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Ghazal Alagh, CEO of Mama Earth

Ghazal Alagh’s Chief Executive Officer of Mama Earth:

Ghazal Alagh

Mama Earth is a natural cosmetics company founded by Ghazal Alagh, an Indian businesswoman and the current CEO. In Delhi, India, Ghazal was born into a family of entrepreneurs; her father being a successful businessman and her mother a homemaker. Ghazal attended The Shri Ram School, Aravali and got her Bachelors in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. After finished school she worked for two years as an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in London.

She came back to India in 2010 to work with the family business. For that reason, Ghazal established Mama Earth in 2015 so that she could make natural cosmetic products available at affordable prices. Under Ghazal’s guidance, the company has grown exponentially and today stands among the top Indian brands when it comes to natural cosmetics.

Ghazal has a passion for women empowerment and believes that every woman can be a leader in their own right. She is involved with several women’s groups where she mentors young girls. Through ‘The Indian School of Ethical Marketing’ (ISEM), she serves on its board.

Prestigious publications such as Forbes India, Financial Times Entrepreneur Magazine etc have featured Ghazarl Alagh. She was also named one of “100 Most Powerful Women In India” by Fortune India in 2019.Apart from this CII awarded her with “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” while ET Now described her as “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Family life:

Hitesh Alagh is married to Gazel who has born him 2 children.Hitesh himself being successful entrepreneur like his wife,Gazel’s husband also does businesses that are lucrative.Shaym Alagh ,her father-in-law,is distinguished industrialist.Sapna Alagh is Gazel’s sister in law and she is the Creative Director of Mama Earth.Sameer Alagh, Gazel’s brother-in-law is by profession a physician.

According to Gazal, family support is an essential catalyst for any woman entrepreneur and she has been very lucky to have a supportive family who always told her to chase her dreams.Gazal attributes all her success to her family and says that their unending love and motivation have been the secret behind everything that has happened in my life.

Ghazal’s net worth:

It would be around Rs. 4 Crore (approx $ 550,000) is what Ghazal Alagh estimates as hers. Her wealth comes from being an entrepreneur over time. The CEO of Mama Earth started this natural cosmetics firm in 2015. Under Ghazal’s guidance, the company has grown exponentially and today stands among the top Indian brands when it comes to natural cosmetics.

Ghazal Alagh Success Story – Awards & Magazine Recognisation

Ghazal’s have also been featured in numerous prestigious publications like Forbes India, Financial Times, Entrepreneur Magazine among others. In 2019, she was also named as one of the ‘100 Most Powerful Women in India’ by Fortune India. By CII she was awarded ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ET Now gave her an award for being an ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year’. Ghazal’s net worth has also been boosted by her family fortune. Her husband Hitesh Alagh is a successful entrepreneur while her father-in-law Shyam Alagh is a renowned industrialist in India. Just like Ghazal, her father is a well-off businessman and she comes from a lineage of entrepreneurs. It is estimated that Ghazal possesses wealth worth Rs. 4 Crore (approx $ 550,000).

Early Life: Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal was born among entrepreneurs in Delhi, India. His dad operates his own business while his mother remains a housewife. She went to The Shri Ram School – Aravali and obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women at Delhi University before starting work as an investment banker at J.P Morgan London for two years after graduation. In 2010, Ghazal left England to return to work with her family enterprise in India; where she currently resides till date.Sapna Alagh who happens to be Ghazal’s sister-In-law holds the position of Creative Director at Mama Earth whereas Sameer alagh who happens to be Ghazals brother-In-Law holds the title Doctor.

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Career: Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal commenced her career as an investment banker at JP Morgan based in London.This prompted her return back to India so that she could join up with family business which occurred around 2010. Ghazal has always been interested in the beauty industry and she saw an opportunity to create a natural cosmetics brand that would be accessible to all women. She left her job as an investment banker at JP Morgan London in 2015 so as to establish Mama Earth, a natural cosmetic products retailer.Her efforts have seen the business grow enormously and today it is one of

Ghazal considers herself a very strong supporter of women’s rights and has faith in every woman’s hidden potential for being her own leader. She belongs to various associations for ladies and also works towards nurturing young girls. It can also be noted that she was awarded ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ by CII, as well as honoured with ET Now’s ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year’. Her work has appeared in leading magazines like Forbes India, Financial Times, Entrepreneur Magazine among others.

Once again, in 2019, she featured among “100 Most Powerful Women In India” which was written about by Fortune India. She is celebrated for her amazing story; from rags to riches and has become a source of inspiration to many young women. According to Ghazal, anything can be achieved through hard work and determination. Ghazal is living proof that anything is possible when you put your mind into it.


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