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Vedanta Share Price, Today & History

Vedanta Share Price Today & History

The company Vedanta Limited is based in India and has operations in various natural resources sectors including zinc, lead, silver, oil, gas, iron ore, steel, copper, aluminum, power, and commercial energy. Vedanta Limited has been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) since 2003 and has a strong presence both in India and internationally. In this article, we will examine the price history of Vedanta’s shares and analyze its current performance in the market.

History of Vedanta Share Price

Over the last ten years, the share price of Vedanta has fluctuated frequently due to various reasons including changes in the company’s operations, global commodity prices, and geopolitical events. In 2011, Vedanta’s share price peaked at INR 351 on the BSE but then dropped significantly to INR 58 in 2015 because of low global commodity prices and regulatory issues.

In 2017, Vedanta bought Cairn Energy’s Indian assets for USD 2.1 billion, which helped improve its oil and gas operations and caused its share price to rise. Vedanta also revealed plans to merge with its subsidiary, Vedanta Resources Limited, in 2018, to streamline the group structure and deliver more value to shareholders. But due to various legal and regulatory impediments, the merger faced challenges, which caused Vedanta’s share price to decline.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic slowdown in 2020, Vedanta’s share price sharply declined. Lockdowns and disruptions in the supply chain affected the company’s operations as well. The share price hit its lowest point in March 2020, reaching INR 63, but eventually recovered to INR 141 by the end of the year when global commodity prices rebounded and the company resumed its operations.

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Current Market Scenario

On April 28, 2023, Vedanta’s share price on the BSE was INR 287.50, showing a 1.94% increase from the previous day’s closing price. The company’s market capitalization is INR 63,840 crore, and it has a price-to-earnings ratio of 10.87. Vedanta’s revenue for the fiscal year 2021 was INR 95,655 crore, with a net profit of INR 15,318 crore.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disturbances in Vedanta’s supply chain and lowered demand for some commodities, which has impacted the company’s operations. Despite this, Vedanta has implemented strategies to limit the effects of the pandemic, including streamlining operations, minimizing expenses, and broadening its range of products.

Vedanta has taken various steps to boost growth and benefit shareholders. One of these measures is to invest $1 billion in expanding its oil and gas operations in India to increase production and explore new reserves. Furthermore, Vedanta has signed a deal with the Indian government to study the potential of creating a green hydrogen project that can aid them in transitioning towards a low-carbon future. These announcements were made in March 2023.


Vedanta Limited is a natural resources company that operates globally with a strong presence in India. The company’s share price has been unstable over the past decade due to fluctuations in global commodity prices and regulatory problems. Despite these difficulties, Vedanta has managed to endure and is expanding its operations while also benefiting its shareholders.

Vedanta’s share price has increased in the current market scenario after the company announced strategic initiatives aimed at boosting growth and shareholder value. These initiatives include optimizing operations, cutting costs, and diversifying the product portfolio. Vedanta is well-prepared to deal with challenges and take advantage of future opportunities. When making investment decisions, investors should consider Vedanta’s long-term prospects and stability.


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