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Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK

Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK Offering Online Medical Services

Integrations and aggregations of industries that are mainly responsible for offering services to patients and is called as Health care companies.

  • The health care industry is mainly responsible for medical assistance
  • Physiotherapy and palliative care
  • Preventive measures

With all these services, healthcare companies are assisting and helping millions of people. At present time most of the people are getting in touch with various health problems. The main reason lies with the living of unhealthy lifestyles (it can include junk food, smoke, alcohol etc). The rapid increase in healthcare development made us available the Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK that are continuously making their way to help individuals in different plans. With rapidly increasing health concerns, health-tech companies are making different approached to serve mankind.

CEO Review Magazine has gathered the top 10 healthcare companies in the UK who all have contributed a role in different medical assistance.

  1. Babylon

The company is based in London and founded in the year September 2014. With the help of artificial diagnosis software. The software helps to diagnose the symptoms of any disease and directly present to the doctor. In this manner, it becomes convenient for a specialist to provide the right cure.

  1. Cera

Offering various services to the people that include elderly care, live-in care respite care and dementia. The company also has an app through which the patient can book an appointment, admin services and other medical services. Founded in November 2015 it is among the Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK.

  1. Huma

Associated with leading healthcare service provider, latest technology Huma is another health tech companies. Huma is currently working with the NHS and working remotely to monitor different cases of COVID. The company was founded in the year August 2011 The main benefit of monitoring helps the specialist to find the patients who need care.

  1. Push Doctor

Working in partnership with NHS where the company will help patients to get an online consultation with comfort. At present when everything is digitally done then in that case you will have the benefit of book consultation online. You can either do text or through video, and the main service that they include is mental health, skin problems.

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  1. Doctor Link

Medical advice needs to be taken with experts and with the help of AI machine learning the ease to determine symptoms is very easy. With the help of this doctors will help an individual to give them the proper treatment. You need not have to visit a specialist as the company holds many benefits. The company got founded in the year of August 2016.

  1. Lumeon

The journey of care from doctor to patients has been made with all ease and comfort through Lumeon. With this healthcare company, you can enable your consultations online. You will also be able to use the virtualize tool and it helps the patients management across the platform. The company was founded in the year 2005, August and is being able to assist 12 countries across the world.

  1. LumiraDx

Easily available diagnosis solutions are what has made the life of people easier. With this LumiraDX has started its services in the year 2014 September. The platform has the potential to combine small and portable and allow remote management. With its highly qualified experts, LumiraDx is offering vast medical assistance in the UK.

  1. Zava

There is a wide range of health issues, it could be related to physical or physiological conditions. Save in this gives the online medical assistance where patients can make use of the platform to seek medical help. From migraines to malaria Zava holds the expertise to give a proper cure.

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  1. Oviva 

With the origination of lifestyles and various nutrition’s programmes, Oviva is associated with the top consultation in the medical field and has been into Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK. With the internal assessment through dietitians, they will help you to recommend the best possible methods to improve your health.

  1. Doctor Care Anywhere

Founded in the year February 2014 offering access to the digital platform in terms of medical assistance. With the help of the online portal of Doctor Care Anywhere, as a patient, you will be able to book an appointment and consultation from anywhere. You must take care while looking at the service since Doctor Care Anywhere is not a part of NHS and hence all patients cannot book the service.

The Bottom Line

With the help of online ease and digital platform, the Top 10 Healthcare Companies in UK is offering the finest way to seek medical assistance.


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