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Tracing the Path of Discord – A Chronology of Manipur Violence Unfolding

Manipur violence: In Manipur, circumstances are just getting worse. As conflict erupted in Manipur between the Kukis of the hills and the Meiteis of the Imphal Valley, a shoot-at-sight order was issued. Here is a chronology of the events that precipitated violence in the majority of the state.

The violent demonstrations that broke out in response to a high court order ordering the state administration to include Meiteis under the Scheduled Tribes list have reopened a decade-old faultline in Manipur. 

The state of Manipur has been engulfed in a wave of violence between the Meiteis from the Imphal Valley and the Kukis from the hill regions. The following chronology provides an overview of the events that led to the escalation of violence across the state.

Manipur Violence: Historical Fault Lines Resurface

In recent times, violent protests erupted in Manipur after a high court directive regarding the inclusion of Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribes category. Meiteis, comprising 53% of the population, faced restrictions on land ownership, with access limited to predominantly tribal-inhabited hill areas. This disparity and the resulting tensions became the catalyst for widespread anger and protests in Manipur.

Clashes Between Tribals and Meiteis:

Reports emerged of clashes between Meiteis and tribals in Imphal and Churachandpur, where the Meiteis are the dominant ethnic group, and the Kukis represent one of the largest tribes.

Triggering Event – Shutdown and Church Demolitions:

Tribal groups in Manipur called for a 12-hour total shutdown in protest against the state government’s survey on reserved and protected forests, along with recent eviction drives that resulted in the demolition of churches in Imphal. The Kuki and Naga tribes, who are predominantly Christians, expressed their discontent with these actions.

Timeline of Manipur Violence:

April 27
  • Ahead of Chief Minister Biren Singh’s visit to Churachandpur, the open gym, which was scheduled to be inaugurated by the CM, was set on fire.
April 28
  • Section 144 (prohibitory orders) was imposed, and all networks and internet services were shut down for five days.
  • Protesters clashed with security forces, leading to the use of tear gas shells by the police to disperse the mobs.
May 3 Thousands of people participated in the Tribal Solidarity March organized by the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur (ATSUM) to protest against the inclusion of Meiteis in the ST category.

  • An estimated 60,000 people attended the rally, and violence erupted in the Torbung area of Churachandpur.
  • Reports indicated that 11 civilians were injured, and two individuals lost their lives due to bullet wounds in Saikul, Kangpokpi district.
May 4
  • In response to the escalating violence, the government issued a shoot-at-sight order, applicable in extreme cases where all forms of persuasion, warning, and reasonable force have been exhausted, and the situation is deemed uncontrollable.



The ongoing Manipur violence between Meiteis and Kukis has deep-rooted historical and socio-political implications. It is crucial for all stakeholders to engage in dialogue and find a peaceful resolution to address the grievances and aspirations of the various communities involved.

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