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Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK

10 Best FinTech Companies In UK

Delivering the best financial techniques can be done only with the top FinTech Companies.

They aim to provide financial services and with better technology.

As there has been continuous advancement in different fields and so as with fintech services as well.

With so many technologies are waiting behind to get them in touch with fintech services to serve the public a better step.

There is a need to improve financial activities whether it is related to smartphone, mobile banking, the use of the app and other investments.

The need for improvement is what fintech companies are looking for.

They on the other hand have also made their way by making them a success.

With this CEO Review Magazine has explored the Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK to make you analyse all benefits they are offering you by implementing different techniques.

Fintech Companies To Led Growth And Innovations

Exponentially growth and innovations are what these fintech companies serve. Fintech companies are looking for a great way through which they can make advancement.

Here people can explore a wide range of benefits in terms of their financial services.

While being at home you can make any transaction, banking service and this is all because of the experts behind it.

There are different and Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK that have made innovation and tremendous growth.

  1. TrueLayer

With security and billions of funding for themselves, TrueLayer manages to lay a hand in Europe other than the UK.

The main aim of the company was to allow the start-up to get over with banking data.

To protect people data it was a mandated step where they could do something to build some secured pathway.

This way people could operate while being at home and with safety.

  1. Starling Bank

After receiving the banking licence in 2016, starling bank has made its way into the top fintech companies.

They were the first brand among the entire UK who was able to launch a mobile-only current account.

With its increased sales and achievement starling was able to manage the great revenue by 2020.

  1. Monzo

Being the competitor with many other fintech companies, Monzo was able to make it space among the top 10.

Discovering the best banking app, it has helped people and industry all around the world.

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  1. Nutmeg

There are many ways through which an individual can go for an investment plan, but how about going it digitally?

It is much easier for you to make financial services online and this is what Nutmeg made possible.

It was founded in the year 2011 and is one of the Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK. They have also witnessed significant growth in 2019.

  1. Funding Circle

The fintech companies are meant to support not just start-ups but also medium and large-scaled business.

With this Funding Circle has helped around 50,000 small to medium-sized business in the UK

They have also launched a new tool through which you can easily sell loan parts.

  1. Monese

Monese is yet another fintech company founded in the year 2013.

They offer current account and money transfer service to consumers. They have a quick application process.

With this no the main benefit that it can offer is that people of 20 different countries can take up the charge to be in touch with Monese.

  1. Receipt Bank

Serving cloud computing and AI service Receipt bank has allowed the compilation of various financial parts.

Founded in the year 2010, they along with the UK has been able to offer their services in many other countries like France, the US and Australia.

The bank is making people easily go through the download of the spreadsheet so that users can monitor their financial data easily.

  1. Trussle

Speaking about mortgage products and services, it is better to reach Trussle. The company is offering the finest mortgages with scanning 90 leaders with those of comparing deals.

It is the Trussle who looks and compare the service to other fintech companies and offer the best range of all.

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  1. Cleo

When you are looking to find the best artificial intelligence software company then make sure that you at first reach Cleo.

They are originating from the UK and has expanded their hand among the US as well.

  1. Curve

Accessing all your cards with one single pin and card can be manageable. As you need not hassle at the time of shopping to which one you need to swipe for.

Curve while monitoring the problem among users, have discovered the technique while designing a simple card.

With this, you can switch the payment option according to your convenience and ease.

The Top 10 FinTech Companies In UK who all are mentioned above have made their way not by thinking off, but after implementing the strategies.

These fintech companies are offering great services in financial aspects and people like you are benefiting from them.

While making transaction or seeking any investment help these fintech companies in the UK are a great choice.


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