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Ram Gopal Verma to Promote “Ladki” With A Contest

Ram Gopal Verma is one of the top Indian film makers known for delivering some diverse and bold work in Hindi and Telegu cinema. He has directed diverse categories including docudrama, parallel cinema, and psychological thrillers.

In simple terms, he is known for employing new slants upon considering technologies to deliver something good.

In 2022, he was into news for the new contest alert that was related to his film promotion named ladki movie.

It might be the case you missed it, but not to be worried, as we will here help you to get complete information about it.

Ram Gopal Verma new content alert: Ladki movie

Ram Gopal Verma remains to be one of the significant personalities in the Indian cinemas.

He has ruled Indian and Telegu cinemas both, but as we stated above, he was into the news in 2022, for his new movie promotion pooja bhalekar movies.

The content was held in July 2022 to promote the new release Ladki, which was based on the action thriller that cast Pooja Bhalekar as the main lead.

As we all know the fact that whenever there is any new release, producers, directors or the cast take new approaches for promotion. Contest alert was the part of Ram Gopal Verma strategy.

The sole purpose was to make audiences aware of the new release and to introduce the actress with some fun and excitement.

It has been found that whenever any contest comes then it creates a new direction within people and tends to create a new type of craze to connect with it.

Yet this was the case with Ram Gopal Verma’s new release- Ladki movie. But what was the contest containing or its format?

Ladki movie contest format

Different types of contests come now and then but with different formats. So, was the case with Ladki movies- pooja bhalekar movies.

There were different questions that the audience (who are participating) had to pass with.

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The first question was who is pooja bhalekar.

The participants have to explain “Who is pooja bhalekar” either in the form of memes, it could be a short video, sentence, picture or anything that can easily connect with the question.

Participants were asked to connect with social media channels like Instagram, and Twitter with the relevant #Ladkicontest.

However, whenever any contests are running then there are some or the other rewards running behind as well.

The same was the case with Ladki movie.

The contest came out with the 20 winners who all received a personalized photograph of Pooja Bhalekar with their name on it. 

No doubt the contest gathered a huge amount of audience towards it and it could able to make people aware of pooja bhalekar new release and more about the actress.

Contests are no doubt recognised as one of the popular ways for filmmakers to promote their films. On the other hand, they are fun, exciting and even boost social media presence.

Ram Gopal Verma utilized this strategy to promote his upcoming film (Ladki movie) and new actress (Pooja Bhalekar) so that both could gain huge recognition and as a result, it gained traction online.


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