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LUXE Digital Now

LUXE Digital Now Corporation – The game-changing Digital Marketing Firm

With clients such as L’Oreal, Burberry London, and H&M, LUXE Digital Now Corporation is transforming the face of digital marketing and public relations, and is establishing newer and better strategies for brand promotion.

LUXE DIGITAL NOW CORPORATION is a Portland-based specialised Technology Public Relations firm. Since its inception in 2018, they’ve amassed a team of enthusiastic and intelligent storytellers that work tirelessly to provide excellent results for their clients. They give strategic counsel by devising the best solution for each customer they serve through a wide variety of services. Today, the firm is expanding and changing the face of the industry under the smart guidance of Jacqueline Hudson, Founder & CEO.

The company’s aim is to be the best and most inventive in the business, expanding and reorganising the digital marketing environment, particularly as the industry’s supplier of digital marketing technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions. LUXE Digital Now CORPORATION is a Portland, Oregon-based world-class digital marketing and technology software solutions firm with satellite offices in Los Angeles, California, and New York.

The company’s customers will include firms in both the United States and the worldwide market. The business will focus all of its efforts on its leading software technology, dubbed ‘AiDAS.’ An artificial intelligence (AI) data digital marketing technology. AiDAS is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool created specifically for multinational companies to have total control over all of their digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital technologies data. The firm also offers dynamic technology for the beauty and luxury sectors, such as Liquid Beauty AI, its flagship product for AR/AI smart mirror cosmetic technology.

The Founder and the Company

LUXE Digital Now was founded by Jacqueline Hudson, who also acts as the company’s marketing director. She is a communications and brand asset executive as well as a consultant in a variety of industries such as Fortune 500, technology, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, luxury, and real estate. Her broad digital experience includes editorials, senior writing, copywriting, brand marketing, project management, and creative content management. Data analysis systems, ComScore, Google Analytics, Quantcast, SEO, SEM, and social media advancements are all part of Jacqueline’s knowledge base in web-based content management systems.

Luxe Digital Now

“Be yourself, have an unwavering belief in your strengths, and never give up on your ambitions or dreams. Keep driving forward, as you will reach your destination eventually.” – Jacqueline Hudson

Jacqueline acquired important expertise as a digital project manager for Mode Media (previously Glam Media) and SR-OD Partners, as well as a digital media specialist for Vidicom, prior to launching LUXE Digital Now. Jacqueline is a former model who has worked extensively in the United Kingdom and the United States. She has appeared on television as a guest and presenter for a variety of worldwide companies and clients, including amnw and TV Guide in Los Angeles. Jacqueline was thrilled to be a part of the MusiCares Grammys, which also included Sir Paul McCartney, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Diamond, and Aretha Franklin.

Jacqueline believes in the power of education and has a PhD in digital marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute, as well as an MSc in digital marketing on the way. Jacqueline’s hobbies outside of work include foreign travel, yoga, and tennis. Moreover, she has several feathers in her cap, including being named one of the ‘Top 40 under 40′ in one of the Top 100 Magazines in the United States.

LUXE Digital Now has had a significant impact on the internet digital marketing and communications business. It has successfully campaigned for over 200+ beauty, cosmetic, and spa brands, including L’Oreal, Nexxus, Laura Mercier, Maybelline, CoverGirl, Lancôme, and Burberry, and has participated in campaigning for some of the world’s top beauty brands, including L’Oreal, Nexxus, Laura Mercier, Maybelline, CoverGirl, Lancôme, and Burberry. LUXE Digital Now has also created some of the most fascinating editorial and storey pieces for both spa and luxury clientele.

LUXE Digital Now has developed exciting tales that attract viewers and offer extremely well-written media driven stories by utilising the methods of online content production and SEO. Its consulting services are evolving by utilising the finest of digital communications and remote consulting tools to collaborate with customers all over the world.

LUXE Digital Now Corporation is, in essence, a premium digital marketing and technology solutions firm. We develop, design, and strategy the best delivery in digital marketing and technological solutions, and they specialise in the beauty, luxury, fashion, and technology industries.

