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Exploring the United States: Top Places to Visit on Your Travel Itinerary

Exploring the United States: Top Places to Visit on Your Travel Itinerary

The United States is diverse when it comes to travel destinations; hence, everyone can find something according to their preferences. One can get access to astonishing natural features as well as vivacious cities with a rich heritage that one would love be in. If you’re planning for a trip in the US and looking for inspiration about where to go while there, we’ve got you covered.

New York City (124 words)

New York City is also known as “Big Apple” globally and is a mega conurbation famous for its iconic sights and tumultuous air. This city has everything from Times Square’s illumined streets to Central Park’s peaceful loveliness, so that no one will leave disappointed.

Furthermore, museums like Metropolitan Museum of Art or Museum of Modern Art are worth visiting while around. Also don’t miss out Broadway show at Theater District, shopping along Fifth Avenue. Don’t forget to visit the Statue of Liberty as well as enjoy breathtaking views from the top of Empire State Building.

San Francisco (116 words)

San Francisco is a vibrant city popularly known because of Golden Gate Bridge, multiracial neighborhoods among other cultural landmarks. The city is made up of historical Alcatraz Island which tourists have the chance to see through as they enjoy cable cars and going around China town streets.

Make sure not miss Fisherman’s Wharf which offers you fresh sea food with an opportunity to take beautiful bay shots. For nature lovers like me Muir Woods National Monument with some tall redwood trees should be visited also.

Pennsylvania (108 words)

Pennsylvania is popular amongst tourists because of its vast history that translates into different landscapes and lively cities offering numerous attractions and activities for every kind of traveler.
The state has attraction sites for any person whatever there hobby might be It’s even good sometimes for people just check online what available may be useful for them like for example BetMGM Casino Pennsylvania is a legal online casino that is only available in a couple of American states.

Grand Canyon (124 words)

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Its vastness and breathtaking beauty attract millions of visitors annually.

When you hike along the rim, you can observe fantastic layers of rocks or take helicopter tours that provide bird-eye views to watch this everlasting view. For unforgettable memories catch up with first light or twilight at the canyon where altering colors often paint the sky.

New Orleans (119 words)

For its deep history, vibrant music scene as well as unique culinary culture, New Orleans has been called “the melting pot”. The French Quarter on History tour that includes beautiful architecture plus full jazz clubs which will feed your appetite while there by serving Creole and Cajun flavours are must see places.

Moreover, there are some special events such as Mardi Gras festival that takes place here every year. Besides that it’s worth walking through Garden District which is famous for its lovely houses and tree-lined avenues.

Yellowstone National Park (109 words)

Located in three different states, Yellowstone National Park is a natural paradise. It was also named first United States’ national park and became popular because of its geothermal features such as Old Faithful geyser.

Diverse landscapes are found in this park, ranging from picturesque mountains to deep canyons and magnificent waterfalls. These include wolves, grizzlies and bison that often come out of the wilds. Hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting are popular activities in this pristine wilderness.


A city with beautiful beaches, a glamorous nightlife scene and a diverse cultural environment is Miami. Among these is South Beach where you can relax on its sandy beaches while exploring Art Deco Historic District which has colorful buildings as well as world class shopping and dining strip at Miami Beach’s trendy neighborhood.

Experience multi-ethnic flavors of the city by visiting Little Havana and Wynwood vibrant neighborhoods known for their street art.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is commonly referred to as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. It attracts tourists with its glittering casinos, high-end resorts and luxury entertainment systems. Walk along Las Vegas Strip where there are The Bellagio Fountains or Paris Las Vegas Hotel which has an imitation of Eiffel Tower.

Catch one of the numerous live shows or try your luck at any one of the many casinos. If you need something different from gaming tables around root out for some natural beauty in Red Rock Canyon located not far away from Las Vegas or schedule a trip to Hoover Dam which will impress you beyond words.

Washington, DC

Being home to US government seat Washington DC is full of historic sites with political significance. This area houses monuments such as Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument that make up part of National Mall.

The Smithsonian Institution is comprised by several other museums making it one among largest museum complexes worldwide having an eclectic display of exhibits amongst others. Do not forget to go on Capitol Hill tour before proceeding to White House’s visit.

Summing Up

In planning your trip to America, consider adding these key attractions into your itinerary. So whether you are into cultural tourism or national wonders or even life in a booming city, US has more than enough to match the requirements of any inquisitive voyager just pack up and get into the spirit of America.


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