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How to Make T-shirt Manufacturing Easy for Your Business?

No other item of clothing is sold as much. This is even more the case in the online fashion market. From streetwear brands to luxury fashion houses, these clothes are timeless essentials that serve as perfect canvases for art work, fan merchandise, inspiring quotes, and corporate branding.

Moreover, T-shirt business has a good thing that it does not matter how many pieces are produced and brought on the market because demand will always be there. Some t-shirts even become vintage collectables. Therefore, if you can develop creative designs and find a reliable partner such Appareify which is a T shirt manufacturer; you can create your own brand of T-shirt.

However there are still so many things to consider if one wants to bring their brand ideas to life. As such we have put together a quick guide that should give you clear steps on how to start a clothing line with almost no problems at all. So without wasting any time let us jump straight into it.

How To Launch Your Own T-Shirt Brand?

Starting a T-Shirt brand is often just what it takes for some fun in rapidly converting your creative ideas into money making venture. Additionally, it may help enhance your brand into other types of clothing if done correctly. In this regard, here are some main steps you need to begin with:

Step 1: Make A Decision On Your Niche

As much as the demand for t-shirts is huge; however the market still remains oversaturated. It therefore becomes essential for you to know which niche can make the most impact. Herein lies considering your passion areas, what designs/trends are trending in fashion industry etc. The narrower focus you have on these the better chances you will have of producing t-shirts people would gladly buy.

Step 2: Create A Unique Brand Identity

To make sure that your t-shirt brand sells well first comes setting up an effective solid identity strong enough to distinguish its products from others’. These could be creative design elements such as unique logos, font styles, color palettes and so forth. For consistency purposes you should consider maintaining these design elements across other platforms like your social media or websites.

Step 3: Establish Credible Manufacturers

This needs proper researching so that you work with a clothing supplier who is reputable and can afford to give quality products. You will need to find the company that ensures consistency in product quality and makes them available at short notice and cost effective way. This will definitely require doing some research which is what we are going to discuss in depth next.

How Can I Find A Good T-Shirt Manufacturer?

While finding a good shirt manufacturer is important there are just too many suppliers worldwide. Furthermore, not all clothes manufacturers are similar; hence it can particularly be difficult to narrow down the list.

To this end, here are some aspects to ponder on that will help you make a wise decision and ensure smooth production of T-shirts for your brand.

Pricing & MOQ: Meanwhile, it is important to pay attention to the supplier’s MOQ and pricing structure. Above all else, there is no need for working with a manufacturer who either exceeds what you have budgeted or does not give room for flexibility. So, look out for companies that can work with low MOQs and offer favorable prices or even discounts for bulk orders.

Brand Reputation: Moreover, research should be done to know more about the manufacturer’s reputation in order to understand its suitability. Indeed, not all of them may specifically specialize in T-shirt production but lack the experience or skills needed to craft your desired designs. A case in point would be Appareify which is a clothing manufacturer with diversified services specifically designed for T-shirt production.

Quality Control: However, the quality of fabrics and garments produced cannot be compromised because poor quality control will only lead to loss of money as well as customer dissatisfaction. That is why getting samples should always be essential and if possible ask for some product mock-ups (sketch designs) plus tech packs (measurement set sheet) such as measurements, patterns and colorways etc.

Logistics: Besides that, another crucial area you must never forget about is shipping logistics. It must also be considered whether a supplier can ship directly at customer doorsteps since others may only deliver their goods at collection ports. Always ensure you get detailed information about such before hand so that there are no delivery issues later on.

Things To Consider Before Launching A T-shirt Brand?

If launching a T-shirt brand seems like an impossible task due to lack of enough experience coupled with inadequate professional design skills then there’s no cause for alarm. Or else one could simply hire somebody capable of achieving their vision. Mostly professional design partner can usually be found through social media platforms such as Instagram or be contracted through freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Before going into production, another wise idea might be to get some feedback on your T-shirt designs from your clientele. For instance, you may create a poll and share design mockups on the brand’s Instagram stories to see people’s reactions. This can often be a great way to collect insights and reduce the risk of investing resources in a product that may not end up selling.

Apart from that, you should also put into account the kind of fabric you want to use for making your T-shirts. You must bear in mind that quality of the T-shirt cannot be compromised no matter how cheap it is. Basically, 100% cotton or polyester are commonly used materials for making T-shirts; however, most brands will prefer using both blends.

In fact, when it comes to T-shirts cotton-polyester blends are usually popular because they happen to be breathable as well as easy care and durable at the same time. They are also more resistant to shrinkage compared with pure cottons.

Final Word

One of the things that makes starting a T-shirt brand so beautiful is that you can always create new product lines while continuing to expand into new international customer sections. The T-shirt industry is vast, therefore for as long as you have a trustworthy supplier, a strong marketing plan, and an innovative team of designers, how far your brand gets will be determined by your own limits.

This post should hopefully provide all the information you need to start out in the fashion world. Alternatively, if you are still struggling to find clothes manufacturers then it is highly recommended that you try Appareify. There they have the infrastructure, brand name and production crew necessary for bringing into reality any design ideas that you may have!


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