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Elli Kasbi


Elli Junior is a premium one-stop shop for all essential & lifestyle needs throughout the parenting journey; offering high quality and unique baby products across the GCC.

From our products to our charitable partnerships, eco-awareness and social responsibility are key values at the heart of everything we do.

Operating through the award winning website,, and 3 Dubai based retail stores, Elli Junior is the perfect place for everyday parenting needs, fun and play, or special gifts with an environmental and sustainable focus.


Elli Junior mom to 2 amazing girls (who were the reason behind the start of the venture), came from a background in IT and Finance but always wanted to open her own business. After gaining a Masters degree in finance, Elli worked with one of the biggest banks in Stockholm, Sweden as a corporate account manager. Elli moved to Dubai when her youngest daughter Nellie was only six months old, andchanged careers to work in media when she could not find a flexible job that would allow her to juggle being a full time mum while working.After two years of gaining experience of the market she felt ready to make a start on her dream of having her own business. Being based in Dubai she decided to launch her brand in the GCC region, fast forward to now and Elli Junior is now positioned a well known name in the UAE retail market  for premium and stylish baby products.


Ecommerce, tech, import/export is a male-dominated area, and for a woman to prove her mettle, it takes a lot of hard work. Initially, people did not believe in Elli’s idea and how the business would scale and be successful. The toughest was to grow a successful business and be a mom.

In today’s world, it is a task to balance work with the rest of your life. Relationships, health, and hobbies are often overshadowed by long hours and endless stress. However, the founder feels that separating your work life from your personal life is crucial if you want to be both successful and spend time with your family/friends. It’s all about prioritizing.

Elli elaborates further, “We have doubled our turnover every year, and we are now finishing our 5th year. We won an award in the same category as Mamas and papas and pottery barn. For me, that was a huge achievement. As a corporate account manager for SME customers at one of Sweden’s biggest banks for over ten years. I have witnessed small businesses grow and fail. I was motivated by the hard work and passion they invested in. So, I state that I have seen it all. It made me more careful in my investments, and I knew that cash flow is the most critical thing in being able to run a successful business.” 


There are woman support groups for ladies in Dubai working in similar fields, Elli arranges meetups and hosts different topics each meeting sharing knowledge and contact. When a woman contacts her for advice, she always tries to help and reply as much as possible. During covid, many women in Dubai lost their jobs and started their homegrown businesses.

“I offered many of them my platform to sell at, we have the license/knowledge/warehouse/finance, and we have the customers. We help them grow their businesses with our excellent marketing team. We take a commission of sales and is a great way to support the woman and local businesses. Two of my best-selling brands are from the homegrown woman. I will keep doing this by giving back to the community while it’s also good for our business” asserts Elli. 


The company plans on bringing in new amazing cute brands to the region. In 2020 and so far, it has launched an average of five brands a month, it’s been a very stressful but fun period for all. The goal is to become the number one premium platform in the region for all the essential & lifestyle needs for your parenting journey.

Elli emphasized, “I set clear KPIs for myself and my team, otherwise we won’t grow, our goals are realistic and measurable. We will keep doubling our turnover until we reach a 10M USD in turnover, and then we will look at bringing in investors to keep reaching 100M and above. We have grown organically, mostly through word of mouth, we care about every one of our customers, and our customer’s happiness will always be our number one objective. They are the reason we are where we are today, and we will never forget where we started from and where we are today.”

Elli Junior has excellent customer service, and they are available 24/7. The founder truly hopes that they can keep the high level of service while they are growing. The small but super strong and passionate team at the business house goes over and beyond daily for its customers ensuring high-quality products. The team loves what they do, and it shows in the work. Where the business is today would not be possible without the amazing dedicated team who works tirelessly to give the best they can. They are all recruited for their passion, drive, and devotion to give the parents the best options available with social responsibility. Nothing is impossible for them; they are fast and fearless.

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