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AFC Asian Cup: Son Hyung-min’s South Korea stuns Jordan to go to the final – In pictures

If you are a football lover then you cannot miss out AFC Asian Cup. It has been determined to be one of the prestigious international footballs which is also called Soccer.

This Asian Cup tournament is for men’s national teams in Asia. In addition, it has been found that the Asian Cup has been rolling since 1956 and contributing to the 2nd oldest football tournament in the world right after Copa America.

  • Asian Cup is held every 4 years and is planned by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
  • Further, it also features 24 national teams

Hence, if you are fond of soccer then this information is for you. Currently, the AFC Asian Cup is going in Qatar.

The news is flashing all over where Qatar and Jordan were set to play. But the breaking news that came out where Jordan made everyone when they beat South Korea and reached the AFC Asian Cup for the first time.

Jordan created history for the first time in the Asian Cup

It might hurt you to know that Jordan beat South Korea, but this is the time for the celebration who were along with Jordan.

Yes, Jordan beat South Korea in the Asian Cup by 2-0 at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium on Tuesday (6, Feb, 2024).

The moment made everybody stunned when South Korea player Cho Gue-sung, missed out on the goal during the semi-final and opened up the gate for Jordan to enter into the finals.

Jordan has played in the Asian Cup and mainly in the semi-finals for the first time and even ranked 64, but they deserve the victory for sure.

In between this, South Korea’s talisman Son even underwent a frustrating night.

Yet during the match, it was pretty sure that Jordan could have the chance to potentially win the game- that’s eventually what happened.

AFC Asian Cup game went beyond expectations

Playing in front of 43,000 is a huge pressure for players, but they undergo such a state and make things work in favour them. Jordan no doubt played well, as they kept the South Korean goalkeeper busy for about half of the time.

It was also found that Jo here even got up with the angry expressions from Naimat. It was the time when the South Korean defence opened up.

The game went up making the audience’s heart beat up and down. Luckily Jordan could make up their entry in the finals and enjoyed their victory flawlessly.


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