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Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai

Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai

Banking is one of the top fields that at present most people of all age groups are looking to join. This is mainly because banking is considered to be a safe and secure future and offers tremendous growth opportunities.

However, no matter if you are young or middle-aged, you can prepare for banking and appear in various exams organized by different banks or one combined one. But to score well, you have to utmost in your preparations.

This is the major reason why more and more students look to enrol themselves in bank exam coaching by finding bank exam coaching centres.

As per the report, the number of students enrolling on banking coaching has increased in India. It is expected to reach around 25lakhs enrolment in 2022-2023.

This is a wider increase as compared to 2021-2022 (which was around 20 lakhs).

Since both private and government sectors offer banking jobs. But one of the top preferred ones is government- because of high income and a better future or life.

To this different city own different coaching centre. But here we have come up for you to adopt the best one and those are available in Chennai.

But before that let us help you to know more about your chances of success in the field of banking.

Improve your chances of success in banking 

If you are considering looking to go ahead with a banking career then it is for sure a successful step.

Banking jobs are quite attractive and give higher salaries.

It is one of the stable and growing sectors and in turn, offers good career prospects. This is one of the other reasons why young people are more interested in banking jobs.

Therefore, if you are thinking of stepping into the banking world, then it is for sure will certainly help you to improve your chances of success. But to get started you need to have a thorough preparation that can help you to be in the banking world.

Yet all of this happens by choosing a reputable coaching centre that has a proven track record of success.

But as we mentioned earlier as well, there are many reputable coaching centres across India. But here we are listing the top ones in Chennai and how can they help you to fulfil your entry into the banking sector.

Uncover reputed top banking coaching’s in Chennai

Chennai has the largest group of coaching centres to prepare for different competitive exams. likely among all of those, you can find for banking preparations as well.

This means you can undergo all of those and find the one that suits you best and your budget. On the other hand, Chennai comes on number 1 in terms of education. All of the instructors are qualified and experts. So, if you are looking to find the top bank exam coaching centres in Chennai then let us help you.

  1. Plutus Academy

If we talk about the best bank coaching centre in Chennai then Plutus Academy is one of those. They offer everything that requires aspirants to know about banking examinations.

With their 20 years of experience in teaching, they have bagged a place among the top 10. Aspirants can join Plutus Academy to complete their dream of becoming a banker by taking the best guidance.

Plutus Academy lets students be groomed in such a way that success will be undertaken. But at the same time, aspirants have to be dedicated towards learning. So, joining Plutus Academy would be one of the suitable choices.

In addition, Plutus Academy has been the prominent choice among students to get started.

  • Fee structure 

Bank (Rs.6,000 + 18% GST-/)

SSC (Rs.7,000 + 18% GST-/)

Bank + SSC (Rs.8,000 + 18% GST-/)

  • Batches

They tend to organize small batches so that each student can get attention.

  • Study material

Desired notes are given to students to prepare themselves for the best. This means no matter if you are attending online or offline.

  1. Veranda RACE

Chennai has the best faculty within coaching centres and schools to let students prepare well for their future. This is the major reason why parents want to study with their children from Chennai.

However, many are studying and starting their job right from the same city. In addition, when it comes to competitive exam preparation, Chennai is one of those. It has Veranda RACE that makes up aspirants to study for the banking exam.

It lets aspirants prepare for both banking/SSC and even for railways within their centre. This is mainly because they have experienced faculty that results in guaranteed success. Veranda RACE further believes it is the best education and support that can enrich students to success. This is what they are offering. With years of experience, Veranda RACE is one of the reputed coaching centres for banking preparation and offers 360-degree guidance.

  • Fees

Starts from Rs 19,500

  • Batch size

They choose to make a batch of 20-25 students each in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • Study material

They offer study material that is prepared by experts to focus only on the important part.

  1. TIME Bank PO Coaching Chennai

TIME is one of the leading coaching centres holding different branches across India. They are leading because of their extreme and valuable guidance that has made several students pass their required exams.

TIME offers both online and offline facilities. So, even if you are not unable to reach Chennai do not worry, you won’t be deprived of the best teaching in case of a bank exam. This includes PO, Clerk, SSC, SO, LIC and more.

Further T.I.M.E today is acknowledged as one of the multi-location, multi-program training specialists as well. It is their best practice, hard work and determination that makes them stand on top of banking coaching in Chennai.

  • Fees

3 months course- 4450

6 months course- 6450

1-year course- 8750

  • Batch size

T.I.M.E tends to keep their batch size small as compared to other coaching’s. They want every student to be focused on what does not obtain in large batches.

  • Study material

T.I.M.E does offer their study material prepared with extensive research and with updates.

  1. BEST Learning Centre

What makes you the best? It is all about how you are being educated. Yes, BEST Learning Centre believes that your guidance matters a lot and makes you perfect to flourish in your career goals.

