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Top 10 FMCG Companies in the USA 2024

Top 10 Best FMCG Companies in the USA in 2024

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies play a major role in the daily lives of consumers, supplying necessary products that vary from food and beverages to personal care and household items. In the United States, many FMCG firms and startups have taken great strides toward innovation, sustainability and consumer involvement. Let’s dive deep into some of the leading FMCG companies ad start-ups on June 2024 market.

Here is a list of the top 10 FMCG companies in the USA:

  1. SoaPen Inc

Overview: SoaPen Inc located in New York City helps children create healthy lifestyles using playful personal care tools. Established in 2016, SoaPen offers soap packed pens which make handwashing an amusement for infants as well as take care of their health.

Innovation: For instance, for every pack sold, they donate one pack of soaps to a low-income school thus their buy-1 give-1 model shows their commitment to social impact as well as accessibility.

Location: New York City, New York, USA

2. Tick Home Care

Overview: Headquartered in Mount Lebanon Pennsylvania Tick Home Care focuses on eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Founded in 2022 with a focus on sustainability alongside high quality home cleaning products.

Environmental Focus: This includes reusing plastic containers instead waste reduction making home care cleaner and greener.

Location: Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

Saturam Inc

Overview: San Francisco California is where Saturam Inc operates its global Augmented Data Engineering business from; The company was established in 2017 to address data engineering complexities through its range of tools and SaaS products targeted at multi-cloud and emerging data ecosystems.

Tech Innovation: It is no secret that big-dataops together with machine learning are areas of expertise that position Saturam among the leaders when it comes to data driven solutions for enterprises.

Location: San Francisco, California, USA


Overview: Based out of Atlanta Georgia ampliphi is a company that quantifies, reduces and communicates plastic footprints in organizations. Founded in the earlier months of 2021 ampliphi provides an intelligent environmental action platform for optimizing environmental impact.

Sustainability Impact: As a result, consumer brands can systematically reduce their plastic footprints through ampliphi’s platform leading to circular economy.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Shared Value Agents

Overview: Shared Value Agents is a corporation that was established in Seattle, Washington to combine Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)-desired products and services for durable face-to-face connections. Founded in 2015, the company concentrates on creating common value to businesses as well as communities.

Community Engagement: In order to maintain trust and lasting relationships with consumers and caused social impact, it utilized an approach that meets customer needs.

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States


Overview: An eco-friendly cashback company catering for plant-based products like Terra-bate based out of Fargo, North Dakota. Established in 2020,Terra-bate rewards sustainable purchases with cashbacks.

Consumer Behavior:Characteristically ,Terra-bate employs consumer psychology which aims at raising demand for eco-friendly substitutes through its marketing activities.

Location:Fargo,North Dakota, United States

Flip Top Plates Inc

Overview: A company called Flip Top Plates Inc has been coming up with innovative plate containers meant to be used when leftover food is being kept or stored away. It was established in 2016 and exists primarily so as to reduce cases of food wastage through the use of recyclable plate containers.

Environmental Impact: By using a sustainable practice model in line with those applied by Flp-Top plates they provide customers a practical way through which they can salvage some amount of food from getting wasted.

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

The Stack – N – Go

Overview:The Stack N Go headquarters are located Los Angeles California hence specialises on designing and distributing BPA free plastics that are environmentally friendly.Founded in 2019,the drive behind this company is promoting healthy living by offering smart portion meal containers towards reducing waste levels.

Sustainability Focus:The goal of Stack-N-GO’s products is to push people into making healthier more conscious decisions with their diet while creating a greener lifestyle.

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States


An Overview: Eato is an AI-driven video marketplace in New York City that brings people closer to West African cuisine. Established in 2021, Eato sells genuine African meal-kits and other food items using its AI-powered platform.

Cultural Connection: Through its market place, Eato unites communities by allowing them to access high-quality African foods and experiences.

Location: New York, NY, USA


An Overview: Sproxil is a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in mobile technology that links consumers with brands. Founded in 2007, the technology employed by Sproxil enhances customer trust whilst fighting against supply chain frauds.

Brand Protection: Sproxil’s brand protection solutions prevent counterfeit products from entering the market hence ensuring consumer confidence and trust for their brands.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US.

These are some of the leading FMCG firms and start-ups which highlight how competitive this industry has become in America. These companies represent different aspects such as sustainability and technological advancement; they are shaping the future of FMCG focusing on quality, sustainability and consumer well-being.


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