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6 Tips For Making A Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

6 Tips For Making A Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

If your business involves transporting products, going to and fro between work sites, and moving heavy equipment, you must have commercial automobiles to take care of that. And chances are, you would have secured them with commercial auto insurance.

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While getting the insurance policy is smooth sailing, making a claim might not be. There are numerous processes and documents that you need to be aware of to ensure you can get the claim seamlessly.

Do you have to file a commercial auto insurance claim? Wondering what you can do to ensure it doesn’t get rejected? Dive right in and find out the few tips you cannot neglect when making a commercial automobile claim.

Best 6 Tips To Remember When Making A Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim for commercial vehicles can be a little tricky. Here are 6 tips that will help you navigate the claim process:

Go Through The Policy

The most prominent reason for the rejection of commercial insurance claims is when the insured isn’t aware of all the terms of the policy, including the inclusions and exclusions.

Insurers, on the other hand, are well-versed with all the policy terms and conditions and are also equipped to pick a reason to reject your claim.

Hence, prevent this by going through every word of the policy document to be aware of what it covers and what it doesn’t.

If you aren’t entirely sure of what the terms of the policy mean, you must seek help from an expert insurance broker or agent to explain it and help you out. You must always remember that the insurer will not always consider your claim valid, but you must know the policy in and out to get your claim.

Make Sure You Provide Accurate Information

Whether you are taking the policy or making a claim, you need to provide all the documents be it online or at the insurer’s branch. Ensure that it has all the correct details and documents.

Giving incorrect documents only for insurance is not only wrong, but it can even lead to the rejection of your insurance claim.

Gather All The Documents For Extra Accessories

In case you have fitted your business vehicles with additional accessories, like anti-theft devices or any other accessory that doesn’t come in the case, you must also have an add-on cover for those accessories.

If you have included them in the insurance and made a claim for the loss or damage of these accessories, you must present the receipts or bills from their purchase. Without these documents, it is possible that your claim will be rejected.

Stick To The Time Limit For Claim Initiation

A majority of insurance companies specify a time duration within which a policyholder must inform them about any theft, incident, or accident. In most cases, the time duration is 48 to 72 hours.

Failure to inform within the time limit may result in the rejection of your claim, even if your policy covers the accident or incident.

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Don’t Forget To File A Police Complaint

If your business automobile gets stolen or there is a severe accident, it is natural for you to be stressed. Despite that, you must not forget to file a complaint with the police.

It can become difficult to file a claim and receive the amount from the insurance company if you haven’t filed an official police complaint.

Make Sure The Policy Is In Your Name

Not all business vehicles will be brand new. And if you have a pre-owned automobile in your business, don’t forget to transfer the insurance policy of the vehicle from the previous owner in your name.

You might hamper the chances of claiming the damages if you fail to do so. The policy would be considered null and void if it won’t carry your name as the vehicle’s owner.

Final Thoughts

When a business vehicle gets into an accident, there are numerous things that you, as a business owner, might have to stress about. While getting an insurance claim might be your top concern, it can get daunting with the many formalities.

You can keep the above tips in mind to get a commercial auto insurance claim without any trouble. Get car insurance in Joliet now to keep your automobiles safe!


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