Many students seek to appear in different exams every year but do not succeed. This could be due to a lack of education. This is the major reason why different coaching centres are available with industry experts to help in preparation.

Likely here among the top BEST Learning Centres is one to guide in best banking preparation while being in Chennai. But what, you cannot come to Chennai? Nevertheless, they do offer online coaching.

So, aspirants who are looking to join the BEST Learning Centre have both options in their hands. They offer top competitive exam preparation and that is UPSC, Banks, RRB, and TNPC.

With all of the effective teaching patterns, study materials, and doubt problem-solving classes, the BEST Learning Centre provides the best environment for all aspirants joining them.

  • Fees

Ranges depend upon the course you choose but usually start from Rs 7,000

  • Batch size

Conduct 50 or more students.

  • Study material

Yes, they offer all required notes, video lectures and other facilities to make you undergo the desired syllabus.

Best NEET Coaching Centre in Chennai

  1. The Chennai School Of Banking

Specialized in offering the best guidance to attempt banking exams. The Chennai School of Banking is therefore another reputed coaching centre in Chennai. Aspirants can get started to prepare for different banking exams (SBI PO Clerk, IBPS PO Clerk, PO, SSC and more) to seek a good career.

The coaching centre is updated with the latest syllabus introduced by the board. Here, aspirants will be trained by seeking the old papers of examinations and cracking the exam.

The Chennai School of Banking has a success rate of more than 85%. Now you can imagine to what extent The Chennai School of Banking delivers the guidance.

They have dedicated and qualified staff to help students with shortcuts- tips and tricks to be used during the exam.

In addition, they are specialized in delivering personalized classrooms and libraries. This way, students can calmly focus on their studies.

  • Fees

6,000 + GST

  • Batch size

Small to fair

  • Study material

Aspirants on joining get all of the required study material to let them prepare for the best.

  1. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is a well-known coaching centre across different cities for its excellent results. They offer different exam preparation and when it comes to banking, they are the best. If you are looking to work within the government sector and in the bank then no Career Launcher is what you need to reach.

  • It is sorted to be one of the best bank exam coaching centres in Chennai. But apart from banking, they are also helpful against CAT, CUET, IPM, CLAT, AILET, JEE, NEET, and GRE exams.
  • Fees

Not mentioned

  • Batch size

Fair to big

  • Study material

Students upon enrolling get all of the study material so that they can connect with the lectures right from the beginning along with video resources.

  1. SRN Bank PO Coaching

Easily get to know what you need to learn to crack the banking exam with SRN Bank PO Coaching. For all competitive exams and preparation, SRN Bank PO Coaching has the best faculties to let aspirants shine towards their goals.

SRN Bank PO Coaching lets aspirants prepare towards IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, IBPS RRB assistant, IBPS RRB clerk and IBPS SO. If you want to appear for any of those then join SRN Bank PO Coaching in Chennai. SRN Bank PO Coaching lets all aspirants learn from industry-rich experts and understand the basic tips and tricks to appear in the exam. In addition, students do have the classes to solve their doubts and compete in the exam with thorough preparation.

So, students can adopt their flexible batch timings and prepare them to take their positions.

  • Fees

Contact SRN Bank PO Coaching to get the exact fees

  • Batch size

Small to large

  • Study material

Supports with books, notes and video lectures to understand every concept of respective exams clearly.

  1. Bharath Institute of Banking

Another bank coaching centres in Chennai we could find for you is Bharath Institute of Banking. It is also one of the leading centre for bank preparation that offers the best preparation against SSC, Railways, Insurance, Postal, CBI, and IB exams.

They offer aspirants to take classes right from coaching in Chennai or from their home as well. Faculty here starts up with the basic teaching, head towards the middle and then to advanced. This way it helps students to clear every concept by covering the entire syllabus.

Bharath Institute of Banking offers a limited number of seats every year. So if you are planning to reach them then you need to be quick in your actions.

All of the staff are ex-bankers and studying under them can help you. Further, all of the students will also get training to cover the entire course. In this way, Bharath Institute of Banking helps every aspirant to seek the right opportunity.

  • Fees

Rs 16, 107

  • Batch size


  • Study material

The entire study material is prepared by the ex-bankers by keeping the latest syllabus and last year’s paper in mind.


Banking jobs are one of the prestigious occupations and this leads to thousands of people appearing in exams. But we all know the fact that at present time there is tough competition and if you are not studying well or taking guidance then you will lack.

This is the major reason why people tend to choose coaching where they can get the desired atmosphere to study hard. Since Chennai is one of the top cities in terms of education. Therein we have listed the top bank coaching centres in Chennai for you to explore and enrol on the best (depending upon your flexibility).

This way for you to complete your dream to be a banker can be accomplished.


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