As a firm, they specialise in developing social media campaigns, e-commerce platforms, and content management tools that help businesses grow. LUXE Digital Now produces marketing and content that elicit emotional responses. The firm creates strategies and experiences that raise the profile of companies and engage customers. LUXE Digital Now creates branding that emanates excellence. They also develop technologies that execute data and enhance mobile apps.

Profiting from Data Technology Solutions

LUXE Digital Now has provided several new technologies to beauty and luxury agencies across the world. AiDAS, the company’s smart mirrors, and software development for the beauty sector are among the data technology solutions. LUXE Digital Now has paved the way for technological innovation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a valuable tool in the e-commerce business. Emerging technologies open up new opportunities in industries that might shift toward automation and digitalization. The fashion industry is no exception. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as augmented reality and virtual help are ushering in a new era of leveraging technology to meet the needs of clients.

AI is entering every nook and cranny conceivable, from garment design to manufacturing processes and virtual marketing. Virtual make-up and trial rooms are enthralling fashion fans with technology that feels like a dream. The fashion industry is currently entering a new age of technological upheaval. LUXE Digital Now Corporation is a cutting-edge digital marketing and technology solutions provider that is ushering the beauty sector into the digital age.

About the Digital Marketing Industry and its Revolution

“Perhaps the only kind of marketing that can profile people at every point of the consumer choice path is digital marketing.” “Marketing through digital marketing is the leading service to give in today’s hectic business journey for marketing around the entire globe,”  Jacqueline Hudson.

The digital marketing business is booming all over the world, particularly in industrialised countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, and Italy. According to statistics, the United States alone will have 65K licenced and registered digital marketing businesses employing around 300K people, and the sector generates $43 billion yearly with an annual growth rate of 3.5 percent.

Digital marketing is one of the most profitable industries in the technology sector, grossing $192 billion per year due to technological advancements, and it has enabled major corporations to launch multi-million-dollar international businesses; and businesses with clientele that spans geographical boundaries.

Digital marketing is one of the most profitable industries in the technology sector, grossing $192 billion per year due to technological advancements, and it has enabled major corporations to launch multi-million-dollar international businesses; and businesses with clientele that spans geographical boundaries.

According to Jacqueline, the digital business has developed considerably over the years, with the new growth of social media platforms to greater data utilisation for marketing reasons. Over the years, the industry’s income has increased at an astounding rate. Going forward, the digital marketing technology sector will continue to develop steadily, as the expansion of digital devices, such as tablets and smartphones, creates new revenue sources.

Another frequent tendency mentioned by the creator in the digital marketing business is that the bulk of digital marketing organisations no longer rely on conventional media for ads, instead completely embracing new digital media and technological developments. As a consequence of this tendency, they no longer accept clients only from the area in which their physical office is located, but from anywhere in the globe.

“The reality is that, thanks to the internet, it is now easier for a digital firm to deal with clients from all over the world. For example, a digital firm in the United States may have its largest client in the United Arab Emirates or China. The digital marketing business will continue to grow owing to worldwide advancements in computer technology and software application design,” Jacqueline further stated.

With an emphasis on the positive, Jacqueline discusses industry revolution as a method of changing advancements in the digital marketing spectrums and platforms. One that assists in helping and improving solutions for better market research, as well as user-friendly encounters using the newest in industry platforms. If there was one feature of the industry that could be changed, it would undoubtedly be the founder’s monopoly. It would be fantastic to see less of a monopoly with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as more businesses that are more open to industry variety.

“When it comes to the organisation, I am very proud of the firm and what we have accomplished,” Jacqueline adds. “Through our leadership, we have built one of the world’s most successful luxury digital marketing agencies and technology solutions firms. And our 25 awards attest to our success.”

LUXE’s Road to Success Amidst All Hardships

Being a leader in the industry, according to Jacqueline Hudson, entails a proclivity for innovation and new advancements. It is the position’s job to go ahead with innovative digital transformation solutions. To accomplish more, you must provide more. In the digital marketing sector, the company’s innovation will feature the finest in digital transformation for SEO, SEM, content management, social media management, and data analytics.

Jacqueline’s achievement was not achieved overnight; her triumph is the result of a decade of research, hard work, team building, and education. Building long-term and significant connections with corporate beauty and luxury customers is a difficult task in and of itself. But it is LUXE’s ability to succeed in project solutions and customer partnerships that distinguishes it from the competition. They want to be the best, providing the best in marketing as well as the best in technological solutions.

