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Factors Indians Consider While Travelling to Singapore

Factors That Motivate Indians to Travel to Singapore

In 2019, more than one half (55%) of tourists from India came for leisure while 17% were visiting their friends and relatives.

Singapore tops the list in attracting Indians and for a good reason. The charm of Singapore makes it an irresistible place.

Why is such tourist attraction Singapore and how do I get there? It is very well deserved that Singapore is popular with travelers since it combines different cultures with modern infrastructure and fascinating attractions.

The basic requirement for this enchanting voyage is securing a visa for Indians to Singapore. These guidelines on travelling around Singapore will help you smoothly explore the city’s attractions as you check out culture tips plus visa requirements.

Planning Your Trip Around Singapore

Arranging your itinerary in Singapore gives you the pleasure of making most out of your visit to this lively city. With its diverse attractions and cultural experiences, Singapore caters to all kinds of travellers.

For example, set aside one day for iconic landmarks, another day for cultural activities, reserve shopping for the next day and make sure you have one rest day included in your plans.

Visa Requirements And Travel Information

Let us start by looking at how we can get there. Before coming into the country, Indians are required to get a visa from Singapore Embassy Delhi. Student visa or work visa or investment visa or simply tourist visas can be chosen by you according to your purpose of visit. If you want fun things like vacations, sightseeing and meeting friends and family members then Indian citizens can apply for tourist visa which enables them stay in Singapore just as long as it takes.

Culture Of Food In Singapore

Singapore has an interesting food scene because it incorporates Chinese, Indian, Malay and also western influences into its culinary traditions. This blend provides a dining experience that reflects the multicultural population of this city-state. One should however note that Indian as well as Malaysian cuisines offer unique flavorsome options worth trying.

If you are looking for a diversified selection of foods, food courts can be the best choice. When it comes to Chinese food in Singapore, there is an element of Fujian, Guangdong and Hainanese with a bit of Malay influence. In addition to traditional Chinese dishes which include Hong Kong and other mainland options; immigrants from the mainland have brought these.

Fun fact: The majority of meals served in Singapore are very spicy. Malaysians as well as Indians who love strong tastes dominate this city’s residents.

How To Get Around In Singapore

With Singapore’s efficient and varied transport system moving around the city is pretty easy. It has a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) which is convenient subway network that links major parts of the city together.

Buses have a wide reach and are also air conditioned. Some areas are ideal for walking while others come with bicycle paths too.

Singapore has well organized transport facilities that make navigating the city easier to explore its hidden secrets.

Note: Uber does not work in Singapore; instead Grab serves as an alternative ride-sharing service in the country-state.

What You Should Know About Uniqueness of Singapore Rules

Singapore is a nation with its own unique ways of doing things that reflect its passion for cleanliness, reverence and harmony. Here are some of them:

Public places have a smoking ban.

Using e-cigarettes will not be tolerated.

You cannot eat or drink on the country’s public transportation.

It is illegal to connect to someone else’s Wi-Fi network without their permission.

No imported or available chewing gum.

Do not pluck flowers and do not pollute environment.

Singapore Visa for Indians Made Easy:

When an Indian wants to get a tourist visa to Singapore from India, they don’t get it straight from the embassy. Instead, there is another process that follows. To put it differently, these people must find a local contact person they can work with or an authorized visa agent who acts as their strategic partner.

Among them Atlys has made life easier by allowing you apply the Indian e-visa Singapore which is more like an online version of the normal one.

However before making your application for Singapore e-visa hold on, ensure you are updated about whatever you need; what documents are required? What is the visa application process and when it comes to visa requirement? All these important details can also be gotten via Atlys as well.

Local Costumes and Etiquette in Singapore

Singapore’s heart and soul lie within its diverse and vibrant local community. This multicultural society fosters harmonious living between different ethnicities in Singaporean lifestyle

Respect and cultural sensitivity are critical when dealing with norms of social interaction in Singapore. The polite nature of Singaporeans requires friendly interactions only. Modest dress code should prevail especially during religious ceremonies and other formal gatherings so mind your dressing at all times!

In homes or places of worship it is usually considered respectful to remove shoes upon entering. These simple acts of consideration will enable you interact with locals better as well as experience fully what makes Singapore so charming.

Singapore’s Best Tourist Attractions

Well, this is where the real fun starts! There is something new to see at every corner, a whole adventure to go through and a good picture to capture.

The following places are among those you cannot leave Singapore without visiting:

Gardens by the Bay: A futuristic garden with Supertrees, flower domes, and a mesmerising light show.

Marina Bay Sands: A famous luxury hotel with an infinity pool which seems like it goes on forever that offers astounding city views.

Sentosa Island: A tropical paradise resort island with theme parks, sandy beaches and numerous fun things for everyone.

Jurong Bird Park: It features a wide range of exotic birds in immersive aviaries and engaging shows making it an ideal place for bird lovers and families alike.

Merlion: This national emblem has the body of a fish but the head of lion. It even spurts water from its mouth!

Clarke Quay: A vibrant riverside district packed with cool bars, restaurants and nightlife venues

Singapore Flyer: An immense observation tower providing stunning cityscapes. It looks especially awesome during sunset and at night time when it is all lit up.


Singapore has something for everyone. The facets encompass scenic landscapes, rich food culture as well as friendly locals along with strict rules making this place unforgettable.

Whether you are traveling with family or friends or planning your honeymoon trip Singapore will be your perfect destination. All that will be required is your visa (Singapore visa for Indians) and off you go!

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