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Axle Eight: Full-service Boutique Digital Marketing Agency where work is Fun

Axle Eight: Full-service Boutique Digital Marketing Agency where work is Fun

In the last couple of decades, businesses have undergone a paradigm shift on the back of huge metamorphosis in the marketing expenses. Gone are the days when traditional TV and print advertisements used to rule the advertisement industry. Advertisements have become more targeted and segment-specific. The advertisements nowadays reach straightaway to the targeted audience because of the filters based on age, location, gender, demography and many others. Businesses have benefitted a lot due to this new-age marketing – digital marketing. With the growing importance of digital marketing in businesses, there has been a sudden rise in the demand of boutique digital marketing agencies.

Digital marketing has gained such prominence in the last several years that even before the conceptualisation of a business, the budget allocation is done to the marketing team for focusing on digital marketing. However, in the presence of a lot of burgeoning digital marketing agencies, it becomes a herculean task for a firm to find the most reliable and experienced boutique digital marketing agency. As soon as a firm succeeds in getting such firm, it’s like the job half done. Today, we are going to discuss one such eminent digital marketing agency – Axle Eight. It is a full-service boutique digital marketing agency.

It works with small to medium sized businesses, typically with 5-100 employees, and provide outsourced marketing services ranging from paid media, SEO, content creation, email marketing, social media and PR.The company was founded by Kim Grennan. Since its inception, she has been helming the growth of the agency. Besides her, team building and day-to-day operations of the agency is overseen by the company president – Amanda Tegtmeyer. Both of them have ensured a work culture that is relaxed, casual and fun. “We love having a good time and lean on one another when we need help – whether that’s for work-related or personal issues that may arise. We’re a tight knit team that is customer oriented”, says Kim.

Building meaningful relationships with clients and teammates

They love building meaningful relationships, whether that’s with clients or with their teammates. Since 2020, they have gone completely remote.In order to infuse a feeling of togetherness and connectedness, they do annual retreats where every team memberreach a pre-decided location for a week and spend time together as a team doing strategy sessions, eating a lot of food, happy hours, and other team bonding activities that are always a lot of fun.However, Kim do relish pre-pandemic timeswhen her entire team used to work together. She wants to be more face to face with the whole team more regularly.

“Since we’re all remote, we always have our cameras on all calls, whether that’s internal or with clients, but I love each person so much that I wish we could see each other and hang out in person more frequently!”

The firm shares a wonderful bond with the employees. Its pillars are based on the strong foundation of trust and commitment. They put a lot of trust in their employees. From time to time, it recognizes and rewards employee performance by spot bonuses for great work and work ethic. It maintains a positive work environment by ensuring transparency and levelling with people on a human level. You want people to feel empowered and that they add value to an organization along with getting recognized.

“We really thrive off of new ideas so it’s something that is encouraged by all employees to help improve how we operate. We don’t like to micromanage, nor do we have the time for it, so if you are a self-driven, motivated, and entrepreneurial-minded person, you’d probably do very well at Axle Eight!”, underlines Kim. Also, what sets them apart is their clear-cut no to long-term contracts. Their modus operandi is based on a flat rate monthly retainer basis that can be cancelled at any time for any reason. This fascinates a lot of people because of the flexibility they get each month to adjust their marketing needs.

Commitment to deliver on promises

It doesn’t end here. They even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee where after the first 30 days if you don’t love working with them, you don’t owe them a thing. “Now that’s never happened and I hope it never does, but it’s in place to ensure we meet your standards.”It’s really a tough nut to crack given the standard set by the firm. However, employees’ commitment to deliver on their promises put them on their toes. Despite this, the firm makes it a mandate not to intrude into their employees’ personal space.

“For us as an agency, we know marketing agency life at other companies can be VERY demanding. Long hours, working weekends, etc. We are adamant that this is not the environment ever at Axle Eight. We don’t work on weekends, and we’re offline come 5pm to spend time with the family. All of us hold one another to this. We prioritize a TRUE work life balance as an agency and people appreciate that.”, she emphasizes.

Apart from giving special attention to employee well-being, it also keeps tab on the latest advancements in the market in order to better serve the customers. As AI has made a really impressive start to kick of 2023, it’s something that is going to change marketing as we know it in years to come – which is always so exciting. “We’ve implemented AI to help our ideation process and it’s really helped save our team time and come up with new ideas across marketing channels”, she concludes.


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