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Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay – Director (Operations), RM Happiness Center Pvt. Ltd

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay: Pushing Happiness Solutions in an ever-changing world

It’s no secret that few people in the entrepreneurial space are willing to dive into highly innovative approaches, take the time to focus on societal well-being, and stick by their values. One of these rare gems is Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay, Director (Operations) at RM Happiness Center Private Limited. With 28 years of experience in project management and a desire to never stop learning or innovating, Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay has become a prominent figure behind RM Happiness Center as they continue their commitment to promoting happiness throughout the world.

A journey through innovation and learning

The spark for entrepreneurship was ignited early for Rishikesh. He worked with Fortune 500 companies and built up an understanding of how project management can be used to create streamlined solutions long before he started taking massive leaps. Not only is he a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute, but his early dedication to excellence in drama also won him scholarships from the Central Government during his time in school. Since then, he has achieved recognition as a Competent Leader (CL) and Competent Communicator (CC) from Toastmasters International.

RM Happiness Center is born

When most people think about remote work, they immediately consider negative aspects like isolation or disconnection — especially when COVID-19 forced most of us out of our offices worldwide. For Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay though, it made him realize just how important balance is when it comes to work-life wellness. It inspired him to establish RM Happiness Center so we can all start putting more care into spreading happiness and wellness across our lives.

Success habits & make-or-break moments

As someone who spends much of his time working with Fortune 500 companies around the world each day, you can bet that Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay knows a thing or two about making good decisions. His ability to put the thought in and see the decision through is what he attributes his success to, and it’s clear that that dedication is paying off when you look at how far RM Happiness Center has come. When it comes to who inspires him, there are few better than business tycoon Mr. Ratan Tata. For them, inspiring others and committing to a better future starts by making those informed decisions.

The comprehensive wellness spectrum

It’s no secret that we all need wellness more now than ever before — but how many of us have actually taken the time to understand what “wellness” really means? It’s not just about eating right or getting exercise (although those things certainly help). The reality is that wellness stems from a combination of physical health, emotional stability, social connections, spiritual enlightenment, environmental awareness, and mental agility. All of these things work together to create a well-rounded person capable of fulfilling their potential in every aspect of life.

The literary journey: Pearls of wisdom & more

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay has a creative multi-visionary approach to life. He’s even ventured into the literary world. His three books, “The Corporate Yoga Anatomy,” “Pearls of Wisdom,” and “Cycling – The Real Wealth” is a reflection of his diverse past and insights. These texts provide guidance to those seeking wisdom and inspiration on their own path.

Seeing the Future Clearly

As an entrepreneur Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay sees a future where society is prosperous, healthy, and happy. His goal is to contribute to nation-building by fostering a successful community that thrives in all aspects of life. Through innovative solutions and wellness initiatives he hopes we can get there.

Hobbies from all Walks of Life

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay lives a busy life with diverse interests. Sports are one of his passions and turn every day into the best day ever for him. When he isn’t making power plays at work you’ll likely find him playing table tennis, lawn tennis or swimming.

Adapt or Die

Industries have changed so much over time it’s impossible not to notice it. Rishikesh acknowledges this seismic shift from manufacturing segments to service industries today.
He believes this change has elevated knowledge workers significantly by creating new management roles tailored specifically for them.

Proud Moments Insights

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay is extremely proud of his accomplishments in happiness and well-being initiatives throughout his life. In leadership he recognizes the importance of prioritizing health services over products recognizing that personal well-being has immense value within its self.

Guiding Mission Statement

For Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhya and RM Happiness Center Private Limited core values are everything.
They aren’t just words either they’re principles that shape his entire organization in every way.
Their commitment towards these values drives their mission to create a happy, healthy and prosperous society.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

It’s easy to say your unique in an overcrowded market but it’s a whole other ball game to be able to back it up. In the case of RM Happiness Center Private Limited they really do walk the walk.
In this day and age where most businesses are either B2B or B2C, RM Happiness is both. Their innovative approach towards collaboration has positioned them as one of the best in the industry.
Their focus is on striking harmony between serving present customers while also safeguarding future generations needs.

Words of Wisdom

After everything he’s learned through trial and error Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay has some helpful advice for entrepreneurs. He says maintaining a positive attitude can go a long way in life and business.
To create stability in his own mind he stays connected with spiritual organizations and practices everyday life spirituality.

Rishikesh Manuprasad Upadhyay and RM Happiness Center Private Limited are truly innovators in the world of business, wellness, and sustainability today. They serve as a role model to us all as they strive to create healthier communities that will eventually be wealthier too. Their path is one that we should follow for years to come: one of innovation and dedication in order to achieve happiness.

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