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Top 10 Most Followed Person on Instagram in the world 2023

Top 10 Most Followed Instagram Celebrities in 2023

Instagram has skyrocketed in popularity and become a commonplace platform for billions of users worldwide. Many of these people have risen to fame, acquiring immense influence with millions or even billions of followers on their accounts. Whether it’s businesses, celebrities, athletes or other influencers, Instagram is now the go-to source for updates and stories about each person’s life – some individuals possess more fans than entire countries!

It is fascinating to observe which Instagram accounts have the most devoted followers and how they interact with their fan base. In this article, we will discover the Top 10 Most Followed Person on Instagram in the world 2023, as well as understand what content strategies lie behind their extraordinary success.With millions of users around the globe, it’s no surprise that some of the most followed accounts are celebrities and athletes.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (520 million followers)

On February 25th, 2023, Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo achieved a momentous milestone: he became the most followed individual on Instagram with over 520 million fans. As an elite athlete whose feats are unmatched in modern sports history and a six-time FIFA Player of the Year award recipient – currently playing for Italian giant Juventus – it is no wonder that Ronaldo has amassed such incredible influence online.

Ronaldo’s content revolves around his luxury life, football matches and philanthropic efforts. He often shares motivating quotes or endorses products such as Nike apparel, Monster headphones, Herbalife nutrition items and Tag Heuer watches on social media platforms with inspiring captions to motivate followers to lead a healthy lifestyle or commit towards a meaningful cause.

As an elite athlete, Ronaldo uses his international renown to spread awareness about important topics like poverty and racism. He has advocated for anti-discrimination initiatives such as his #WeLiveFootball campaign which is devoted to eliminating prejudice in football stadiums globally.

2. Lionel Messi (423 million followers)

Lionel Messi is the second most followed person on Instagram, with an impressive 423 million followers. He is a professional soccer player from Argentina and plays for the Spanish club Barcelona. He has been named the best soccer player in the world multiple times and is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Messi’s content mainly consists of pictures and videos related to his lifestyle, football matches and charitable causes. Other than that, he posts motivational quotes and promotes products such as Adidas apparel, Hawkers sunglasses, EA Sports video games etc. His posts are often accompanied by captions in which he encourages his fans to enjoy life and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Being one of the top athletes in the world, Messi uses his huge platform to create awareness about various issues such as poverty and education. Recently he launched his United We Play initiative designed to help vulnerable children use sport as a means of benefiting their lives socially and economically. The initiative provides access to quality sports facilities across 6 continents and 80 countries.

3. Kylie Jenner (379 million followers)

Kylie Jenner has gained a massive followership on Instagram since she joined the platform in 2011. Over the last nine years, her followers have increased to an impressive 379 million followers, making her one of the most-followed celebrities on Instagram. Her followers span across countries, genders and age groups as she continues to post dynamic content regularly. Through fashion, beauty and life advice Kylie has built her very own empire that continues to make her a global icon today.

Her content consists of posts related to her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics, her lifestyle and snippets of her everyday life. She also promotes various products such as clothing brands, beauty products and apps via sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Kylie uses her huge platform to create awareness regarding important topics like mental health, body image issues, animal cruelty and environmental protection. She has also used her influence to support organizations like the World Food Program USA, which is dedicated to providing meals for those in need around the world.

4. Selena Gomez (369 million followers)

Selena Gomez remains one of the most popular Instagram personalities and influencers, with an impressive 369 million followers. Not only is she a darling in the music industry and fashion world, but her success continues to skyrocket as she expands her interests into different areas and promotes her brand on a global level. With no signs of slowing down soon, it’s worth keeping an eye out for what amazing projects Selena will come up with next—we can be sure they’ll keep all those devoted fans engaged!

Selena Gomez’s content mainly consists of fashion and lifestyle related posts that include behind-the-scenes footage from her music videos, photoshoots and public appearances. She also promotes various products such as clothing brands, beauty products and apps through sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Aside from promoting her brand, Selena Gomez uses her social media platform to be an advocate for various causes like mental health and girls’ education. She recently launched the Rare Beauty campaign that encourages people to embrace their unique beauty and raise awareness about mental health issues. Additionally, she has supported organizations such as UNICEF which works towards providing healthcare, education and protection to children in need around the world.

