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Angelo Moriondo: The Godfather Of Espresso Machines

Angelo Moriondo: The Godfather Of Espresso Machines

If you love all things coffee, then you are certainly familiar with the name ‘Angelo Moriondo’ – often referred to as “the godfather of espresso machines”. Angelo was an Italian engineer and innovator who is credited with developing the first commercial espresso machine in 1884. Before Angelo’s invention, people were limited to using primitive brewing methods that produced cups of coffee far inferior in quality compared to what we know and love today.

As new technologies developed, so did many components of the modern-day espresso machine; however, it is thanks to Angelo that it all began! In this blog post, we will review how innovation changed over time through his work – from its humble beginnings almost 140 years ago until now!

Born in Turin, Italy in 1851, Angelo Moriondo was a skilled inventor and businessman with a passion for mechanics. In 1884, he patented his latest invention, which he referred to as “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.”

Introducing Angelo Moriondo – the Italian inventor who revolutionized the coffee industry

Angelo MoriondoAngelo Moriondo may not be a household name, but his contributions to the coffee industry are immeasurable. The Italian inventor is credited with creating the first espresso machine in 1884, which paved the way for the modern-day coffee culture we know and love. The machine brewed coffee quickly and efficiently, allowing for a higher volume of coffee to be prepared at once. Moriondo’s invention was a game-changer for caffeine lovers, and has since become a staple in cafes and homes around the world. Without Moriondo’s innovation, our morning routines and socialization over coffee could look very different today.

In 1884, Angelo Moriondo, an Italian inventor, was the first person to patent a version of the espresso machine in Turin, Italy. His machine was quite large and operated by using steam to force hot water through coffee grounds, producing one cup at a time. Initially called “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage,” it was designed for use in small cafes and restaurants.

How Moriondo’s original espresso machine patent revolutionized brewing methods?

In the late 19th century, a man named Luigi Bezzera created a machine that used steam to quickly brew coffee, laying the foundations for the modern espresso. But it wasn’t until a few years later, in 1884, that Angelo Moriondo took the next step forward and was awarded the original espresso machine patent.

This invention allowed for faster brewing times and a more concentrated flavor profile, which was a game-changer in the coffee industry. Gone were the days of waiting for a pot to brew and settling for weak, tasteless coffee. Thanks to Moriondo’s innovation, people could now enjoy bold, flavorful espresso in just seconds. Today, espresso is a staple of coffee shops around the world, and it all started with Moriondo’s groundbreaking patent.

Moriondo’s invention, while having a rudimentary design, was a significant milestone in the history of coffee-making. It opened up doors for the creation of the advanced espresso machines that we use today. The machine gained recognition from both coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs after being showcased at various trade fairs and expositions.

The machine is big and intricate with a copper boiler that utilizes steam to heat water until it reaches boiling temperature. Then, the water is pushed through a coffee filter at high pressure, producing a strong and concentrated coffee shot. This machine is intended for use in small cafes and restaurants and is capable of making a single cup of coffee at a time.

The machine invented by Moriondo won a bronze medal at the General Exposition of Turin in 1884. However, it was only in 1901 that Moriondo sold the patent of his invention to a businessman named Desiderio Pavoni.

Pavoni saw the potential of Moriondo’s invention and made improvements to the design to make it more user-friendly and convenient. Additionally, Pavoni started promoting the machines more actively and aimed to sell them to coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants throughout Italy.

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Exploring the key features of Angelo’s espresso machine design

Angelo’s espresso machine is a marvel of modern design. Its key features are what sets it apart from other machines on the market. The first feature that catches the eye is its sleek and polished exterior, which gives it a professional and sophisticated look. The second feature is its easy-to-use interface, which allows even beginners to create a perfect espresso with little effort.

Another important key feature is the machine’s dual boiler system, which ensures that the water and steam are maintained at the perfect temperature for brewing perfect espresso shots. The fourth key feature is the machine’s built-in milk frother, which creates perfectly frothed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks. Overall, Angelo’s espresso machine design is a perfect blend of style, simplicity, and functionality.

