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Top 10 Expensive Bikes In The World

Top 10 Luxurious Bikes in the World 2022

There was a time when travelling in luxury and comfort meant rolling down the windows, turning on the air conditioning, leaning back comfortably on adjustable seats, and playing up the radio to lighten the atmosphere. Things have, however, changed with the progress of time, and people have now shifted part of their interest towards two-wheelers, especially bikes.

Passionate motorcyclists and luxury lovers appear to desire the best of both worlds, and global motorbike manufacturers are not failing them. Remaining behind the wheel of a powerful sports vehicle is exciting, but it doesn’t compare to the rush of riding a motorcycle. It exudes a strong sense of liberation, yet it is not for everyone.

List of 10 Most Expensive Bikes in the World:

  1. BMW K 1600 B (BMW K 1600 B)

    Luxurious BikesBMW’s K 1600 Bagger is a machine with in-line six 1649 CC Oil-/water-cooled 4-stroke engine capable of delivering 160 BHP at 7750 RPM while being smooth as the water gently rippling down a stream with Cast Aluminium Wheels wearing a 120/ 70 ZR 17 tyre in the front and 190/ 55 ZR 17 tyre in the back. Aside from the performance numbers, which are somewhat unique in and of them, this bike is equipped with technology to make riding easier. To begin, the anti-theft alarm system with a single key for all locks is an admirable feature.

  2. The key is brilliant, as is the smart bike, which communicates with the motorcycle wirelessly to allow for keyless riding and the Central Locking System. Incredibly, Central Locking Systems are now available not just in vehicles but also in bicycles. Gone are the times when riding a motorcycle in the winter was flawed due to the chilly weather, thanks to heated grips and seats for the pillion and rider.
  3. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

    Without a question, Harley Davidson’s Street Glide Special lives up to its moniker. This roaring beast, priced about INR 30,53,000, stops people in their tracks to undeniably take note of the unique hot rod bagger housing a Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine with 1868 CC. However, more than a great engine is required to compete with the likes of the Gold Wing or the BMW 1600 GTL. It also has a flat screen to improve the rider’s connection with the bike and the world without requiring the rider to stop.

The Black Glossy Alloy wheels with 130/60B19 61H in the front and 180/55B18 80H in the rear and the blacked-out front forks, handlebars, tank console, and exhaust give the bike an aggressive and modern appearance. Stretched Saddlebags emphasise the extended low profile for a classic appearance.

In this bike, Harley-Davidson infused their famous RDRS system, which is a package of electronics such as Chassis Control, ABS with Reflex Link Brembo Brakes, Electronic Brake Control, and so on, to instil confidence among riders if they ever find themselves in a tricky situation, whether cornering or tracing the straights. The suspension, which is adjustable and sensitive to the terrain, is the most appealing feature.

  1. Indian Motorcycle Challenger Limited

    The Indian Motorcycle Challenger Limited is one of the most luxurious bikes available, with second to no amenities. The bike is unmistakably one-of-a-kind, from the outside to the inside. It is priced around INR 40,00,000 and features the PowerPlus 1768CC engine, which makes the motorcycle aggressive. She also looks the part, because of the bold styling of the front doom, Chrome finishes, seating, Full LED Lighting, and paint-matched saddlebag, and finally the Metzeler Cruistec tyres – 180/60R16 80H in the rear and 130/60B19 66H in the front.

  2. Despite its power, this means the machine is designed to help the rider stay safe and enjoy the ride in any situation, thanks to race-spec radially-mounted Brembo brakes, hydraulically adjustable Fox rear shock, Three Ride Modes – Rain, Standard, and Sport, Dynamic traction control, ABS with cornering pre-control, and much more.

The Challenger, too, has smart speakers with dynamic equalisers, Bluetooth connectivity, and vehicle information, but what’s even better is the 7-inch screen, which includes traffic and weather overlays as well as intuitive destination search, and is powered by an all-new quad-core processor for unrivalled computing power.