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5. Beyoncé (360 million followers)

As one of the most renowned artists in entertainment, Beyoncé boasts an expansive fanbase that continues to grow. On Instagram alone, she has a stupendous 360 million followers and currently holds the 5th position among persons with the most worldwide followers – a feat expected to remain true through 2023. Her fan count will likely skyrocket as we get closer to this date too; after all, her music is only getting better and more personal every day!

Beyoncé’s content usually consists of promotional posts for her music, as well as snippets from her everyday life. She also uses her platform to promote various products such as clothing brands and beauty products via sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Not only is Beyoncé a renowned figure in the music industry, but she also fervently follows her passion of utilizing her influence to make the world a better place. She has advocated for social justice, equal rights, gender equality and access to education worldwide. Furthermore, she has also supported various organizations such as Bread4Education – an organization focused on providing educational resources to girls who don’t have access to them.

6. Kim Kardashian West (265M followers)

In 2023, Kim Kardashian West’s followers on Instagram will likely surpass an incredible 265 million. She has always been a strong advocate for leveraging her personal brand, and it has clearly paid off for her. It is impressive to see how celebrities like Kim are able to make use of their social media followings as a way of promoting their businesses and/or causes. Her followers on Instagram are sure to only continue growing exponentially in the coming years. From fashion products to makeup lines, her followers have eagerly followed her journey through entrepreneurship and prosperity. Kim Kardashian West is proof that hard work really does pay off.

Kim Kardashian West mostly uses her platform to promote her beauty line, SKIMS and other fashion products, as well as videos from her TV show, ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. She also makes sure to promote various products such as clothing brands and beauty products through sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian West has always been vocal about supporting certain causes like mental health awareness and criminal justice reform. She recently made headlines after helping free a grandmother who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2020. Additionally, she has used her influence to raise money for charitable causes such as Habitat For Humanity and Feeding America. Kim is an excellent example of how influencers can use their platforms for good.

7. Dwayne Johnson (253M followers)

Dwayne Johnson has become one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram with over 253 million followers. This meteoric rise in followers is expected to continue into 2023 as fans continue to religiously follow The Rock’s activities, from movie updates and behind-the-scenes snippets, to his entertaining personal posts. And even if he wasn’t already one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Dwayne Johnson already commands more followers than some countries – definitely a star to watch out for in 2023!

Dwayne Johnson usually posts about his movies, TV series and upcoming projects via his Instagram account. His content also consists of behind-the-scenes footage and interesting BTS snippets from his everyday life. He is also known to promote various products such as clothing brands, health & fitness supplements and beauty products through sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Not only does Dwayne Johnson use his platform to entertain people, but he also uses it to raise awareness for certain causes and charitable organizations. Recently, The Rock collaborated with Omaze, a charity organization that supports various initiatives all around the world, to give away a once-in-a-lifetime experience – they raised over $2 million! Additionally, he has advocated for mental health awareness, racial equality and the fight against COVID-19. Dwayne Johnson is a fantastic example of how influencers can use their platforms for good.

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8. Ariana Grande (245M followers)

Ariana Grande, one of the most iconic performers of today’s generation, still remains queen of Instagram followers. As we look to 2023, it is estimated that Grande will have an astounding 245 million followers on Instagram – a testament to her immense influence and power in pop culture. What’s even more noteworthy is that she has achieved such an impressive amount of followers solely through her carefully crafted but candidly natural posts that display her unique personality and talent, garnering her admiration from fans of all ages and generations. There is no doubt that Ariana Grande still stands as one of the symbols of success in the digital age.

Ariana Grande keeps her fans up-to-date with behind the scenes snippets of her life, as well as news about her upcoming music and projects. She also frequently features products from different brands she works closely with on Instagram through sponsored posts or endorsements.