Pavoni’s redesigned machine includes a lever that enables the barista to regulate the pressure of the water as it flows through the coffee grounds. This feature provides the barista with more control over the coffee flavor and strength and allows for a broader range of espresso-based beverages to be prepared.

In Italy, Pavoni’s machines became very popular and were commonly used in coffee shops and cafes throughout the country by the 1920s. They were also exported to other parts of Europe and were well-received by coffee enthusiasts.

Analyzing how these features are still seen in today’s espresso machines

Espresso machines have come a long way since their creation in the early 20th century. However, despite the advancements in technology, the fundamental features of these machines remain the same. The process of forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee beans to produce a concentrated shot of espresso still remains the same. The difference today is that the machines are easier to operate, more efficient, and produce a higher quality espresso than ever before.

Espresso machines today are used not only in coffee shops but also in homes, making it possible for people to enjoy a perfect cup of espresso in the comfort of their homes. The simplicity of the machine’s design and its ability to deliver a delicious cup of coffee contribute to its continued popularity among coffee enthusiasts. Despite the changes over the years, the basic design principles and brewing techniques of the espresso machine continue to provide coffee lovers with a delicious and satisfying brew.

Pavoni’s machines became successful partly because espresso-based drinks were becoming more popular in Italy and other places. Espresso was a fast and easy way to enjoy a rich and tasty cup of coffee, and with these machines, people could make various drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

Nowadays, many people still prefer to drink espresso, which is thanks to the pioneering work of Pavoni’s machines. They were the precursors to the modern espresso machine and revolutionized the coffee-making industry. Today, the machines in coffee shops and cafes worldwide reflect their design and functionality.

Angelo Moriondo, apart from his work on the espresso machine, also patented various other inventions. These inventions included a novel gas engine, a steam generator, and a machine used for measuring machinery speed. Although less acknowledged outside the coffee industry, Moriondo’s significant contributions to the coffee-making history continue to be recognized through the popularity of the machines named after him.

Examining the impact of Angelo’s innovation on modern-day caffeine consumption

Angelo’s innovation has had a profound and lasting impact on modern-day caffeine consumption. By making coffee more accessible and convenient through the invention of the espresso machine, Angelo sparked a cultural shift that has led to coffee becoming an integral part of daily life for millions of people around the world.

Thanks to his innovation, we now have a seemingly endless variety of caffeinated beverages to choose from, including lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. But beyond simply satisfying our taste buds, coffee has also been shown to have potential health benefits, such as improved cognitive function and a reduced risk of certain diseases. So whether you’re a die-hard coffee lover or just enjoy the occasional cup, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the impact that Angelo’s innovation has had on our lives.


To sum up, Angelo Moriondo is an Italian inventor and entrepreneur who is recognized as the pioneer of the contemporary espresso machine. His breakthrough initiated a new phase of coffee-making technology and facilitated the emergence of espresso-based beverages globally. Despite his underappreciation in the domain of coffee-making, his inventions still shape the machines used in coffeehouses worldwide.

Although Moriondo had created a promising espresso machine, he chose not to market it himself. Instead, he sold the patent to a businessman named Desiderio Pavoni in 1901. Pavoni further developed the design, manufacturing and advertising the machines that became popular in Italy as well as elsewhere. Moriondo is now recognized as the “godfather of espresso machines” due to his ground-breaking efforts in the field of coffee-making technology.

Angelo Moriondo’s influence on the coffee industry and decades of caffeine-lovers alike is undeniable. His invention opened up a world of convenience and quality espresso extraction; his innovation set the standards in espresso making that still resonate today. He took bold steps forward in the development of espresso machines, including a number of features that are still seen in many models today – from the beauty of lever operated machines, to the piston-style system and steam release technology.

His legacy lives on through his life’s work, and we can be sure that his contribution has made it so much easier to enjoy our favourite cup of coffee whether you like it short or long, black or white. Moriondo may have been called the ‘Godfather’ of espresso machines but he certainly deserves the title godfather of coffee too; so take that extra minute in the morning to thank him for all those wonderful cups you’ll enjoy each day – after all, we owe him a lot.


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