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Infosys Share Price, Today & History

Infosys Share Price

Infosys is an Indian multinational information technology IT service and consulting company. It has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. On the other hand, it is determined to be one of the Big Four Indian IT service companies in comparison with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro, and HCL Technologies.

We all know that employees look to work with Infosys because of its reputation and also is one of the biggest IT companies. But on the other hand, it is also good for those who are looking to buy its share.

Yes, Infosys have the facility for investors and individuals to buy its share. So, if you are one of those looking for Infosys share price then we can give you complete information here with us.

The company has a global presence in over 50 countries. In turn, it is considered to be one of the major players in the global IT service market. With its proven track record of growth and profitability, it is also a good option for those who are looking to buy its shares than work.

Let us help you to know about Infosys’ share price in detail.

About Infosys’ Share Price

Infosys share price as of October 3, 2023, is ₹1,433.60 and this is on National Stock Exchange. Besides this, it has been found that companies’ share price has also been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

But reportedly it has been also found that Infosys’s share price has fallen 12% (2023). But what factors are contributing to happen it so?

Why look for Infosys share price?

Infosys share prices when increased can deliver the descent amount upon selling. Here investors can make a wise decision by buying Infosys shares.

The company also pay a dividend to its shareholders regularly. They can also provide an investor with a steady stream of income.

We all know the fact that Infosys is one of the well-settled or established company and with a proven track record of growth.

In addition, to all of these, there are some specific benefits added at the time of looking at Infosy’s share price.

Buying Infosys shares gives exposure to all of its investors to the growth of the global IT service market.

Investors can also access to latest and greatest technologies.

Infosys has one of the best management and this gives investors confidence about the company’s success and growth.

Why did the Infosys share price fall?

The number one reason could be the rise of inflation which its putting pressure on the corporate margins. It is making it difficult for businesses to invest in IT companies.

Another reason could be due to the ongoing war of Ukraine and even other geopolitical tensions. It’s impacting the IT industry and lowering their share price.

Besides this Infosy’s share price are lowering is because the market is highly competitive. Infosys has been a competition with other players in the market-serving industry for quite a long time.

These factors indicate that the Infosys share price can go high and even low as per all of these. So, it is advisable to hold every piece of information before investing in Infosys share price.

Infosys tends to remain one of the strong company and with a bright future. The company has a larger and more loyal customer base and is also a well-positioned company.

If you are looking for Infosys share price then we have made it available above. You can look and buy whenever you find it best. But being an investor you should carefully examine all of the information before making any decision.

This way you will be able to get the complete benefit of your investment.


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