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Top 10 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time

10 Most Popular Video Games of all Time

Video games have become an immersive and entertaining form of entertainment that can provide hours of fun. From classic arcade hits to adventurous 3D worlds, video games have captivated players for more than four decades. With so many different titles released over the years, it’s hard to pick the best-selling ones.

Here is a look at the Top 10 Best-Selling Video Games of all time:

1. Tetris – 520 million copies

Founded in 1984, the classic Russian puzzle game Tetris has been around for over 39 years and is still extremely popular today. Players must rotate, move, and drop falling blocks (tetrominoes) to create full lines with no gaps. It’s deceptively simple yet incredibly satisfying, and its addictive gameplay has made it a worldwide phenomenon. Since its initial release on the Game Boy in 1989, Tetris has gone on to sell over 520 million copies across dozens of platforms, making it the best-selling video game ever!

2. Minecraft – 238 million copies

Following its debut in 2011 by Mojang AB, Minecraft has achieved a huge surge in popularity. Developed initially as an amusing pastime for Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, this sandbox-style game has subsequently been adapted to nearly every gaming platform available!

For over a decade, Minecraft has won the hearts of many players by providing an expansive, randomized world and inspiring creative freedom. With its multitude of resources to mine, tools to craft, and structures ready for construction -all wrapped up in procedurally generated biomes- exploration is only the beginning: through blocks and decorations alike you can create anything from intricate sculptures to entire cities!

With its helpful online community, Minecraft simplifies the learning process for newcomers and gives them a chance to collaborate with experienced players. It is accessible across numerous gaming platforms, so anyone can immerse themselves in this world of endless possibilities!

3. Grand Theft Auto V – 175 million copies

The fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V was released in 2013 and quickly became one of the highest-selling video games of all time. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, GTA V took the classic open-world crime game to a whole new level. The expansive map offers an incredibly detailed environment for players to explore and wreak havoc in – from the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos to the picturesque countryside that surrounds it.

The game features three main protagonists with intertwining stories which will keep you entertained for hours. With its massive world, intense action sequences, engaging storyline, and multiple missions to complete, there’s no shortage of things to do in this game. It’s no surprise that GTA V has become one of the best-selling video games of all time.

4. Wii Sports – 82 million copies

Wii Sports was the first game ever released for the Nintendo Wii in 2006 and it quickly became a hit with people of all ages. The game consists of five different sports: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing, each of which is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Players can compete against their friends or challenge themselves in single-player mode as they strive to improve their skills. With its simple yet effective motion controls and intuitive user interface, Wii Sports made playing video games fun for everyone from casual gamers to hardcore fans. Its popularity spawned two sequels as well as multiple spin-offs, and it is still one of the best-selling video games of all time.

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 70 million copies

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation which has been a major success since its launch in 2017. The game pits players against each other in a race to be the last one standing as they scavenge for weapons and gear while fighting off their opponents.

With its realistic graphics, intense gunplay, and a wide variety of customization options, PUBG has become one of the most popular multiplayer games around. It’s no surprise that this game has sold over 70 million copies worldwide! If you’re looking for an intense and exciting multiplayer experience, PUBG is the game for you.

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6. Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe – 59 million copies

Launched in 2014, Mario Kart 8 and its Deluxe version are the latest installments in Nintendo’s beloved kart racing series. Developed by Nintendo EAD, Mario Kart 8 features a selection of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom as they race around colorful tracks while using a variety of items to gain an advantage.

The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes with up to four players competing at once – perfect for family game nights. With its simple controls, vibrant visuals, and loads of courses to choose from, it’s no wonder that this game has been so successful over the years. Mario Kart 8 and its Deluxe version have sold over 59 million copies worldwide, making them two of the best-selling video games ever!

7. Super Smash Bros – 58 million copies

Super Smash Bros., originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999, is a fighting game featuring beloved characters from various video game franchises as they battle it out to see who is the strongest of them all. Over time, the series has grown to include several sequels and spin-offs, resulting in millions of copies sold across multiple platforms.

With its easy-to-learn controls and fast-paced action, Super Smash Bros is accessible to newcomers while still offering depth and complexity that experienced players can appreciate. Thanks to its wide selection of characters and stages, as well as its competitive online mode, Super Smash Bros, has become one of the best-selling video games ever with over 58 million copies sold!

8. Red Dead Redemption 2- 50 million copies

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the second installment in Rockstar Games’ western-themed open-world series, released in 2018 to critical acclaim. The game follows Arthur Morgan, a member of an outlaw gang as they traverse the Wild West, complete missions, and survive against hostile enemies. With its detailed graphics, engaging story, and immersive gameplay, Red Dead Redemption 2 has received numerous awards for its excellent production values.

It also features an online multiplayer mode where players can team up with friends or compete against each other in various activities such as hunting and fishing. Thanks to its strong sales figures and positive reviews from critics, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 50 million copies since its release!

9. Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow – 47.5 million copies

The Pokémon series began in 1996 with the release of the original Red and Green versions for the Nintendo Game Boy. The two games, developed by Game Freak, saw players traveling around the fictional Kanto region as they captured wild Pocket Monsters (Pokémon), trained them, and battled other trainers.

Subsequent sequels and remakes have expanded on this formula while introducing new monsters and gameplay mechanics to keep fans coming back. With over 47.5 million copies sold worldwide since its initial launch, it’s no surprise that this franchise has become one of the most successful video game series of all time!

10. Pac-Man – 45 million copies

Last but certainly not least, we have Pac-Man! Originally released for the arcade in 1980, this classic maze game has gone on to become one of the most iconic video games ever made. Players take control of the titular character as they navigate a labyrinth and eat all of the dots while avoiding ghosts.

Along with its simple yet addictive gameplay, Pac-Man is known for its unique visuals and sound effects that have since become staples of pop culture. Over 45 million copies have been sold since its release, making it one of the best-selling video games ever!


From Tetris to Pac-Man, the video game industry has seen some amazing titles over the years. These 10 games have sold an incredible amount of copies and remain some of the most popular titles ever released. Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade games or modern open-world adventures, there’s sure to be something on this list that appeals to everyone!


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