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Rainbow Softech

Rainbow Softech – The One and Only Assorted and Prompt Outsourcing Solutions Which Can Propel You Towards Success!

With its impeccable outsourcing services, robust professionalism, and exceptional communication skills, Rainbow Softech has emerged as one of the leading BPOs across India.

Since its inception in 2014, Rainbow Softech has displayed a steady growth under the leadership of eminent personalities. These years, it has catered to the requirements of different sectors such as IT, Marketing, Administration, Finance, Agriculture, Healthcare and so on. A renowned BPO that believes in innovation and matches up with the ongoing trends, Rainbow Softech is indeed the one-stop outsourcing partner for any business enterprise.

Under the prominent leadership of Suresh M and Murthy Rao M, the outsourcing company has traversed a long way in all these years. These brothers took inspiration from their family members and commenced this entrepreneurial journey. Suresh, an M.Sc. in IT degree holder, and Murthy, a B.Sc. degree holder, laid the foundation of Rainbow Softech seven years ago. The brothers soon turned into partners and took the business to the next level.

The duo overcame all the hurdles and struggles of having an impoverished family with sheer determination.


In their growing age, the brothers used to get fascinated by seeing their aunt work in computers. The functioning of the machine inspired them to pursue their higher studies in the field of Computer Science. The duo never opted for 9 to 5 jobs. Instead, they had these entrepreneurial qualities running in their genes which inspired them to start their own company.

Initially, the company was just a data center. But Murthy Rao, the founder, and partner of Rainbow Infotech, soon approached a few clients with his innovative ideas and solutions. Thus began the journey of a world-class outsourcing firm -Rainbow Softech.


The seasoned entrepreneur duo soon propelled the firm towards success and entered into a partnership. Several other professionals and experts joined the company. Thus, now it is a full-fledged outsourcing company, catering to the global clients of Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK.

Rainbow Softech is indeed a one-stop solution for all outsourcing needs. It offers a wide array of services such as data entry, data mining, data analytics, data extraction, data processing, tech support, transcription, market research, and so on.

In all these years, the company has served numerous global foundations such as Commercial Power Limited (UK), Oracle DataFox, Nexus Global Summit, FarmWise Labs, Inc., PetMedicus, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Friend a Puppy LLC,, L.L.C., etc.


The key ingredient responsible for the success and growth of Rainbow Softech is an engaging work culture that reflects indomitable energy, swift action, and pure hard work. Each of the team members at Rainbow Softech displays exceptional communication skills. They work round the clock in perfect synchronization and are drive by the value of punctuality.

Rainbow Softech has over 50 experts in the team who are highly proficient in spoken and written English. Besides, each of them has specialized skills and knowledge suitable to the firm’s requirements. Rainbow Softech takes care of its family by offering multiple facilities and amenities, such as paid maternity leave (more than six months), lucrative salary packages, highly flexible working hours, etc. All these facilities keep the employees motivated to deliver their best every single time. Even during the pandemic, the company decided to keep it light for the employees and allowed flexible work hours even from home. This ensured that the business operations go smooth, and at the same time, the employees do not feel strained or stressed out.


Rainbow Softech is not just any other outsourcing company. Overall, these years, it has managed to establish a stronghold in the global outsourcing industry. One of the leading companies in India, Rainbow Softech offers many outsourcing solutions not just to Indian business enterprises but also to international clients. Rainbow Infotech has become a renowned and reputed name in nations like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We can imagine its popularity because the firm has served giants like Airbnb, PayScale, and many more. But how come Rainbow Softech has come so far ahead of its rivals?

Suresh M, the founder and CEO of Rainbow Softech, believes that multiple factors contribute to this prominent growth. The impeccable quality of outsourcing solutions, round-the-clock availability for clients, unlimited revisions and edits without any extra charge, and most significantly, feasible prices make sure that Rainbow Softech stays much ahead of all its competitors.

Another factor that does not go unnoticed is the unity and collaboration between the two brothers -Suresh M and Murthy Rao M.


In the last seven years, the company has faced numerous hardships and obstacles. It was not an easy task to build up a company, connect experts from across India, and form a team of professionals. But the duo adhered to their determination and faced every challenge with firm determination and willpower. Their dedication to work and urge to deliver the best to their clients every time helped them climb the ladder of success.

Overnight success is a myth, and the same applies to the two entrepreneurs. They toiled hard every day, used their knowledge and professionalism, and delivered unique and innovative solutions to the clients well within time. Their collaboration and chemistry served as the fuel to the engine of Rainbow Softech. Together they faced the pandemic and did not break down even at a phase when several outsourcing giants had to put an end to their business.

Not just for the company, the brothers protected the employees and the impact of this fatal pandemic. The duo, along with the team, adapted to remote work technology quite fast and did not let Covid-19 interfere with the firm’s business operations.

The seasoned entrepreneurs made sure that the quality of the services will not get comp0romised. At the same time, they ensured that their team do not get too worked up or stressed out. This duo knows how to strike the right balance, and that’s what is expected from the ideal partners of any company.


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