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MEMEployment – Modern problem requires modern solution

Fascination and love for memes is a common trait found almost in the majority of the population. However, in recent times, the world has now become more aware of the talent and hard work required in this field. The growth and success of meme-making and sharing has achieved new heights of success. Be it for promotion or for spreading any important message amongst the masses, memes have become a medium for all purpose. Kids, celebrities and the government use the medium of memes alike to convey their own agenda. The world of memes is now opening doors of several opportunities in the field of entertainment and employment.

And to this end, Memechat Pvt. Ltd. is encouraging memers by providing them with a platform where they can freely work upon their funny bones.

The story of the birth of this App is both interesting and motivating. It is a joint venture of two twenty-two-year-old friends who launched their creativity and hard work on Android as well as iOS platforms in the summer of 2019. In just less than a year they have been able to grab $ 150 thousands on January 18, 2021, as their app Memechat got selected as the only Indian company out of millions of companies in 500 Startups, one of the most active global venture capital firms. The app will receive both the funding as well as the accelerator program.

The app has been programmed and designed by Taaran Chanana and Kyle Fernandes, both graduated in the year 2020 from SRM University in Computer Science. They came across each other during their schooling days in Delhi Public School of Gurugram and their interest and approach towards software and technology helped them to develop a progressive friendship. They both recognized the scope of the meme making world and started planning for a meme making platform at the timid age of fifteen.

And closer home the App has secured second position in the entertainment segment and will be awarded by the government of India with Rs. 15 lakh. The app has won the People’s choice best app. It also stands strong among the 24 apps from 6,940 entries to be selected as winners of the AatamNirbhar App Innovation challenge by MyGov on August 15, 2020. The app has received praises for making a product relevant to Indian business and consumers.

The app allows the user to earn money through their meme making skills as the app provides a wide range of paid templates. Famous brands have also joined hands for business by allowing the option to earn by promoting their brands through meme making from the requested category.

Memechat Pvt. Ltd.  Besides the main app memechat also provides few additional products like the Memechat Keyboard – a keyboard designed in a way that enables easy meme sharing over social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram etc. This is available for both android and iOS platforms.

And another is Memechat Studio – a mode through which brands and corporates can commission memers for paid promotion.

The world of Memechat is gradually becoming bigger and more successful and is being acknowledged globally. Their partnerships with big brands and OTT platforms have been a step to generate more revenue for the company as well as for the users of the app too. The meme makers also gain recognition with money.

With so much in their hands, the creators, developers and the programmers of this Memechat app are still working hard to achieve more and more and establish new benchmarks in the meme making world as it is the survival of the funniest in this planet meme.


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