  1. Harley Davidson CVO Limited

    The Harley Davidson CVO Limited is priced at about $50,000.00 ex-showroom. The CVO Limited gets a full-on bespoke treatment from fender to fender, which means the rider may personalise the seat coverings and stitch type, as well as the backrest and armrest for the pillion. Front 17″ and rear 16″ Tomahawk inspired wheels with BW 130/80B17 65H, and BW 180/65B16 81H tyres provide style and traction to your delicious ride. The saddlebags and trunk with the backrest store plenty for a short 3-4 day journey and can be locked and unlocked with a single, smart key.

The CVO Limited additionally has the Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System, Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with navigation, Telephone Contacts access, and the works. It is pretty sophisticated and was created for the first time by Harley Davidson. The LED illumination, coupled with the headlight, activates based on the lean angle of the bike during cornering or turning to light up the sections of the road that are typically left dark by standard headlights, thus the name DAY MAKER ADAPTIVE LED HEADLAMP.

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  1. NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special

    NCR is recognised for improving Ducati superbikes, and the Leggera 1200 Titanium Special is a beautiful illustration of how the business does things. The modified version of the Ducati Hypermotard has a titanium trellis frame, Zard silencers, fully adjustable Ohlins suspension, and Brembo brakes. The entire device weighs about 328 pounds and costs $140,000.

  2. Icon Sheene

    British-born icon Barry Sheene is a legendary character in motorcycle racing. Hence, it’s only natural that Icon Motorcycles, headquartered in the United Kingdom, produced a line of bikes in his honour. The Icon Sheene is equipped with a turbocharged solid 1400cc Suzuki four-cylinder engine capable of producing over 250bhp and a beautiful and unique appearance. Only 52 of these one-of-a-kind bikes will ever be had, making it a minimal edition. All of this takes the price of the bike up to $160,000.

  3. Ecosse Titanium Series Fe Ti XX

    Ecosse’s top-of-the-line motorcycle is the Titanium Series Fe Ti XX. It is not for the casual rider, as it is powered by a 2,409cc billet engine that produces a mighty 225 hp at the rear wheel. To maintain the weight as low as feasible, lightweight materials like carbon fibre and titanium have been utilised extensively. At the same time, the saddle is the product of Italian luxury leather maker Berluti. However, all of this high-end polish comes at a price, which in the case of the Ecosse Titanium Fe Ti XX is $300,000.

  4. Yamaha Roadstar Nehmesis

    BMS Choppers, a Florida-based motorbike customising firm, has transformed a Yamaha Road Star into something truly spectacular. The 2.5-meter cruiser is impressive enough on its own, but what if you add gold plating? That’s precisely what the folks at BMS did, naming the new model Nemesis, after the company’s founder, Sam Nehme, but also because it sounds frightening, which is a bonus for such a powerful, yet stylish-looking machine. The cost of this opulent chopper is a staggering $500,000.

  5. Starship Cosmic Harley-Davidson

    Starship Cosmic Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer. Making an object into a piece of art is another technique to boost its worth dramatically. That’s why, when Cosmic Existentialism artist Jack Armstrong paints a Harley, it receives an equally impressive moniker – Cosmic Starship – and a significant price increase. Bartels Harley-Davidson is known for being the dealership of Hollywood movie stars, and to afford Jack Armstrong’s Harley, which costs $1 million, you’d have to be an A-lister.

  6. Medusa

    One of the strangest things one will ever see on two wheels is Medusa. Tarhan Telli of TT Custom Choppers based this unique-looking bike on Ancient Greek mythology (the Medusa was a monster that could turn you to stone if you gazed into its eyes) and made it appear like something an archaeologist just found up in Troy or Sparta. It’s a 700-pound chopper powered by a 125-hp, 1.8-litre V-Twin engine with a six-speed transmission, with much of the weight being gold. This implies that only the frame of Medusa is worth over $1 million, making it the world’s most expensive bike.


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