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A startup organization, QTS Solutions has grown exponentially in the IoT (Internet of Things) based services space. It entered the market with a team of dedicated, committed, and experienced people. QTS is renowned for its ability to deliver hardware and software applications merged in a single bouquet to comprehensively accomplish customers’ needs.

QTS is under the competent leadership of Suresh Mishra – CEO, execution strategy of Soumen Majumdar–COO, and operational supervision of Biswa Bhusan, (Head Projects). They extensively work with a long-term vision to value their customers by delivering innovative solutions, focusing on quality, and maintaining the standard of excellence.

The CEO, Suresh Mishra, shares, “Growing on IoT-based services, Delhi headquartered “QTS Solutions” has built a customizable real-time tracking solution that enables seamless integration of device data into other enterprise applications. “QTS Solutions” has earned a name for itself in the market for offering both, hardware and software applications merged in a single suite on the “Pay as You Use “model, thereby comprehensively satisfying customer requirements.”


QTS Solutions is an establishment that leverages IoT (Internet of Things) to develop its range of movable and immovable asset tracking systems. QTS delivers solutions that justify its ability to accomplish its customer’s needs, by integrating both – hardware & software in a single bouquet. Products are completely automated and enable a seamless integration of device data with other enterprise applications and meet customers’ expectations.

Soumen Majumdar further added, – The solutions meet real-time users’ expectations by automating the entire asset management operations and adding back-office reporting and tracking functions. 


The business challenges of remote asset management and control are effectively addressed by multi-user, cloud-based SaaS enterprise applications for asset management, and APIs enable integration with existing ERP systems for data analysis.

Today, the Solutions offered by QTS can be deployed for supply chain automation in any industry that has the potential to be connected. There is a platter of solution modules like Fleet Procurement Solution with Auto Indenting and Digital LR, In-plant Vehicle Movement monitoring with Intelligent Traffic Management, Fleet Management,and Journey Management, Detention at assigned locations, ePOD or Digital POD, and accordingly freight invoices payouts.

The customer has got benefitted in terms of a drastic reduction in vehicle Turn-Around-Time, reduction in detention time hence cost, transparency in data ( in real-time ), un-disputed freight invoice settlements, etc. – Biswa Bhusan added.


The biggest strength of the company is the team it has built that works tirelessly towards its growth. The entire QTS team is one that believes in delivering quality services to its clients. In the coming years, Suresh Mishra with his team wants to focus on deliverables rather than hard work which would further help in customer needs with 100% accuracy.  There is nothing the two directors seek to change in the company. They feel they are moving on the right track, able to convert challenges into opportunities with forwarding movement.  

Suresh Mishra emphasizes, “One of the biggest challenges that we had to face was to perform in an unorganized atmosphere. It is very difficult to perform to the satisfaction of every customer but to a massive extent, we are successful. We offer a competitive advantage; our focus is on service differentiation to ensure high-quality deliverables to our customers.

And to keep the least confusion in communication the hierarchy has been kept flat as well in the company. QTS strongly shoulders the idea of teamwork, innovation, brainstorming new ideas, transparent execution, and clear communication.


As the business model is ‘Pay as You Use’, which means if the customer is using the services, the charges are applicable only in that scenario. It is irrespective of any fixed cost. For some time, when the production of various companies was shut during the lockdown, QTS too got affected and incurred losses.

“In a short period, we are back on track with the same team and customers. Lockdown time allowed us to come closer to each other as employees in terms of caring, joint brainstorming, and execution in enhancing our service platform,” states Soumen Majumdar.

The company has changed over the years a lot by gaining customers’ trust and improving services in terms of quality, resulting in replication and expansion of services at the PAN India level. They are proud of their customer’s appreciation, encouragement, and trust in QTS services. They have accepted the biggest challenge of reverse logistics of devices, converted that into an opportunity, and launched the ‘Pay Per Trip’ model.


Creative thinking is encouraged at the organization by opening doors to bigger ideas. Innovative ideas are welcomed and embraced in the culture of QTS working with the provision for freedom and flexibility in how work is done. Some of the greatest ideas come from the collective efforts of the teams and brainstorming initiatives. The leadership communicates and encourages core values to the teams in their best capacity. They make values actionable, providing proper training, setting examples, rewards, recognition, etc.

Suresh Mishra advises his employees and the readers, “what helped us get where we are was shifting the focus from excuses to execution. There were many challenges in the tracking industry that were unaddressed. We analyzed the concern, and the solution was a bit unpractical, but we took the risk, moved forward, and succeeded. There was complete support (in terms of encouragement and maintaining trust in us) from the customer’s end during execution. Even today, customers are coming up with new challenges, and their belief is making us successful in addressing issues.”

“Our focus is more on addressing the concerns rather than developing a product first and then looking for a customer. The customer today does not care how much you know. They focus more on how much you care for them.” 

– Suresh Mishra, Director & CEO


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