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Top 10 Supplement Brands in USA 2024

The 10 best supplement brands in the USA for 2024

It is not a secret that Americans are fond of dietary supplements. Based on a recent study, the industry has reached a total value of $37.3 billion and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down. With so many manufacturers out there to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones may be worth your money. Consequently, we have managed to come up with the following top ten supplement brands in United States.

Below is a list of top 10 supplement brands in the US market for 2024:

  1. Nature Made

    Nature made is a brand of nutritional products produced by Pharmavite. Established in 1971 and headquartered in California, this company grossed $1.9 billion as at 2021 and sells its items across more than fifty nations globally making nature made an international brand. They produce various types of supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbal essences and probiotics.

    They also produce specialized formulas that address different health needs such as heart health or immunity boosting or stress relief among others depending on what one’s needs may be at any given time in their life cycle. Alongside supplements, Nature made makes cold-pressed juices plus other healthy food items too; available at Walmart stores or Targets or even CVS branches throughout America.

  2. GNC

    General Nutrition Centers (GNC) is an American multinational corporation that specializes sales operations involving dietetic products like vitamins among other types of dietary supplements and energy drinks too besides having numerous stores all over the world selling these product lines since inception in 1935 through David Shakarian who was based out Pittsburgh(PA). In addition Globally In 2018, GNC had around eight thousand locations around world with the company expected to generate revenue amounting $3.3Bn by year end 2022 according to estimates,

    Apart from traditional physicals shops where customers can access the company’s’ inventory, GNC also runs a web-based virtual store as well as franchise outlets numbering 1,400. The firm carries an assortment of merchandise ranging from vitamins, minerals, herbs sports nutrition items, diet products and drinks. In addition, GNC offers fitness counseling services and health checks.

  3. NOW Foods

    NOW Foods is one of the Supplement Brands in the USA. Its foundation dates back to 1968 and it is expected to make $675 million in sales by Statista for 2022. NOW provides a range of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs sport nutrition essential oils among others.

    Also included is a line consisting in natural and organic foodstuffs. Besides selling through its online stores NOW foods are present in more than five thousand retailers across the country. Their manufacturing activities are done at North America or even Europe and Asia. This family business provides healthy solutions for its customers being owned and operated.

  4. Vitamin Shoppe

    Vitamin Shoppe has been around since 1977 as one of America’s leading supplement retailer ( This company sells different kinds of supplements like vitamins, minerals herbal essences etcetera among others; with their revenues anticipated to be about $2bn this year based on 2022 projections on average annual turnover figures ( It has over seven hundred stores spread throughout U.S.

  5. Optimum Nutrition

    Optimum Nutrition is one of USA’s top-rated supplement brands.The company has been in operation for many years now since it was established in 1986 (about Us Page), delivering quality products to its clients ever since.Variety offered by Optimum Nutrition has helped it grow rapidly because it constantly innovates to produce new items.Its revenue is projected at $5 billion by 2022 (Bloomberg).

    Optimum Nutrition’s products can be found in over 90 countries. It’s most popular product is Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, which is a bestseller among protein powders. The company has a wide array of items such as sports nutrition, vitamins and minerals, weight management, personal care and so forth. Optimum Nutrition is determined to ensuring that they deliver top notch quality products to their clients. Through this commitment, the company has grown to become one of the most trustworthy Supplement Brands globally.

  6. BSN

    BSN supplements is a firm that deals in sports nutrition products and was established in 2001. The revenue for the firm in the year 2016 was $499 million dollars but by the year 2022 it projected that it will reach $3.2 billion dollars of revenue. These include pre-workout powders, post-workout powders, protein powders and other sport nutrition products like clothes. Besides these; BSN also offers a line of accessories including clothing items etcetera amongst others its products are available are from over 80 nations through distributorships stores or online.

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  7. MusclePharm

    MusclePharm was started by Brad Pyatt in Denver Colorado in 2008 as a sports nutrition company. The business had revenues of $394 million during 2019 and is estimated to project earnings for 2022 of $1..1 billion respectively . MusclePharm sells various fitness and health-related items such as protein powders and amino acids through their online portal .

    The Company markets its product towards both professional athletes and amateurs alike;. Additionally, MusclePharm sponsors individuals participating in different sporting activities such as football baseball among others basketball hockey , mixed martial arts , bodybuilding et cetera . In addition to athlete sponsorship, the company also runs several events such as the MusclePharm Fitness Expo and the MusclePharm Arnold Classic Europe Bodybuilding Championships.

  8. Cellucor

    Cellucor is one of Supplement Brands in USA that was established in 2002. The company is head office in Texas and their products are sold through retail chains across more than 90 countries. By the year 2022 it will have a turnover of $1.2billion.

    The product range of this firm includes pre-workouts, protein powders, amino acids and fat burners for athletes or fitness enthusiasts .Additionally, they have other fitness-related accessories like shakers and workout mats; hence these items are not only limited by supplement brands but also include things such as t-shirts and tank tops, among others.

  9. Universal Nutrition

    Since 1977 when it was founded Universal Nutrition has produced some of the best body building and sports nutrition supplements available on the market today. They are one of the Supplement Brands in USA.. It came to life with a purpose to provide athletes with an effective nutrient that would help them achieve optimum results during performance.

    Today Universal Nutrition’s offerings encompass a wide variety of proteins, amino acids, weight gainers, Creatine among others. In recent years they have even begun offering healthy snacks via nutritional bars and cookies.Universal Nutrition is expected to earn up to $1.2 billion by 2022.

  10. MET-Rx

    MET-Rx is one known Supplement Brands in USA as regards discussing them here .It all began back in1991 when its founder Scott Connelly created an innovative Supplement which could help people achieve better physical shape.MET-Rx has been doing well since then; however according to some speculations its revenue should come close to two point five billion dollars before year 2022 comes round

    Are you curious to know what MET-Rx does? They have a variety of items suitable for both genders. Some of their well-liked products are protein powders, bars, vitamins and even pre-workout supplements. They also have a line of sports nutrition products that will enable athletes to reach their peak performance. Thus, whether you need some slimming or bulking aid, consider MET-Rx.


That is the top ten supplement brands in the US! We hope this list makes things easier so that you will be able to make an informed decision about your supplements. Remember to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any new dietary supplement program.


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