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ArBhar Consulting Private Limited

ArBhar Consulting Private Limited, the Name That Has Brought Ripples into the World of Business Through its Cutting-edge Consultation Services

ArBhar Consulting, by offering its impeccable consultation services, lends that helping hand to your business which pushes you up at all circumstances and helps you to ace the situation, irrespective of the circumstances.

A premium management Consulting service provider, ArBhar Consulting Private Limited has propelled numerous business ventures towards success. Team ArBhar believes in mindful connection with the clients, listening to their requirements and understanding their expectations. Afterward, they fuse those details with their innovative solutions, mind-boggling experience and sheer knowledge. And this results in prolific growth and expansion for the clients.

Today, under the prominent leadership of Vijay Sampathkumar, the founder and CEO of ArBhar Consulting, the one of its kind startup is aiming to become an integral part of the prestigious Big5 firms. Mr Vijay, a highly accomplished and experienced businessman with great foresight, uses his old school techniques to compete against his rivals.

There is no place for the word “Excuse” in Vijay Sampathkumar’s dictionary. He believes that giving excuses soon becomes a part of life and hampers work to a great extent, and hence, Team ArBhar has zero-tolerance for excuses.


Mr Sampathkumar has a robust background in the consultation industry. For over 25 years, he has been part of reputed brands such as Symantec, Iron Mountain, Dell and Hitachi. After spending a huge chunk of his work life in this industry, he realised that not even a single Indian company is out there which has made it to the Big5. This realisation was enough to give the much-needed kickstart to Mr Vijay Sampathkumar.

Soon he bid adieu to his previous works and commenced on a new journey. His sole wish is to make ArBhar, his brainchild, a world-class entity. He was alone when he started this consultation startup. And now,ArBhar has a dedicated team of 130 professionals. Over the years, it has proliferated across 12 cities in India. Mr Vijay still reminisces with great thrill and pride how he bagged his first client in the second week of commencing the consulting firm.


ArBhar Consulting came into existence four years back, in the year 2017. From a one-man show to a team of 130experts, ArBhar Consulting has done remarkably well in all these years. The growth has been magnificent, 3x to be precise. Last year, the consulting firm crossed the milestone of 100+ clients.

The pandemic was, obviously, an abrupt jolt to the company. No one was prepared for this unforeseen event. However, neither Mr Sampathkumar nor any of his team member used COVID-19 as an excuse.

At present, the firm has a good baseline and established a strong connection with the clientele. Next, they aim at maintaining and nurturing their client relationship and work towards the growth and development of ArBhar Consulting.


Just like any other startups, ArBhar Consulting, too, faced the obstacle of lack of the right talent. Not everyone is suited to become a part of this innovative and customer-oriented consultation firm. Besides, the cost of acquiring the right talent often tends to be on the higher side. However, Mr Sampathkumar never compromised on the quality of the consulting services and recruited the best of people in his company. He takes immense pride in the fact that some of his team members left reputed jobs to be a part of his dream startup ArBhar Consulting.

The pandemic, too, came as a shock to Team ArbHar when everything was going well. But Mr Sampathkumar never knows to accept defeat and made it clear that “we are not going to use this pandemic as any reason to slow growth. Our goal for this year is to reach 10x growth.”


Mr Sampathkumar believes that nurturing a genuine relationship with the client can go a long way. He feels that after spending almost 30 years in the industry, “I am a bit old school.”He believes in putting in hard work and bring in complete customer satisfaction. His day starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 10 pm. In the meanwhile, he attends to over 20 to 30 clients every day.

Mr Vijay has a strong urge to stay connected with his clients, and for this purpose, ArBhar Consulting relies on advanced, age-relevant, cutting edge tools like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook. For Sampathkumar, being available for his clients is his utmost priority, something which is “utterly non-negotiable.”

For him, customers are his “best teachers. I’ve learned a lot from them. So, it remains a beneficial symbiotic relationship.” Thus, the key to success for ArBhar Consulting is its deep-rooted and long-lasting connection with the clients.


India has a rock-solid population of 130 crores, and there is so much in the market for ArBhar Consulting to explore. Sampathkumar’s ideology is simple and straightforward. He recruits people and mentors them to be future leaders, CEOs, and so on. He brings forth solutions for his clients and helps them climb the ladder of success. He goes on to say that “There’s no need for things like defeat. The market is so huge, and you can have the best time of your life.”


The founder and CEO of ArBhar Consulting have a message to share with all the budding entrepreneurs in the consulting industry, as well as others.“I’ve learned through my experience.” And from his 30 plus years of experience, he has learnt the significance of being real in every situation, be it professional or personal.

Authenticity can take one to great heights. Being real is the key that can open doors to all unchartered territories. He cannot stand those who adopt a fake demeanour or is a hypocrite.  “Being fake will only last you so long. If you stay true to yourself and remain genuine, everything else will fall into place.


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