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Top 10 immigration consultants in India

Immigration consultants are known as immigration lawyers or we can say, migration agents. Mainly they are known as the experts who guide and offer assistance to either individuals or families seeking immigration to a new country.
We are sure if you are planning to immigrate then you must find the Top 10 immigration consultants in India. Their guidance is very important because they possess the depth of knowledge of:

  • Migration laws
  • Regulations, and procedures

In turn, they will help you to easily go through the complex immigration process. These days no one wants to get stuck in a long process and hence connect with immigration consultants to make their work easier. In addition, immigration consultants also offer a wide range of services:

  • Assessing eligibility
  • Developing personalized strategies
  • Preparing and reviewing applications
  • Representing clients in hearings
  • Delivering ongoing provision
  • Management correspondence
  • Pre-departure location
  • Connecting with community incomes

No doubt, immigration consultants play a vital role in facilitating the immigration process (for families and individuals). This helps individuals to start a new life in a new country. If you are one of those looking for immigration help then this article is for you.

1. Why connect the Top 10 immigration consultants in India?

There are several reasons why individuals connect with the Top 10 immigration consultants in India. Let us help you to find out some of the key aspects.

1.1 Hold expertise

Immigration consultants possess an extensive knowledge of immigration laws, regulations, and procedures. This means they can easily offer the knowledge as they are up to date about various eligibility and application processes.

1.2 Compliance

When it comes to immigration its process is quite complex and also needs a lot of documentation. Here immigrants’ consultants can easily help individuals to undergo the entire process smoothly.

1.3 Reduces stress

No doubt, when we handle all of the work with the experts, we tend to remain stress-free. However, the immigration process can be hectic, and stressful when handled alone. This is where the role of the Top 10 immigration consultants in India comes into play. They are well aware of all processes and can help individuals seeking the best advice and assistance.

1.4 Peace of mind

Knowing when professionals are handling all of the requests, families and individuals can remain calm. Immigration consultants here can help clients focus on preparing for their new lives while they handle the complexities of the entire immigration process. Overall, we can say that connecting with immigration consultants can significantly reduce the tension and stress of individuals in move new country.

Hence, if you are in any such state and looking to connect with the Top 10 immigration consultants in India then this article is for you. We have found out the top immigration consultants in India who are simplifying the needs of people.

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2. Top 10 immigration consultants in India simplifying the lives of individuals

We have found the complete Top 10 immigration consultants in India to let you undergo them and choose the best one for you.

2.1 Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Y-Axis Overseas Careers has been determined to be one of the Top 10 immigration consultants in India. They have over 20 years of experience and have a team of experts (around 1,000). Y-Axis is one of the reputed and experienced immigration consultants and maintains integrity.

They have a wide range of immigration services to offer like:
Visa processing
Resume writing
Job search services
Resume marketing services and overseas education consulting.

Key features

  • Y-Axis Overseas hold a network of over 50 countries in India, UAE, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Has helped lakhs of individuals to undergo an easier immigration process.
  • Holds highest success rate.
  • Is committed to transparency with all of its clients.

2.2 Visas Avenue

Visas Avenue is also the leading immigration consultant in India and offers expert guidance. So, families and individuals seeking to migrate either to Canada Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others can reach Visas Avenue. Right from visa immigration to documentation, visa tracking and follow up everything can be managed by Visas and let the immigration process be done smoothly.

Key features

  • Owns a team of experienced immigration consultants to deliver the best services.
  • Offering a comprehensive range of services.
  • Have a presence in multiple cities across India and other countries.
  • Offer personalized attention and support throughout the entire process.

2.3 Kansas Overseas Careers

Leading immigration and Visa consulting firm based in India offering expert guidance and assistance. Among both individuals and families, Kansas Overseas Careers has been helping for quite a long years.

This has made Kansas Overseas Careers one of the top 10 immigration consultants in India.
Right from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands no matter where you are seeking to immigrate, Kansas can help you get the best services in a hassle-free manner.
Different services offered: visa and immigration assessment, documentation, review, representation in case of interview, pre-departure and more. Personalized support is offered to all of the clients of Kansas Overseas Careers with a proven track record of success.

