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Neha Agarwal – Founder & Director, Digi Acai Pvt. Ltd

The Story of Digi Acai Pvt Ltd – India’s Most Loved D2C SEO Agency

Starting a startup is no doubt one of the most challenging things that one can think of. It’s not that easy for anyone to quit the nine-to-five job and get ahead of something new and with unknown challenges.

No doubt, one needs to have strong determination, hard work and perseverance. But once you decide firmly, then nothing is impossible.

A great example of this is the emerging SEO agency, Digi Acai in India.

It came into existence due to the will power and go-getter attitude of Neha Agarwal – Founder and director, Digi Acai.

Digi Acai Pvt Ltd – The art of building something from nothing

Neha Agarwal started her career in SEO after engineering in 2009. She continued working and growing as an SEO professional for around 10 years.

In 2018, she became a mom. She didn’t want to take any break so she continued to head the SEO department. But soon she became aware that managing the role of a mother and an ambitious, career-oriented professional is highly challenging.

However, with her then employer’s support, she was able to continue work and motherhood journey with flexibility.

She, however, started to realise that she now wants to create something at her own pace. So she left her high paying job and started freelance consulting in 2019.

But, the universe wanted her to take a bigger step. And hence things worked in a manner that she soon decided to register her own company. Finally, she took the plunge at the end of 2019.

A few weeks later, she officially became the founder of her first startup, a niche SEO agency called Digi Acai Pvt Ltd. Although it was not too early for her to embark on her entrepreneurial journey and make a presence in the business world (it took her 12 years).

After starting Digi Acai, Neha Agarwal received some more referrals and business opportunities. She hired a small team and rented a few seats in a co-working space to fulfill clients’ requirements.

But destiny had something else, the pandemic and lockdown happened in 2020, she had to wind up the office and work from home with the team.

And that was not all. Out of the handful of clients, some held the budgets and paused work due to the unfortunate situation. They weren’t wrong either.

With even fewer clients, Digi Acai team continued to provide excellent results. Due to the pandemic, businesses realised the importance of organic growth and SEO. And within a couple of months, more business started coming their way.

Don’t give up on your dreams, Even when things get tough

Digi Acai Pvt Ltd became the most dynamic SEO agency in India with consistent quality and amazing deliverables to clients. For Neha, the past 3 years have been quite challenging as she faced a personal loss, business loss and also many other ups and downs.

But do you know what makes Digi Acai Pvt Ltd, the fastest growing D2C SEO agency in India? Well, it’s all about consistency and genuine results that made the company survive the toughest times and competitive world.

Neha, along with her team, fought back against the odds, but never gave up.

Success habits: The foundation for a better future

Neha always believed in doing Karma that focuses on action and also putting in hard work. She is not a fan of  instant results other than putting in hard work. Neha always believed in keeping patience and leading to success.

This indicates whether it’s a personal or professional life, she always kept up full dedication and determination to reach heights.

Return to work program – The new initiative of Digi Acai Pvt Ltd for new mother

Digi Acai Pvt Ltd is not only about delivering the best SEO services. As a millennial mom, Neha relates with the state of mind of career-driven moms taking a sabbatical for caregiving reasons.

Hence, she created a community of moms at Digi Acai and started a return-to-work program. She handpicks a few moms who are interested in restarting their careers, trains them, and eventually prepares them for professional life.

She understands what it’s like for a woman to leave her job and take care of a newborn. However, if they are given the chance to manage both flexibly, they can do great things. And this is happening at Digi Acai. There is a very high client retention and client happiness rate.

Highlighting the past 3 years

The last 3 years have been quite challenging and yet successful. Neha says that she has been fortunate to serve best and to make her work with the top brands like Marico and Shop Disney, among others. In addition, Digi Acai Pvt Ltd has had the privilege to work on SEO for many celebrity brands.

She feels honoured and thankful for all of the trust she gained in the past few years.

The origination of great ideas

For any company to grow, its employees must share its founder’s determination. Digi Acai has young, sharp minds and keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. They are passionate, eager to learn and full of positive energy.

Neha also has mentors and a strong professional network that motivates her.

Her experience working with strong people in the industry has helped her learn a lot. Digi Acai has grown faster as a result of this, leading to great innovation.

About India’s digital revolution

India is on the rise towards digital evolution, according to Neha Agarwal, Founder & Director of Digi Acai Pvt Ltd.

Regardless of whether a business is a startup or an enterprise, SEO (search engine optimization) is of utmost importance.

SEO can help businesses grow organically and gain a wider presence along with revenue, so taking advantage of these opportunities is not to be missed.


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