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How The Cloud Has Revolutionized These 4 Major Industries

How The Cloud Has Revolutionized These 4 Major Industries

100ZB of data will be stored in the cloud by 2025. The pandemic forced businesses to look for solutions enabling their employees to work remotely. This led them to explore the possibilities of cloud-based technology.

Now that we are recovering from the pandemic, how has the cloud changed how industries conduct daily operations? Keep reading to learn how the cloud has revolutionized 4 major industries.

The Healthcare Industry

Cloud-based technologies are revolutionizing how healthcare businesses handle patient care and data storage, making daily operations more convenient for staff and hospital patients. Here are the top uses of cloud-based technologies in the healthcare industry:

  • Telemedicine – cloud-based technologies are helping healthcare professionals to provide patients with a more accessible healthcare experience. Telemedicine practices allow patients to communicate with their doctors from home via video conferencing. Some healthcare providers offer e-consult services that will enable patients to fill out forms based on their symptoms and receive advice from their doctor online – eliminating the need for a doctor’s appointment.
  • Data storage – healthcare providers can scale their data storage using cloud-based solutions and allow doctors to access real-time data showing a patient’s entire updated medical history.
  • Improving the patient experience – cloud-based technologies facilitate easier sharing of test reports and prescriptions, allowing patients to access this information online rather than via mail or phone. 

Overall, cloud-based technology empowers healthcare providers with enhanced monitoring and observability capabilities, enabling proactive care, personalized interventions, streamlined communication, and improved patient outcomes.

The Education Industry

The education industry is adopting cloud-based technologies to revolutionize the learning experience for students, allowing them to access more resources at a lower cost. Below are some of the best use cases for cloud-based technologies in the education industry:

  • Administrative processes – educational institutions can eliminate physical file stores by storing all student data online. Rather than submitting papers in person, students can hand in their projects as soon as they complete them on a hand-in software.
  • Supplying online learning resources – learning institutions can provide students with more educational autonomy by providing online libraries and learning resources. This saves students money, allowing them to access resources online rather than purchasing hard copies of books and learning materials.
  • Online and remote learning – cloud-based technologies allow educators to provide students with remote knowledge, allowing them to study from home on their own time. Video conferencing and workflow platforms ensure students have direction in their studies.
  • Cloud-based security – the education industry is adopting cloud-based security that allows for remote security management. With cloud-based security and access control systems, system administrators can lock and unlock doors remotely and view live security information from anywhere for more convenience and accessibility.

The Banking/Finance Sector

When it comes to the banking and finance sector, cloud-based technologies offer banking and finance industries the opportunity to scale their operations and cut costs in the following ways:

  • Ensuring compliance – by using multiple cloud providers instead of a single provider, finance and banking businesses can ensure compliance by avoiding downtime and choosing lower-priced options from each provider.
  • Enhancing security – if applied correctly, the cloud can help banking and finance businesses to strengthen security. It can help to ensure the safety of their investments and client information by mitigating risk from phishing and ransomware attacks.
  • Scalability – the cloud offers unlimited storage, which allows banking and finance businesses to scale their operations and store more data without investing in more servers or office space.

The Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is one of the industries that is benefitting significantly from the rise of cloud-based technologies. The cloud allows automotive businesses to streamline costs and implement more innovative automotive designs and technologies:

  • Self-driving automobiles – the cloud enables automotive manufacturers and engineers to augment autonomous driving. To create a self-driving vehicle, automotive industries need the technology to maintain steady data transmission and omnidirectional communication. The cloud allows automotive innovators to make self-driving automobiles a reality.
  • Reducing costs – businesses in the automotive industry usually require many on-premise hardware solutions to facilitate daily operations. These on-premise solutions require maintenance, updates, and storage space. By migrating these on-premise solutions to the cloud, automotive businesses are saving space and maintenance costs.

How The Cloud Has Revolutionized These 4 Major Industries

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The cloud stimulates change in most business sectors, allowing businesses to streamline costs and make information accessible to their employees and students. The pandemic has pushed cloud-based technologies to the front of the minds of companies and forced them to explore the many opportunities that cloud-based technology presents. We are yet to see the full extent of the possibilities of cloud-based technology.


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