“Some of our most significant problems have been the capacity to grow enough, as well as obtaining the proper personnel to take on software development. We recently had to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, which affected all firms worldwide. As we move closer to digital transformation, we have done our best to establish a secure and virtual work environment, as well as to meet our clients’ digital needs,” Jacqueline says.

There is nothing Jacqueline wishes she could change about her past in order to have a different present. The one part she believes she would have changed, but perhaps expedited, is the process for the firm to become more successful. She is overjoyed with her accomplishments and what she has accomplished in such a short period of time. They have excelled at a quick rate for a company this young, and they are looking forward to ongoing development in the sector and continuing to come up with some of the most creative digital marketing solutions.

Walking the Leader’s Way

The organisation constantly encourages creative thinking. Jacqueline is a firm believer in creative thinking, believing that the core of the organisation may be found in the most innovative brains. It not only boosts morale among the professionals who work tirelessly for the firm, but it also propels the company to new heights. Also, keeping the teams close together for creative thinking is critical, since it keeps the executives’ ambition of producing the most inventive work alive.

“The most essential selections are the hardest to make: who to recruit as your C-suite; which engineers are best at building dynamic software; and whose creative teams lead the organization’s voice. These are just a few of the numerous problems that I encounter on a daily basis, as well as needing to ensure that all of these decisions come together in the best way possible to keep the firm’s momentum of success continuing globally,” Jacqueline explains.

The energetic entrepreneur also believes that as a leader, you take on a tremendous amount of responsibility and must be prepared to make executive choices. Leadership requires both government and inner power, as well as insight. Always utilise your rationale as well as the recommendations of your executive team. Remember, you are the leader; you have shaped your character to be in that position; accept all that comes with the role and lead without hesitation.

Apart from work, Jacqueline is a traveller; she enjoys travelling across the world, particularly to some of Europe’s and America’s most beautiful cities. Traveling to and from New York, Los Angeles, and London. She also enjoys yoga, fencing, and academics. On the business front, she is constantly searching for methods to improve her talents in digital marketing and now technological solutions, which are her specialties in the sector, as well as her educational abilities.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a great digital marketer is studying all sides of the deliverables, knowing every part of the product from beginning to end, and Jacqueline has obviously mastered the art of it. To succeed in the business, you must be knowledgeable in all areas, including social media management, SEO, SEM, content management, and analytics. There is a learning curve, and that curve is always difficult to complete and master.

Jacqueline’s desire is one of the most important aspects that has contributed to her success. To win, you must be passionate about what you do and have an ever-imaginable attitude. She believes that victors never quit up, and neither does the owner or CEO of a large digital firm. The secret to success is to have a winner’s attitude.

Underlying Organizationals Ideas

The executive team members at LUXE are the company’s visionaries; they develop the technical solutions that are crucial to the firm’s production success. We have a strong focus on the beauty and luxury industries and have discovered that creating technology is not a simple task, but rather a collaborative creative process. These solutions are then carried to the stage of commercialization, when the best solutions for the industry as a whole are used.

In terms of hazards, Jacqueline agrees that there are many different types of risks that must be taken in the course of a business. In fact, running a multinational business is a risk in and of itself. To get through some of the most difficult decisions and endeavours, genuine grit is required. As well as leading worldwide teams, yet without taking risks, you will never learn, grow, or achieve. Risk is a component of success; the two go hand in hand and help to build the skills required to propel the firm ahead. Her success has been impacted by a lot of dedication and hard work, as well as the counsel of mentors in top roles, particularly in the fashion and beauty sectors.

Concluding Words

On a lighter note, Jacqueline concludes, “I like high couture, Armani, Tom Ford, and Ralph Lauren.” When it comes to fashion and my clothing, I am a total diva and fashionista. I also enjoy a corporate look, from power suits to dressing up and down. I can’t live without my high heels and pumps. When I’m not working, I like to unwind and spend time with my family and close friends, which includes travelling, good eating, and relaxation sports like yoga. I also enjoy being creative and, in my leisure time, learning more about the technology and beauty industries in which we work.”


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