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Starting in 2018, V8 Media paved its way as a bottom-line, ROI-focused digital marketing agency in South Africa specializing in both eCommerce and lead generation. They offer experience, skill, and expertise in helping small to medium size businesses grow bigger.

The company, in its span of existence, has helped scale 60+ businesses to 8+ figures a month. The team of experts at V8 Media has a good idea of what it takes to turn a marketing budget into profit. The only thing this company boasts about is ‘Money-in Vs Money-out’.

They use conversion tracking tags and scripts to measure revenue generated online. The revenue is also calculated from confirmed leads, calls, and sales generated from PPC, social media, and other digital marketing campaigns. However, it may sound like you have heard this before, but the results speak for themselves. It also proves that they know what it takes to grow a small to medium-sized business profitably.


Jandre de Beer, Head of Growth, V8 Media shares, “Innovating how to ensure profitable growth around issues like rising advertising costs, and digital tracking dark holes has been one of the biggest challenges we had to deal with initially. However, we are grateful for the challenges; it has made us a much stronger team and more innovative as an agency.”

There is nothing that Jandre feels he would like to change about the company, journey, or the decisions made previously. He believes in the scope for change and improvement in the future only. The only short-term or long-term goal that everyone in the organization is working towards is to get better at driving results for clients.

The biggest strength that the team at V8 Media has been also their biggest advantage which is their experience and skill. As a digital marketing agency, they have been able to drive growth and results in the toughest of times for several clients in various industries.


“We’ve realized over the last few years that the biggest enemy to an organization’s growth is the founder. With that said, we’ve become extremely selective with who we work with over the years. We only work with founders who are serious, committed, open-minded, trusting, patient, and understanding, that’s the main reason why we are able to drive the results we do,” asserts the Head of Growth.

The dynamics after the pandemic changed incessantly. But V8 Media is in the business of growing businesses, which means if you do your job well enough, you will always be in business. One thing that the team at the organization is most proud of is its culture and growth mindset. They are all about growth. At V8 Media, people come to grow, client’s come to grow, and businesses come to grow.


Creative thinking is encouraged with something they call “hands-off accountability”. This includes making someone accountable for something, giving them the resources needed, and then just getting out of the way. Everyone plays a part in coming up with great ideas. Ideas are usually derived when you look at a problem from multiple perspectives, that’s why they have something called a weekly “Brainstorming” session and this includes dissecting a client’s business, as a team, and finding ways to improve it.

Jandre asserts, “As a marketing agency we’ve stopped being reactive to the market and clients’ needs. We’ve become proactive in solving specific pain points in specific industries. This has been the biggest and most impactful change in our business over the last few years.”

The Head of Growth feels in most companies the mission, vision, and core values keep changing frequently. None of these three matters after a point. We’re all about growth. That’s what and who they are! That goes for everything, personal, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, you name it. Are you growing as a team member of this business? Are your clients growing? If not, then there is more work to do.

Jandre wraps the conversation with, “I’m not in a position to give advice. Personally, I think a very small percentage of business owners are in the capacity to give good advice. I can only share a perspective, and that is that a thriving business is no different than a thriving family. For a family to thrive you need trust, love, respect, and accountability, and the same goes for a business”


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