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Jackie Chan Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, Movies, Family, Spouse

Jackie Chan is determined to be a multifaced personality or we can say, an entertainer. He has maintained his name within the industry not because of his superclass action, but also because of his acting skills, hard work, talent and even dedication.

He is no doubt the top choice for many of us. But this is not the end, there are lot more to know about Jackie Chan.

So let us help you to know everything about Jackie Chan here with us.

All about Jackie Chan’s life

Jackie Chan is famous for his martial arts, his incredible way of performing stunts and even his fighting style. When it comes to action movies then Jackie Chan is the priority for all producers and directors.

He was able to grab the audience’s attention right from his first movie named “Police Story” and “Drunken Master”. He was not only in Hong Kong films but also shared his appearances in the Hollywood industry like “Rush Hour” and “Kung Fu Panda”.

He has made audiences go crazy for him all across the globe. It has been found that he has acted in more than 150 films and has been the highest-paid actor across the world.

Unlike many other actors, Jackie Chan performs all of his actions on his own. His ability to push boundaries and make things work on his own makes him withstand others.

Besides his acting skills, he is also one of the great singer, comedian, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. It was found that he has also released several albums and even directed/produced certain films.

With his consistent approach towards his work and ability, he has also been awarded with Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Jackie’s Family and Spouse

Jackie Chan was married to Joan Lin (she is a Taiwanese actress) in 1982. They both have one Son named Jaycee Chan and he serves to be an actor and singer.

Jackie Chan’s net worth

Jackie Chan is one of the prominent figures and with his ability, he has built his empire.

As of October 27, 2023, Jackie Chan’s net worth is around $365 million.

Biography of Jackie Chan

  • The full name of Jackie Chan is Kong-sang Chan (stage name Jackie Chan)
  • Date of Birth: April 7, 1954
  • Place of Birth: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
  • Nationality: Chinese

The age of Jackie Chan is 70 years, and even still his impact goes beyond expectation. He is determined to be the cultural ambassador and bridge the gap between the East and West.

The career of Jackie Chan

Jackie was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954, and he began his career while being a child in 1962.

The films he acted in were Big and Little Wong Tin Bar and later he even worked as a stuntman in Bruce Lee films.

Later on, his first role was in the 1973 film Little Tiger of Canton. But he achieved one of its breakthroughs in 1978 kung fu action.

Later on, he moved towards major other films which made him a rising star. Right from comedy to action, Jackie was all around within the Hollywood industry.

All about Jackie Chan movies

Although there are many movies on which he has worked. But out of all those, we are here listing some of his top movies:

  • Rumble in the Bronx 
  • Police Story 
  • Rush Hour 
  • Shanghai Noon 
  • The Karate Kid 
  • Kung Fu Hustle 
  • Project A 
  • Drunken Master 
  • Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
  • Little Big Soldier 

Jackie has always remained passion for his work and this made him flourish across industry and within the hearts of its audience.


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