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The Best Useful Apps for Lazy People

The Best Useful Apps for Lazy People

We 90’s kids have always dreamt of robots taking care of everything. From helping us clean our messy homes to parking our cars, we have always imagined transferring our responsibilities to these state-of-the-art machines that are not only effective but also very efficient in completing tasks.

And we are not going to lie when we say that things have drastically changed. Had you ever imagined holding a small gadget in your hands that could do almost anything for you? Apart from posting breathtaking photos on social media applications, you can now also make use of these apps to complete all of your major tasks.

We are aware that lazy people are continuously on the lookout for applications or tools that can help them conserve their precious time so they can carry on with other important things. Bill Gates swears by the rule of selecting lazy people to complete a tough job because in his view a lazy person will come up with a simpler way to accomplish that task.

This means that Bill Gates and his team implement the techniques that will help them yield maximum outcomes with minimum effort, thus saving more time and boosting productivity.  Keeping all of these amazing pointers in mind, we have decided to talk about some extremely useful applications in this article that will help you save a considerable amount of time so that you can concentrate on more important activities.

But before you go ahead and learn about these apps, make sure you have an efficient internet connection that will aid you in downloading and using all these apps. If you already have a stable internet connection then you are good to go.

However, if you are still not satisfied with your current provider then we would recommend you to gain access to HughesNet internet which will not only provide you with incredible speeds but its customer service will also be available around the clock to cater to the issues of both its English and Spanish customers.

So, if you belong to Hispanic descent, then you can contact the customer service of HughesNet español even at three in the morning, and the provider’s representatives will readily solve all your issues.  Now that you have access to a solid internet connection, go ahead and read the rest of the article.

Keep reading to discover some fun-filled apps that every slothful person must have on their smartphones.

  1. Handy

This is one of the most effective apps for lethargic people who just want to chill all the time. If you totally hate getting out of bed to clean your house, clear all the messes, sweep the floors, or mop the bathrooms, well this is the perfect app for you.

Download it right away. What does this app do? It is basically a cleaning service that takes the responsibility of sending a cleaning group to your place in a timely manner to take care of all the cleaning as well as sweeping jobs for you.

  1. My Water Balance

Are you satisfied with your water intake? Do you think you are drinking enough glasses of water every day? If the answers to the above questions start with an N and end with an O well don’t worry as we are about to introduce you to an app that will consciously take care of your water intake on a daily basis.

The good news is that this app is accessible to both Android and Apple users. What are its functions? Well, firstly it sends you reminders of the amount of water you need to consume every day and also keeps a check on all the different types of beverages that you are having in a day for example tea, coffee, fresh juices, etc. The app also calculates how much water you need to drink during the day if you drink alcohol and enter your alcohol consumption on a regular basis.

  1. Rinse

Are you also tired of doing laundry every other day? I mean who has the time to visit the laundromat especially when one has so much on his or her plate already? Well, guess what? We have some good news for you.

Consider yourself lucky if you reside in San Francisco, LA, and Washington DC. We are saying this because if you live in the states mentioned above, you would have access to an app called Rinse that will take care of your laundry needs.

  1. Smoke-Free

This is another efficient app for lethargic people who are planning to quit smoking but don’t have the heart and energy to do so. How does this app work? Well first things first, you have to enter all your smoking-related activities in the file given in the app. Smoke-Free will then encourage you to leave smoking by highlighting the pros of doing so.

For example, it will notify you about the amount of money you would be able to save if you avoid purchasing say three cigarette packs in a month. In addition to this, it will enlighten you about the various benefits of quitting smoking. In simpler words, this app will act as a motivational tool for you that will help you quit smoking.

Final words

Being lethargic and lazy, all the time sucks. We can understand but considering the hectic routines and the mentally draining jobs we do every day really sucks the life out of us and we feel like having a personal assistant who can take care of everything. Keeping all of this in mind, we have enlisted all the prominent mobile apps for lazy people in this article. So download the apps that you feel will take care of your needs and thank us later.


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