Though Ariana largely uses her platform to entertain her fans, she has also used it to call attention to various causes and charities. She has supported cancer research, mental health awareness, and most recently, the Black Lives Matter movement. Ariana Grande’s influence on social media goes beyond entertainment – it is proof of how powerful influencers are in creating positive change.

9. Justin Bieber (241M followers)

It has been nearly two decades since Justin Bieber began making music, and followers on Instagram are still flocking to him in droves. As of 2023, the singer-songwriter has an incredible 241 million followers worldwide, a testament to his lasting popularity. Bieber’s followers span over many generations, united under the common denominator of their love for his music and performance. Given the infectious nature of his music, it is likely that this number shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon!

You can often find Justin Bieber talking about his music, future endeavors and collaborations on Instagram. He is also an avid promoter of various products such as clothing lines and skincare items through sponsored posts or shoutouts.

In addition to using his platform for entertainment, Justin Bieber has also used it to raise awareness for certain causes and charities. Recently, he raised $2 million for mental health support by donating the proceeds of one of his concerts to the cause. Additionally, he has advocated for racial justice and supported small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin Bieber is another great example of how influencers can use their platforms for good.

10. Neymar Jr (236M followers)

2023 promises to be a banner year for Neymar Jr, the wildly popular and globally recognized soccer player with over 236 million followers on Instagram. His long list of accomplishments on the pitch have been matched by an impressive following online, further cementing his place as one of the biggest names in sports and beyond. This ever expanding fan base is sure to bolster as new feats are achieved in Neymar’s career during 2023, leading to even greater success and excitement across the planet. Who knows what legendary moments will come from this powerhouse athlete? We can only look forward in anticipation!

Neymar Jr’s feed usually consists of candid shots and videos from his daily life, as well as updates on his upcoming matches and events. He is also often seen promoting various products such as clothing lines or sports equipment through sponsored posts or shoutouts on Instagram.

Going beyond mere entertainment, Neymar has also used his platform to raise awareness for causes and charities. Recently, he endorsed a mental health campaign in Brazil that aimed to challenge the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety. In addition, over the years Neymar’s name has been associated with various animal rights initiatives as well. His influence on social media is living proof of how influential figures can be when it comes to inspiring positive change in our world today!

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These top 10 most followed people on Instagram have a combined total of over 3 billion followers! It’s amazing to see how influential these individuals are and how they use their platform to reach out to their fans. Whether it be for promoting a product or simply sharing a message, these accounts have made an impact on millions of people around the world.

These Ten social media superstars have proven that influence can be a powerful tool in creating positive change in the world. They have all used their platforms for entertainment, but also to raise awareness and push for crucial causes such as mental health support, racial justice and the fight against COVID-19. Whether it be through activism or entertainment, these influencers show us exactly what power social media can have in the digital age.


Q1: Who is the no1 most followed people on instagram?

A1: The no1 most followed person on Instagram is currently football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo with an astounding 259 million followers.

Q2: How do these influencers use their platforms for good?

A2: These influencers often use their platforms to promote various causes and charities, such as mental health support and racial justice initiatives. They also use their platforms to raise awareness for causes such as animal rights and the fight against COVID-19. Additionally, some of them have used their influence to support small businesses during the pandemic.

Q3: What is the total number of followers that these 10 people have combined?

A3: These 10 most followed people on Instagram have a combined total of over 3 billion followers! It’s amazing to see how influential these individuals are and how they use their platform to reach out to their fans.

Q4: What is Neymar Jr’s Instagram handle?

A4: Neymar Jr’s Instagram handle is neymarjr. He has over 236 million followers on the platform!

Q5: How much Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

A5: If you’re an influencer with between 10,000 and 50,000 active followers on social media platforms according to USA Today, then you could earn a few thousand dollars for each post. For those who have up to 1 million Instagram followers – your earnings per post can reach $10K! If one has more than 1 million fans the possibilities are endless; the sky is truly the limit in terms of what you might charge for a single sponsored content.




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