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Kiran Smart is the first humanoid-robots company in Kuwait and an award-winning company for being the most innovative in robotics Technology Company from Kuwait. The company is registered in Bangalore, India, as the first global expansion providing IT services to business and home users.

Kiran Smart effectively combines technical expertise and domain knowledge to offer customized computer networking and system integration solutions to the customers. Being a Top IT Company in Kuwait, Kiran Smart provides industry-standard integrated solutions like consulting, maintenance, consultancy, and solutions. However, now the main focus is on robotics, artificial intelligence, fintech, digital transformation, and smart solutions.


Mohammed Mubin Mallick, the CEO, and Founder of Kiran Smart company in Kuwait. He is an innovator of Humanoid Robot Services, and the Founder of Mi-Robots Company registered in India. Holding a Master’s Degree MBA from Cardiff University, UK. He has several professional certificates under his name. Mubin also has vast experience starting from manufacturing unit in LG., Sony, with expertise in the distribution channel management for Asian ethnic’s garments in Wales (Cardiff – U.K.). He founded Kiran Smart as an IT company to serve the market with cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality. He later took it to the next level by partnering with major IT companies globally.


Mubin did not work more than 15 days in his job and started as an entrepreneur immediately after completing his MBA. The moment he witnessed people asking for food, shelter, education, clothes, etc. for their children, he decided he wanted to do something for the people globally. He decided to share his profits with people in need.

“Speak the truth, Be Kind, Help and Support others, be problem solver, being trustworthy for customers. I have my principles that I follow, and I called it ‘4D’ that are – Dedication, Determination, Devotion, and Discipline,” asserts Mubin.

The company today, under the supervision of Mubin, fulfills the mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify and respond to the client’s/Project needs. Operating in a highly competitive environment, Kiran Smart continuously strives for excellence, aimed at fulfillment of maximum needs of the project at the lowest possible costs, passing the benefits to its client.

We are driven to lead the industry by recognizing that every detail of a project’s design is a step on the stairs to the excellence of innovation and a smart way out. We have vast experience and techno know-how of robotic solutions dealing with multiple robotic manufacturers and companies globally to deliver the right solution to its customers.

Kiran Smart has successfully partnered with Cisco, Surfsonix, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Sophos, Cyberoam, Fortinet, Lenovo, DELL, HP, Ruckus Wireless, Engenius Wireless, Synology, VEEAM, Vmware, Veritas, Acronis, HIKvision, Mobotix, SendQuick, Netscount, SpamTitan, Mimecast, Netwrix. Contact us for Software Solution, Software Development, Website Development, Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization for Websites. They provide custom-made Software Development solutions in Kuwait.


There are many which are difficult to recall, Mubin shares he has gone through several pain points and hard times in his entrepreneurial journey. The only one moment he talks most about is the time when he did not have a single penny in his pocket to buy food to eat for a night and his wife and three years old daughter were supposed to sleep without food after a long hard day.

Mubin states, “I Thank God for sending the food for us and that was one of our neighbors who brought the food and gave us as they had some occasion. It was the year 2010 when the world was hit by the recession. My goal is very simple ‘Live for Others’. I would dedicate myself to bringing the company to the top level where it would be able to generate more revenues so that we can help others with it.” 


When Mubin lost his father in the year 2012, for him it was like losing his world. Because his father was like a shield, mentor, guide, and confidante to him. He was the one who taught him to live for others. It took him approximately 6 months to 8 months to absorb the shock and overcome it to concentrate on business and family life.

Mubin further added, “I did diversification in my company from IT Solutions and Services to Robotics. I did not have any experience or knowledge of robotics, but it was my childhood dream and my passion to work on robots. I did interact with many Robotics companies and manufacturers to know about robot services and solutions which I can add to my company profile. It took me almost two years to enter deep into it, and finally, I have done. I have traveled a lot around the world to see these robots and know these robots. Finally, I made myself a pioneer in it.” 


The industry has changed drastically, and it is beyond the imagination. Usually, in the early ages, we would notice only 3 to 4 changes. But now if we could see there are huge changes taking place in the industry and now, we have entered the Era of Industry 4.0 which is inclusive of robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, fintech, etc.

When it comes to the organization, Mubin is most proud of the fact that they all are living like family members and there is no discrimination and everyone is treated equally. Finally, the organization is a very happy place for all of us to work. As a leader, one of the most important decisions he took are resolving the problems immediately whether it is related to internal organization matters, customer matters, or any vendor matters.

Mission, core values, and vision, all three are important for the company because mission helps them to achieve their current target. Vision helps them in staying focused and core values support staying together with all the team members.  




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