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10 Best Weather Apps for Android to Keep You Prepared and Informed

Best Weather Apps for Android: It can be difficult to predict the weather these days due to the rapid changes in weather conditions. The weather significantly impacts your day during normal hours or on a late evening. Do you also watch weather prediction apps before leaving home? If so, then you are in the right place. Like you, I have encountered many problems with my weather app with prediction and forecasting errors. I will provide a list of the best weather apps for Android in today’s blog. 

In the last few years, weather apps have made people’s lives easier by allowing them to watch the weather anytime and anywhere. They’re also downloadable on our Android apps, which are always accessible. You can find many apps on the Play Store, but how do you know which ones are worth downloading? “Weather apps are vacation planners”, and this is true. With the help of weather apps, you can pre-plan your weather and take advantage. Moreover, all of the weather apps listed below include many benefits. This makes them all worth downloading. 

Without any further delay let’s get started with the list of best weather apps for Android. These weather apps are indeed going to prove a weather saviour for you! So, let’s start with the list of weather apps alternatives. 

15 Best Weather Apps for Android

You can find the 15 best weather apps for Android on Google Play Store. Now you don’t have to search for weather apps on several sites because, in this blog, you can read about the best apps and their features. So, let’s get started:  

  • Accuweather 

AccuWeather is one of the best weather app that comes under the list of best weather apps for Android. The app’s basic function is to examine the forecast, humidity, temperature and pressure in the air. It almost provides accurate weather information to the users. Apart from weather forecasting it also alerts users when there’s a high alert of harsh weather and heavy storm conditions. It uses the location permission to analyse the temperature of your area. Also it supports you in your traveling by providing you with the correct prediction. You can enjoy the best weather predictions by downloading the AccuWeather app. 


  • Provide accurate weather reports. 
  • Advance 15 days weather forecasting report. 
  • Users can access minute-by-minute weather information with the MinuteCast option.

1 Weather

1 Weather is another most simple yet friendly weather app that is used for viewing weather reports. It comes under the list of most used weather apps for Android. In this, users can keep themselves updated with detailed reports, including temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, and much more. This app is available in different screen options including zoom screen, minimize and maximize. Moreover users can use this app in different languages. 1 Weather helps to track the real time weather and forecasting reports. 


  • Real- time accurate reports. 
  • Interactive weather maps with reports. 
  • Helps in pre planning vacations. 

Google Weather

Google Weather is indeed one of the most recommended weather app that people mostly like to use. It is one of the most excellent weather app that includes fascinating features day by day. The most advantageous feature of Google Weather is that it shows the weather report on Google feed, on notifications, and on the top page of google. It is a good option which shows the weather report note accurately and immediately. The weather card’s intuitive graphics present a wealth of information in a clear and concise way. The app automatically detects the location of your area and where you are traveling and will provide you a notification related to weather. 


  • 10 days advance weather report. 
  • Include high-features. 
  • Best prediction and correct reports on time. 

Awesome Weather

Are you searching for a weather app with the most intuitive features? Awesome Weather has a great deal to offer. It’s a highly recommended and different app that’s well known for its graphics and wallpapers. With this app, you can experience different live wallpapers that change with the weather conditions. Besides displaying and predicting the weather of your current location, you will have access to a full fledged weather report and notifications pop-ups. Awesome Weather by YoWindow also shows water temperature, UV index and many more options. 


  • 10 days advance report of weather. 
  • Provide you access to have weather widgets on the home screen. 
  • Notify on status bar.

Dark Sky

The other most helpful and trending weather app is trending in the list of best weather apps for Android. It is one of the favourite hyper-local forecasting apps that help users experience accurate weather reports. The app is very popular among the audience, which can be indicated by the app’s features in famous papers and magazines. It will provide detailed information on temperature and 24 hours Weather conditions. In addition, you will have access to current predictions, notifications for rain, and the ability to see the temperature in the status bar. 


  • Inbuilt widgets for easy opening on home screen. 
  • Provide an access to notifications. 
  • Provide exact timings of rain. 

The Weather Channel

The weather channel is a weather app that is famous for providing detailed reports to the users. Users can use this app for updating themselves with the full fledged report of weather and upcoming weather predictions. The best part is that it is a free app which you can use to access current and real time locations. The app is available in many languages and designed in such a way that it will work user friendly. Apart from that the highlight feature of the app is that it provides safety concerns, storm alerts, precautions list and many more. 


  • Provide details on real time weather. 
  • Work as a Weather Updater and safety guide. 
  • Provide live weather videos of different locations.

Weather Underground

Coming towards the next best weather apps for Android then, Weather Underground is a weather forecasting app used to view accurate weather reports. In addition, it provides users with local weather information. This app, also known as an old-school app, ensures the most helpful and accurate weather reports. It provides information, including temperature, feels like wind speed, direction, humidity, dew point, and visibility. It also includes more information, including the timings of sunset/sunrise and general temperature. 


  • Include paid tools and versions. 
  • Advertisement free app including paid version. 
  • Interactive apps and maps. 