Key features

  • Owns global reach
  • Up-to-date information
  • Personalized attention and support
  • Wide range of services

2.4 Oasis India

Oasis India helps people looking to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom under experts. The team of Oasis ensures they are up to date with the latest immigration news and lets people follow it. If you are considering migrating to another country then reaching Oasis India would help you. They know what to do and how and let you be at ease throughout the entire process. They help their customers to undergo the best visa assessment, documentation, follow-up, settlement assistance and more.

Key features

  • Transparent and ethical practices
  • Wide range of service
  • Global reach

2.5 Opulentus Overseas Careers

Accordingly, with several factors, it has been found that Opulentus Overseas Careers stands out on top among the top 10 immigration consultants in India. The firm has a personalized approach, proven track record, transparent approach and commitment to client satisfaction, Opulentus Overseas Careers helps best towards immigration service. Immigration can be offered to different countries like the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, and others. They prepare and compile all of the necessary information for your visa document and make the entire process smooth. They involve visa assessment, tracking, pre-departure and more.

Key features

  • Global reach and network
  • Personalized support
  • Transparent and ethical practice
  • Proven track record of success

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2.6 CanApprove

There are several immigration consultants in India, but not all can be trusted. Hence, to make your search easier, CanApprove is one of the trusted and leading immigration firms.
Be it an individual, or families and for education purposes, if you are looking to migrate to other countries then reach CanApprove. In short, we have found that CanApprove is a great combination of skill, personalized method, transparency, global reach and more. They are dedicated to offering a personalized experience and high-quality service.

Key features

  • Owns expertise
  • Technology and innovation
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Ethical practice

2.7 Global Tree

Global Tree is the best overseas education and immigration consultancy in India. The company was launched with the mission to assist students who want to study abroad. This involves Global Tree to offer a personalized experience to students and other individuals who want to get the best immigration services. Professionals here can support individuals in their best international career plans. With more than 16 years of experience, Global Tree has assisted thousands of students to fulfil their dreams with smooth process. No doubt, this makes Global Tree to be among the top 10 immigration consultants in India.

Key features

  • Client-Centric Focus
  • Extensive Experience
  • Transparency
  • Network of Partners

2.8 Nationwide Immigration Services

Nationwide Immigration Services is the firm based in India provides expert guidance in immigration process. They have an experience team of experts who are updated with the latest information about immigration. In addition, we have found that they are also registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. At the time of offering service, they follow high professional standards and ethical practices. So, if you are looking for reliable immigration consultants in India then do reach Nationwide Immigration Services. They will help you completely to understand every step easily and to let you assist with each one of those and immigrate easily.

Key features

  • Committed to client satisfaction
  • Experienced team
  • Global reach

2.9 Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services

Another leading immigration consultant in India firm based in New Delhi. They are offering a comprehensive suite of services via assessment, documentation, and review of applications for settlement assistance. Aspire World Immigration Consultancy is the best because they have experts in the respective department to undertake clients’ requirements. Further, they are also registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to undertake a smooth process.

Key features

  • Cater diverse needs of clients
  • High-quality services
  • Global reach

2.10 WWICS

WWICS is also a leading global immigration and resettlement solutions provider. They have a strong presence in India and a global network of associate offices. By offering a comprehensive range of services, WWICS is helping individuals and families undergo an easy immigration stage. Their services include: Visa and immigration assessment, documentation, visa application tracking and more, every step can be undertaken within the expert’s reach easily.

Key features

  • Offer a wide range of services
  • Experience team
  • Global reach
  • Transparency


All of the above-mentioned top 10 immigration consultants we have mentioned are playing crucial role in assisting individuals and families to easily navigate the immigration process.
However, it is a necessity to get in touch with the trusted partner when you are seeking such assistance. Therefore, to undergo an easy process and genuine firm, we have mentioned all of those above.


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