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Queen Elizabeth Dies at 96, World Mourns Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth dies at 96, World Mourns Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, who was the world’s longest-reigning monarch, has died at the age of 96.

At the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth II has died, who was the world’s longest-serving head of state.

On Friday morning Buckingham Palace reported her death.

The announcement read: “Her Majesty The Queen passed away at Windsor Castle with great sadness.”

According to the statement, “mourning her loss,” is one way in which members of the royal family are joining in with people across the globe.

In due course there would be more announcements from her statement.

Subsequent after King George VI’s demise on February 6th, 1952 she ascended to the throne and became known as Queen Elizabeth.

She became the longest reigning monarch much later that year in 2015 but she also held another record as being the oldest ever monarch when she died.

For a long time during her reign, Elizabeth was popularly known for being dependable and devoted to her duty. This represented constancy amid immense radical transformations both socially and politically speaking.

In addition to this it also facilitated easy interaction with normal people because she was known for having a good sense of humor.

Elizabeth had grown increasingly frail over recent years and seldom appeared outside her home.

She made an unannounced visit that day on Christmas Day in 2019 December while attending a church service near Sandringham estate (Norfolk).

Earlier this year in April just to be safe she visited a hospital after not feeling well.

Two days later she was discharged after spending only two nights there

On Saturday, April 17th at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle will be held burial ceremony for queen Elisabeth.

It is anticipated that according to Her Majesty’s wishes this would be a ceremonial rather than state funeral whereupon interment will occur within St George’s Royal vaults.

UK Mourns Death of Its Monarch:

As an expression of respect, the UK national flag will fly at half-mast on all government buildings, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed Elizabeth as “an extraordinary public servant.”

He said, “a loved and respected monarch,”

“All will miss her; Her Majesty The Queen was an exceptional civil servant.”

Reactions of World Leaders to the Death of Queen Elizabeth II:

Joe Biden, US president also eulogizes the queen by saying she was a “globally esteemed and admired icon”.

In his words: “Throughout her long and remarkable life, she has been a rock of stability and strength for her family, for Britain and for the world,”.

“Through thick and thin she stood tall as well as never wavered in her quest for progress.”

Elizabeth served both the United Kingdom and Commonwealth with full sense of responsibility according to Pope Francis.

“I pray that God may grant her eternal rest and comfort all those who mourn her loss,” he said.

A great European is what Angela Merkel called Elizabeth while Emmanuel Macron described her as a “great lady”.

“She led one of the greatest countries in the world with strength, intelligence, and dignity,” Justin Trudeau says about Queen Elizabeth.

Jacinda Ardern describes Elizabeth as an “inspiration leader”, Scott Morrison labels her “Australia’s friend”.

Cyril Ramaphosa continues by saying that Elizabeth “embodied dignity, grace and fortitude.”.

Buckingham palace said in a statement: “The Queen of England is dead as reported by the Press Secretary of Her Majesty, for the Royal family.

“Queen Elizabeth died peacefully at Windsor Castle while asleep this morning. She was ninety-six years old.

“At Windsor Castle, her granddaughter Princess Royal and grandson Prince Harry are spending these days with her son and daughter in law Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“Further information will be issued later.”

During this period, eight days to be precise, any government building will fly Union Flag at half-mast only.

Elizabeth is scheduled to be buried on Saturday 17th April in St George’s Chapel located within the Windsor castle.

It is not going to be a state burial but rather ceremonial as per her instructions.


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