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is an app that is most recommended and used among today’s audience. It gives a clear reporting on the basis of daily, hourly and monthly forecasting. You can also customize this weather app in your own way by allowing notifications to show, widgets on home screen and many more. The app will provide you with the day’s sources that will handle weather forecasting, weather reporting, temperature, humidity and many more. You can even unlock many features and collect points by using this app on a regular basis. 


  • Include a paid version and unlocking new features. 
  • Include secret locations and maps. 
  • Get a heads up on incoming precipitation and severe weather alerts. 

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a weather app which is launched by the official site of Yahoo. This app claims “to make your weather beautiful”. This statement marks that the prediction will always go accurate with every location. You can even plan your vacations and holidays with this weather app. In this, you can select up to more than 20 cities. Also, It includes basic information, including the sunset and sunrise timings. It makes no claims to be a tool for expert meteorologists, the intuitive design and the interactive maps .


  • You can submit your photos and videos to get featured.
  • You can easily use this app on the roads of your journey. 
  • It is your own person and  customizable weather tool

What The forecast

Looking for a great weather app with high creativity? Then What The Forecast is an app for you which includes unimaginable graphics and pictures. It’s a cool and hilarious app that makes your weather report note thrilling. This app shows you the different taglines that will relate with the outside weather conditions. Moreover this weather app will show you accurate weather results along with upcoming week weather. If you are looking for the best weather apps for Android then you can surely give this app a try. 


  • Includes High dimension graphics. 
  • Pop up weather conditions on your screen. 
  • Switchable profanity settings. 


“What’s The Forecast” is absolutely hilarious. I love simple humor, creative, inappropriate phrases, and practicality. This app has all of them. The graphics are great too. I’ve gotten to where I check it a few times a day because it makes me giggle and we all need to giggle more. I highly recommend this app!”


Windy is another best weather app recommended at the top of the best weather Android apps list. It is rated as the most accurate app that shows the finest weather results. It is an extraordinary tool that helps to visualize the results of forecasting and temperature. It gives a red signal whenever there’s a high alert of the summer season or heavy rain and strom. Moreover, this app includes many advanced paid or non-paid features. If you want to experience the most stunning weather app with many advantages, then surely you can give this app a try. 


  • Provides you different type of weather warnings. 
  • You can create your personal spot for this app. 
  • Provide the best user guide to operate the app. 


Weather pro is a weather app that actually works like a pro. As this app includes many advanced features and technologies that will make the weather report more clear and accurate to understand. This app includes many features and benefits. One of the most advanced benefits of this app is its layout. Yes! You can select any layout and theme and can customize the app according to your need. Moreover the app is designed in such a way that it will forecast the advance reports. If you don’t want to spoil your mood and trips with unwanted rain then pre organize your locations in the location tracker column. 


  • Help to pre-organize your plans and trips. 
  • Include advanced weather features. 
  • Make weather more clear to understand. 

Shadow Weather 

A multiple and a calendar integration app that is perfect for viewing the report of upcoming weather. Shadow Weather is an app that is beneficial and unique in itself because of its advanced features. This app includes a different interval of timings along with the chances of weather conditions. Also it indicates the sign of showers and light precipitation chances. Moreover it’s an unique app because it displays the interactive weather app that will give you a clear report of weather from all over the place. 


  • Include different interactive maps with high quality. 
  • Display the upcoming condition of weather. 
  • Pop up every signal and notification related to weather. 

Weather Timeline 

Weather Timeline is a premium Weather app that includes many of the advantages. It is an award winning So, howeather app that is famous for its accuracy and for its design-toting weather forecast. This app is mainly available in many languages and many parts of world. It is used for forecasting visualization weather. You can easily give this Weather Timeline paid weather app a try for the better version and use. 


  • Include paid tools that perform accurate weather. 
  • 7 days advance weather week timeline. 
  • Download, save and share weather reports. 

Overdrop Weather and Widgets 

An app called Overdrop – Weather & Widgets provides you with a thorough weather forecast for your present location or any other location you pick. This app will easily detect your location through GPI and location tracker and will display you an accurate results on your notification bar. You can also view the forecast of upcoming 7 days in this app. The current day’s weather is displayed on the main screen, along with other characteristics like the temperature, the likelihood of rain, the wind speed, and the humidity.

Wrapping Up 

In this log I have provided you with a list of the  best weather apps for Android. These apps are unique and advanced in their own ways. You can surely give these best apps a try. These weather apps are surely going to solve all your weather problems. Give these apps a shot and for more such blogs don’t forget to keep yourself updated with Ceomagazinereviews blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What are the advantages of the weather app? 

  • Predict accurate weather for you. 
  • Track forecast and temperature in real Timings. 
  • Helps you by providing notification on real alert Weather. 

Q2: What are the best weather apps for Android? 

  • Dark sky
  • 1 Weather
  • AccuWeather
  • Google Weather

Q3: Is there any free Weather app for Android? 

Yes! In Fact there are many unpaid weather apps like Google Weather which is accurate in providing real time weather reports and predictions. 


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