocal proponent of electric vehicles and said that by 2030 all their cars are going to be electrical.

Moreover, beside his work at Tata Motors, Butschek serves on numerous other boards including Airbus and Mahindra & Mahindra. He is highly venerated in the business community, his experience as well as skills have made him one of the highest earning CEOs in India since 2014. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tata Motors Worldwide. Guenter Karl Butschek was born in 1960. He took over on February 25th 2016. This man brings home about INR 29 crores per annum.

10. Satya Nadella

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He is the present CEO of Microsoft, the country’s largest software company. He was appointed on 4th February 2014 as CEO to succeed Steve Ballmer. Before being appointed as CEO, he served as an executive vice-president in charge of cloud and enterprise group at Microsoft where he was responsible for building and running the company’s computing platforms, developer tools, and cloud computing services. Nadella is credited with turning around Microsoft’s flagship business after a number of years of losses under Ballmer.

Under his leadership, Microsoft has again become the most valuable tech firm globally. In 2016 Glassdoor (a US-based job searching website) listed him first among India’s highest paid CEOs. The Indian government also honored Nadella with Padma Bhushan which is one of the highest civilian awards given to an Indian citizen for his work in IT.

He assumed office as Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) following Ballmer in 2014. He was born in Telangana State in 1967. He attended Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka for his early education and later joined University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he completed his Engineering degree course work skills. MBA from Chicago University Booth School of Business followed this then thirty two year old male individual began working at MICROSOFT INDIA DEVELOPMENT CENTER from January 23rd1992 till March 31st2000.The remuneration that goes into this guy account every year for just exploring through the business sums up to approximately INR26 crores.

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The total wealth of these CEOs stands at over 5 lakh rupees! And that’s a lot of money. So, why are these guys so affluent? This is because first, each is a chief executive officer (CEO) of some of the largest and most prosperous corporations in India. Secondly, each CEO has been at the forefront of driving the growth of those firms to new levels.

Apart from their salaries, these chief executives also earn substantial benefits and bonuses. For instance, Mr Mukesh Ambani receives an annual income amounting to 44 crores rupees per year. Besides, he also enjoys a bonus worth 2 crore rupees; all in addition to one crore rupees as allowance.

Likewise Azim Premji is paid Rs.2 crores p.a., gets Rs.60 lahks as bonus and has an ELFA account balance summing up to Rs.5 lahks.

That’s all about the Highest Paid CEOs in India folks! These people are really making fortunes! Just develop your self-esteem and aims high for your dreams may come true just like theirs if you follow suit by striving harder than ever before!! You can never know; you may end up on this list someday yourself!!

These are only a few among thousands who have inspired many others; they are role models for us all who tell us “you can do it.” It is such kind of personalities from whom other people get the guts to take risks and forge ahead with much determination in order to reach greater heights like them. Thus, above were given ten highest earning bosses in India.

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