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Phenix Salon Suites

Phenix Salon Suites

Phenix Salon Suites is a market leader, offering an upmarket suite solution for Lifestyle Professionals who want to become entrepreneurs and establish their own business. At Phenix, each employee is both his own boss and a member of our family.

Be your own boss here! Phenix Salon Suites uses high-end finishes and provides top-shelf services to meet the needs of Lifestyle.

Phenix Salon Suites is a place that combines creative cooperation with a sense of entrepreneurship. Lifestyle Professionals are invited to operate their businesses in a beautifully furnished suite at Phenix Salon Suites, which has established a unique approach to small company owners. Additionally, Phenix offers custom-designed development tools as well as complimentary education to assure each individual’s success.

Gina Rivera, the founder of the company, is an accomplished figure in the beauty industry. Phenix Salon Suites has reached new heights because of her dedication and effort. Rivera‘s firm, which she established, became the fastest-growing salon suite company in the beauty sector, and she catapulted to success.

About the company’s vision and the visionary

Gina Rivera was destined to pursue a profession in the realm of beauty, coming from a family that has been in the field since 1929. Gina began her career cleaning hair off her parent’s salon floors and then transferred to a booth rental shop, where she rapidly built a winning reputation. Clients adored her because she never let them leave feeling unsatisfied. The employees at the salon enjoyed her presence because she was so open to sharing her expertise and giving assistance when required. Gina recognized that not all salons are made equal due to her experiences behind the chair. The majority of booth renters receive very little help to ensure their success.

Gina became an outspoken supporter of Lifestyle Professionals who wanted to open her own salons but didn’t have the financial means. Gina saw a chance to rethink the alternatives accessible to sole owners in the beauty business, and she seized it. Phenix Salon Suites was established as a result of this, providing Lifestyle Professionals with a unique experience and chance to own and manage a company for a fraction of the expense of traditional salon settings.

She also said that most beauty and lifestyle professionals entered the industry to start their own company eventually. Phenix offers this one-of-a-kind opportunity for a fraction of the expense of setting up and running a multi-chair or multi-station salon. Furthermore, Phenix has an incredible culture. They believe that family comes first and that all of their salon professionals are Phenix Family members. The goal of Phenix Salon Suites is to continue providing the best services available to salon professionals, ensuring that they have the best chance of becoming successful business owners.

COVID and the Company’s Resilience

Gina also referred to the harsh times of COVID-19 that impacted their business and many other businesses worldwide. She said that it was a difficult period when the COVID-19 epidemic occurred. Many salons around the country were forced to close their doors temporarily due to health and legal regulations. It necessitated a repositioning of Phenix Salon Suites in the marketplace. Fortunately, the salon suite paradigm lends itself well to social distance. She further added that the workspaces of Salona and Lifestyle Professionals are not shared. They offer one-on-one service to their clients in the privacy of their rooms. This means they don’t have to share washbasins, communal waiting rooms, or equipment, for example. They also worked hard to increase hygiene efforts and also explain the safety of the model. Now, they are experiencing a dramatic increase in professionals selecting to lease a suite as a preferred option.

Gina wants to expand the reach of the company to provide additional alternatives to professionals. They plan to do so in the future as they expand internationally. They have recently secured a multi-store agreement in the United Kingdom, with their first location set to open in Manchester. The company is presently focusing on expanding into several other nations.

Gina mentions that she is proud of her company for one particular reason. She said, “I am extremely proud that we are able to assist others in achieving their dream of owning their own business.” They raise themselves to a high level and take pleasure in their customer service. However, the fact that Gina Rivera, the creator, grew up in the profession and spent 30 years behind the chair as a hairdresser has been critical. This has provided them with a distinct and perceptive viewpoint, propelling their product to the forefront of the industry.

She brings into focus the pandemic-stricken world and says that the lockdown had provided a chance for Phenix Salon Suites to emphasize the safety of their social distancing concept. Professionals in the lifestyle and beauty industries give one-on-one services in the privacy of their own suites, and they do not share equipment or washbasins. Since the epidemic, Phenix has seen a surge in demand for suite rentals.

The CEO’s Mentor

Then, Gina Rivera provides a very impartial and honest opinion on who she considers her mentor and has had a tremendous impact on her as a leader. She said that both of her parents had a significant influence on her. They demonstrated how to run a business responsibly and with integrity by leading by example. She then added that her CEO and husband, Jason, also has hugely beneficial influences on her. He is always the voice of reason, and he is highly inventive, able to come up with novel ideas.

Although we consider Gina as a lady of perfection, we wanted to know if there’s one thing that she wished she’d have done differently. She replied by saying that she was afraid to attempt new things early in her career and believes that if she had overcome that fear sooner, she would be much further ahead of where she is now. Gina also stated that she needed to learn to be more adaptable. To succeed, she had to get out of her comfort zone and do things she didn’t want to do. However, she is thankful that she overcame many fears and does what she does now, by the grace of maturity.

Virtues and Priorities

Gina also talks about virtues and chooses among mission, core values or vision. Her reply, however, is worth remembering. She said that the company’s culture is the most significant factor. Gina also claims that Phenix has a distinct culture in which individuals are treated with respect, and the virtue of trust is promoted. She advises individuals to surround themselves with people they can trust. She also urges them to recruit strong team members in areas where they are weak. Her reply proved how true she is to her value and goal.

On being asked about how she or other leaders in her organization communicate the core values, she replied that they strive to work from empathy and integrity in all that they do. That is a simple yet, impactful answer.

Words of Enlightenment by the CEO

She also provided words of encouragement to ambitious people and dream of becoming someone like her. A Lady of poise as she is, her responses are examples of finesse. She said that both of her parents had a significant influence on her. They demonstrated how to run a business responsibly and with integrity by leading by example. She also accredits her CEO and husband, Jason, by mentioning that he has also had a tremendous beneficial influence. Gina says that he is always the voice of reason and is highly creative and capable of identifying novel solutions. She also quoted, “Never allow anyone to tell you that you Can’t, including yourself. To be successful, you must be ready to step outside of your box and be uncomfortable from time to time. This is how we learn and how success stories are made.”

All words spoken by her were genuinely enlightening and served as positive notes of encouragement for those who look up to her as an example and as someone who leads by example. She is a modern-day woman who epitomizes class and modesty, all at once.


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