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Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024

Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024

Hyderabad is known as one of the prominent cities in India and is known as the City of Pearl.

But it is also determined to be the major hub for information and technology (IT). Many startups have risen from Hyderabad and in turn, offer a dynamic space for the IT sector.

But what more?

Here we can help you uncover some of the top stats as well.

Hyderabad is determined to be the largest IT exporter in India nearly (US$ 32 billion).

Furthermore, Telangana contributes 50% of its total exports to the IT sector.

Talking about employment, it has been found that Hyderabad boosted its IT workforce by approx. 9,05,715 employees as of 2023.

In short, we can say that Hyderabad is the hub for IT Consulting & Services Companies.

But who they are? If you were searching to determine the Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024 then here, we are.

We have got the list of Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024 for you to sharpen your knowledge.

Find Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad

As we have stated above Hyderabad is the hub for IT sectors in India. In short, we can say that it is being recognized as the IT expertise and talent pool.

  1. TCS
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    We all know how established TCS is as it is one of the leading IT companies in Hyderabad.

    Mainly TCS was set up in 1979 making them the leader in the IT industry. Hyderabad is the home of leading IT companies and one of those is TCS.

    It comprises a workforce of more than 1,75,000 employees as of 2022. While operating from Hyderabad, TCS has given a lot in terms of strategies to the city.

    TCS offers a wide range of IT and consulting services serving different industries like banking, insurance, telecommunications, and more. If we talk about what makes TCS to be on top then it is their commitment to research and development.

    They are pushing the boundaries of IT solutions and making a global presence. Furthermore, TCS also actively participates in multiple communities’ initiatives as well. This in turn contributes to the overall development of Hyderabad as well.

  2. Accenture
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Next in the Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024 is Accenture.

    It is known as a multinational professional company and a major player in Hyderabad. 

    Accenture operates globally because of its strong IT talent and ecosystem. No doubt with their expertise they have a significant presence across the city.

    It is determined that in 2020, Accenture initially opened a state-of-the-art innovation hub in Hyderabad. This was to allow co-innovate and create different solutions within the clients.

    With all of its expertise, Accenture expanded its operation in Hyderabad and now operating globally.

    Accenture offers a wide range of IT solutions like strategy, digital transformation, cloud solutions, and security.

    Further with the expansion in Hyderabad, attracting a major skilled force as well. This is creating opportunities for both Accenture and skilled expertise.

  3. Cognizant
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Cognizant is another name among the Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024. They are considered to be the leading IT player known for consulting and services in Hyderabad.

    Since Hyderabad is the home to a talented workforce in IT services. With this, no doubt, Cognizant is positioned as the major IT player in Hyderabad.

    In digital transformation service, they are the best IT company operating and spreading across.

    But they are also known to operate in business process services, application growth and modernization, and cloud solutions.

    They are known for emphasizing and building strong relationships upon giving the best services to clients.

    In addition, Cognizant has also a global network offering wide range of services and in turn cost-efficient.

    When it comes to offering opportunities to skilled IT experts, they are on top. Further, their focus on digital transformation encourages operations and innovation within the Hyderabad IT ecosystem.

  4. Infosys
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Infosys is one of another leading IT companies in Hyderabad. There is no doubt that Infosys is among the top leader among the IT consulting and services in Hyderabad.

    Infosys was founded in Pune, but got established in Hyderabad and holds a significant position.

    Today Hyderabad has become the major hub for operation in India and to this, Infosys is one of the leading players.

    Since, Infosys operates range of IT and consulting services cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and blockchain.

    Mainly Infosys is known for next generation technologies and making them the valuable partner. However, Infosys strengths its relationship with their clients and deliver solutions by meeting the needs of businesses all across the globe.

    Infosys is the major player in Hyderabad and this makes it to be on top of the IT sector.

  5. Wipro
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Wipro is the leading multinational IT company in Hyderabad. Since Wipro established its presence two decades ago. From then, Wipro is extending its hands and demonstrating its services to the city.

    However, Wipro offers a wide range of IT consulting and services, business process management, application development, and even digital transformation.

    Along with this, they are also found to be actively involved in investing in research and development. They aim to deliver innovative solutions to their clients depending on their business needs.

    No doubt, Wipro is the leading player in Hyderabad contributing to its overall development.

    In simple terms, we can say that Wipro is not only the leading player in Hyderabad but even a major player in the global IT landscape.

  6. Tech Mahindra
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Tech Mahindra is one of the major players among the Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024.

    It is one of the widely known IT consulting and service companies in Hyderabad. 

    Mainly Tech Mahindra specializes in solutions for telecommunications. Since Hyderabad is found to be the major hub for Tech Mahindra operations housing a large workforce and dedicated to telecom services.

    But they are also known to offer network solutions, cloud solutions and even digital transformation services.

    Along with this they also participate in research and development too. This is mainly to bring innovative solutions to the telecom sector.

    In addition, Tech Mahindra is creating wider opportunities for IT professionals too. This is contributing to the Hyderabad IT experts to get their hands on the best job opportunities.

  7. Cyient
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Hyderabad is known as the city of top IT consulting and services companies. Luckily one of those among the top 10 is Cyient.

    They are one of the leading companies in serving engineering, design, and manufacturing services. The company has strong IT consulting expertise to deliver businesses across and reach on top.

    In turn, Cyient is offering a unique space in Hyderabad. Further, Cyient is also extending its operations more in Hyderabad upon demonstrating its expertise in the IT sector.

    It indicates they have a strong presence in IT domains like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare. This in turn makes them the valuable partner for different companies.

    Further, Cyient also contributes to the Hyderabad economy by attracting investments and even driving infrastructure development.

  8. Larsen & Toubro Infotech (L&T Infotech)
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    There are many well-established IT companies in Hyderabad, but the ones reported to be one is what we are giving you to be in touch.

    Likely among the top one of those is Larsen & Toubro Infotech (L&T Infotech). It is determined to be the best IT consulting and service company in Hyderabad.

    With its headquarters in Mumbai, is serving the best result to its clients across different business domains.

    This in turn has made it to be one of the reputed companies in Hyderabad.

  9. Virtusa
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    Virtusa is also one of the well-known Information technology service companies and it is based in the United States. They mainly specialize in digital engineering and even technology solutions.

    But apart from this, they are also serving cloud computing, robotics, data analytics and more. They have a presence with more than 35,000 employees and work across 50 locations.

    They in turn are known for offering the best service and come under Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024.

    They have even received awards for their work and majorly included Artificial Intelligence Solution in Healthcare in 2023.

  10. Persistent Systems
    IT Companies In Hyderabad

    The last and strongest contender in the list of Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024 is Persistent Systems.

    They are known for their high-quality service in the IT sector. As they specialize in engineering and even enterprise modernization services as well.

    In turn, they are helping businesses to grow at a rapid pace. Overall, we can say that Persistent Systems is one of the companies rolling with their services and with an extensive workforce.


    The IT sector is growing at a very fast pace and this is all because of the adoption of new trends and technologies. however, the case there are many companies operating different services.

    But if we talk about the Top 10 IT Consulting & Services Companies in Hyderabad 2024 then we have mentioned all of them above.

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