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Top 10 AI Companies in Canada 2024

10 Best AI Companies in Canada for 2024

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes, such as learning and problem-solving, by machines and computer systems. AI has been around for a few decades now and continues to evolve in its capabilities to automate routine tasks and take on complex problems that require decision-making. It has changed the way we live our lives by providing us with smarter solutions for everyday needs and challenges. As AI technology advances, more organizations are looking for ways to integrate AI into their operations.

Canada is fast becoming a leader in the global AI industry, with over 600 startups currently active in the field. The Canadian government has invested heavily in supporting research, development, and innovation in this space. Canada is among the leaders in this area with many companies leading the charge in developing cutting-edge AI technologies.

Here we will take a look at some of the Top 10 AI companies in Canada 2024:

1. Scale AI –

Founded in 2016, this Montreal-based company provides AI infrastructure and operations services to customers around the world. With a projected revenue of over $290 million in 2022 and a workforce of 400+ employees, Scale AI is poised for explosive growth as demand for AI technology continues to rise. From custom AI deployments to AI model training, Scale AI’s services capabilities enable companies from various industries to innovate faster and stay competitive in today’s AI-driven digital economy. With its mission to power customers’ AI infrastructure competency, what Scale AI does will ultimately decide how fast AI technology advances and changes our everyday lives.

2. Coveo –

Coveo is one of the leading AI companies in Canada, having been founded in 2005. Its headquarter is situated in Quebec, and the company currently employs more than 700 employees across North America. In 2022, Coveo projects to bring in more than $80 million of revenue through its AI-powered services that provide customers with personalized digital search experiences. With its expertise in AI, Coveo plans to drive growth with innovative machine learning and AI solutions to improve the customer experience while expanding its partner ecosystem and opportunities.

3. –

Finn AI, based in Vancouver, Canada, is one of the AI companies leading the way in transforming the customer banking experience. Founded in 2014, they have quickly grown to become a cutting-edge AI solution provider for banks around the globe. They are projected to reach a revenue of $25 million by 2022 and already employ more than a hundred people.

Finn AI’s services offer AI-empowered conversation solutions that are timelessly crafted with delightfully effective digital banking experiences in mind. Through their platform, they strive to help financial institutions create streamlined customer experiences while ensuring security and compliance regulations. By leveraging AI techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), their services enable banks to provide human-centered experiences through intelligent conversational banking services.

4. Ada Support –

Ada Support is one of the leading AI companies in Canada, founded in 2016 with their headquarters currently residing in Toronto. By 2022, it is predicted that Ada Support will have a revenue of over $17 million, and employ up to 500 full-time staff around the country. The company offers services focused on providing AI solutions to small business owners who are looking for ways to stay ahead and optimize operations.

From AI-powered customer service tools to customer loyalty programs and AI-driven insights into marketing efforts, Ada Support has created an incredible suite of AI products that businesses across multiple industries can benefit from. By continuing to invest heavily in AI research, they will remain at the cutting edge when it comes to providing users with top-notch products.

5. –

Founded by Steve Irvine in 2017 and based in Toronto, is an industry-leading Canadian AI enterprise that provides cutting-edge services across a multitude of sectors. By the year 2022, it is expected to reach a revenue of $10 million and grow its number of employees to nearly 100.

This AI company provides AI solutions that enable brands to understand customer behavior and develop smarter marketing plans accordingly. In addition, Integrate also offers services ranging from AI-powered traditional marketing campaigns, to helping firms unlock maximum AI usage from their customer data or AI-driven experiments for pricing optimization. With such innovative AI products and services on offer, Integrate is at the center of pushing AI into mainstream adoption for businesses in Canada and beyond.

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6. DarwinAI –

Founded in 2017, Darwin AI is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology. Our headquarters are located in Waterloo, Ontario, and we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients from across Canada and around the world. This revolutionary AI-powered platform brings together advanced domain understanding with AI technologies, such as deep learning and computer vision. Building upon these foundational technologies, Darwin AI enables customers to rapidly develop AI applications tailored to their specific needs and objectives. By 2022, the company is projected to bring in over $9 million of revenue.

As of today, the team is comprised of over four hundred highly trained AI professionals, creating comprehensive services from AI product development consulting to AI model deployment training. All these uniquely tailored offerings make Darwin AI one of the top AI companies in Canada — revolutionizing how AI will shape tomorrow’s world.

7. Deep Genomics –

Established in 2014, Deep Genomics is the premier AI company in Canada and proudly resides in Toronto. They provide AI-based services to help decipher the complexities of genetics to ultimately cure diseases. According to the Global AI Company Database, Deep Genomics is expected to generate about $4 million in revenue by 2022. The company employs over 58 professionals and has a team of multi-disciplinary experts, ranging from AI experts and scientists to clinicians and software engineers. Among the AI-centric services they offer are gene discovery, diagnosis of rare diseases using AI technology, drug development support as well as artificial intelligence personalized treatments for cancer patients.

8. Element AI –

Element AI is one of the most influential AI companies in Canada which was founded in 2016. Their headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec and they are committed to delivering AI that makes businesses and society smarter, safer, and more efficient. This revolutionary AI company has an estimated revenue of $3.5 million by 2022 and a team of over 60 experts from around the world, providing AI-powered services for enterprise customers across various industries.

The broad range of AI-infused services includes computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. As such, Element AI is transforming the way companies, organizations, and people develop, deploy and understand AI technology so they can maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing field.

9. is a renowned artificial intelligence company that has established itself as one of the top organizations in Canada since its inception in 2016 and its head office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Its projected revenue for 2022 is over $3 million and its workforce is currently over 60 employees.

Their services focus on enterprise AI solutions such as AI Engineering, AI Products, and AI Consulting, as well as AI Education/Research and AI Platform Development. Every project they take on strives to use AI in ways that lower operational costs while also helping clients to better serve their customers and acknowledge market trends. As continues growing, they remain committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for all different kinds of business operations.

10. MoogleLabs

Established in 2020, MoogleLabs has become one of the most prominent Artificial Intelligence companies across Canada. It is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, and has around 500 employees working out of its offices across the country. The company’s yearly revenues are projected to reach around 1.5 million dollars by 2022, and it is currently offering a wide range of AI-based services such as software development, AI solutions for enterprise businesses, AI research consulting, and AI implementation services. MoogleLabs works hard to stay ahead of industry trends to provide state-of-the-art AI technology solutions to businesses both large and small, so they can access solutions tailored to their specific needs.


The AI industry is booming in Canada, and the list of leading AI companies is getting longer every day. From to, Ada Support to DarwinAI, these top Canadian AI companies are pushing the boundaries of innovation and offering an impressive array of products and services for businesses seeking a competitive edge. By continuing to invest heavily in research and development, these companies will remain at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology for years to come — transforming how we interact with machines.

With such dynamic growth taking place in this sector, it’s easy to see why Canada has become one of the world’s most attractive destinations for AI-powered solutions.  It’s only a matter of time before these leading AI companies become even bigger and more profitable.  For now, the future looks bright for Canada’s leading AI companies and the industry as a whole.


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