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Who has Highest IQ in the UK 2023

2023’s IQ UK highest score:

Yusuf Shah, scoring 162 has the Highest IQ in the United Kingdom. The fact that some of the smartest people in the world hail from the UK is a non-brainer. In this year, Yusuf Shah, an eleven-year-old English boy scored 162 out of possible 162 on Mensa IQ test beating Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking estimated to have had IQs of about 160. He is therefore within the top one percentile of the general population and one of brightest kids in existence.

It should be noted that he took the test on impulse which makes his performance even more remarkable. In other words, there are many British Mensa members with an IQ within the top two percent including a twelve-year-old Leeds schoolboy who also obtained 162 points on an intelligence quotient scale.

Furthermore, while an average adult has an IQ of 100, several countries have higher average scores than that. Leading list by World Population Review shows Singapore at first place with its average score being equal to 108 and South Korea as well as Japan follow it both having a mean value of 106 per each country. The United States ranks twenty fourth with its average being equal to ninety eight.

This implies therefore that Yusuf Shah exhibits extraordinary levels of intelligence in comparison to us and hence his achievement deserves recognition! It will be fascinating to observe other exceptional performers coming from Britain after 2023.

Ten Highest UK QI till 2023

Christopher Michael Langan (IQ:200)

The Smartest Man in the World – Christopher Michael Langan

Christopher Michael Langan was four years old when he began reading advanced books and displaying signs of exceptional intellect. At this time his parents didn’t know how much he would amount up to as he later became recognized as ‘the most intelligent person.’

March twenty fifth nineteen fifty two saw him born rurally in Montana. It was while at a high school that he excelled in all disciplines and aced his SATs without any form of preparation. Nevertheless, Langan couldn’t get scholarship for college due to being raised by a single woman who had little means.

He managed to teach himself whatever he needed and went on to graduate from community college six years later. He then proceeded to Harvard University where he earned two master’s degrees majoring in philosophy before authoring such books as ‘Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe’, “The Intelligence Paradox” and, “The Rational Spirituality” among others.

Currently, Christopher Michael Langan is sixty eight years old and still going strong! His achievements have seen him feature on television shows like 60 Minutes, BBC Horizon, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and many more. Truly amazing through commitment towards education as well as expanding the intellect frontiers.

Whatever future holds for him Christopher Michael Langan will continue to stun us with IQ score higher than any other human being ever recorded!

Richard Philip Feldman (IQ:190-210)

A Guru of Intellect – Richard Philip Feldman

Richard Philip Feldman, an American cognitive scientist, psychologist and a professor at the University of Rochester is thought by many as one of the world’s most intelligent people with IQ ranging between 190 and 210. Born on May 6th ,1955 Feldman graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in psychology. He did his graduate studies at Stanford University, which awarded him a doctorate in cognitive science in 1980. Notably, he has worked for different organizations including NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a research Psychologist.

In 1989 he joined the staff of the University of Rochester and since then received numerous honors. Cognitive science, consciousness and artificial intelligence are some of the issues that Feldman has written about in more than 230 articles and eighteen books. That is not mentioning works around language theory or cognition – topics that have granted him recognition both among laymen and scholars.

His findings have been relevant to industrial as well as bureaucratic agencies helping them understand how knowledge can be applied to solve complex problems or address complicated issues. His work continues to inspire people around the globe looking to advance their own intellects or create new theories on intelligence.

Andrew John Wiles (IQ: 170-190)

Andrew John Wiles – A Mathematical Genius

Wiles Andrew John is a well-known British mathematician who currently teaches at Princeton University. Andrew estimates his IQ at between 170 and 190; this puts him amidst top one percent most intelligent individuals worldwide. Cambridge England saw his first light on April11th ,1953.Wilkes attended Merton College, Oxford where he received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics with first class honours degrees. Later he went on to earn his Ph.D.at Clare College, Cambridge in1980.

Throughout these years Wiles has made significant contributions to mathematics focusing more specifically on algebraic number theory along with elliptic curves as well as modular forms. Within this period, his most famous was what he termed “Fermat’s Last Theorem” which remained unsolved for more than 350 years until it was finally cracked by Wiles during the years 1993-1994! In 2016, he would again be awarded one of mathematics’ most prestigious honors, the Abel Prize, in addition to winning several awards like American Mathematical Society’s Cole Prize and the Royal Medal from Royal Society. Throughout academia worldwide, Andrew John Wiles is still highly respected for possessing wide knowledge and expertise in maths. His groundbreaking research will continue to leave a lasting legacy within mathematics for generations to come!

Stephen Hawking (IQ: 160-170)

Stephen Hawking – A Mind of Brilliance

One great British physicist and cosmologist who has made extraordinary achievements throughout his life is Stephen Hawking. He is considered one of the smartest people in the world with an IQ estimated between 160-170. Born in Oxford England on January 8th ,1942 ,Hawking suffered from motor neuron disease but later went on to study at Oxford University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Science. Then Hawking proceeded to Cambridge University where he earned Doctor of Philosophy in1966.The scientific community recognized him for his work on black holes and theoretical physics.

He is the author of many books, among them “A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes” (published in 1988) which is one of the bestsellers till date. Some of his awards are The Copley Medal (from the Royal Society), Presidential Medal of Freedom (from George W Bush), and a turning point Prize for improving life on earth from MIT! Globally Stephen Hawking is esteemed and honored in academic circles as well as beyond. For generations to come, humankind will be fascinated by his legendary brilliance!

5. Terence Tao (IQ: 160-180)

Terence Tao – An Exceptional Mathematical Genius

An outstanding Australian-American mathematician, Terence Tao has often been called the “Mozart of Maths”. His IQ estimates range from 160 to 180 making him among world’s brightest people. He was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1975. At age two he already proved to be a math prodigy and later went on to earn his first degree at sixteen at Flinders University! He then joined Princeton University and UCLA where he obtained an Ellis Kolchin supervised Ph.D.

During his career, he made groundbreaking discoveries in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations and combinatorics that earned him numerous awards. A Fields medal recipient awarded only thrice after this event since 1936 happened to him in 2006 which counts more than Nobel Prize for mathematics! In academia worldwide Terence Tao has made remarkable contributions that can never be forgotten within his lifetime. His insatiable thirst for knowledge continues inspiring billions across continents!

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6. Paul Allen (IQ: 160-170)

Paul Allen – A Visionary Technological Genius

Estimatedly having an IQ ranging from about one hundred sixty to one hundred seventy, Paul Allen was an American business magnate and philanthropist. Until his passing he made unbelievable contributions to the world of tech industry, which will be remembered by generations of people. Born in Seattle, Washington in 1953, Allen went on to study at Washington State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. His association with Bill Gates that had started during this period resulted in the birth of Microsoft Company (1975).

He became prosperous due to his technology investments such as co-founding Microsoft, cable TV investment and authoring books about pop cultural trends among others. In 2018 an autobiography was published under the title “Idea Man” that detailed his remarkable journey as a businessman and philanthropist. Furthermore, Paul Allen is famous for supporting good causes; ocean conservation, homelessness and cancer research are some of them! His endless quest for invention is a source of inspiration to many worldwide!

7. Alan Turing (IQ: 160-175)

Alan Turing – The Father of Computing

A true visionary, English mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing’s genius had a great impact on the entire world. He is commonly known as “father of computing” since he made many breakthroughs in the computer science field that have influenced the way humans live today. Moreover, he was believed to have an IQ range of 160-175 which confirms his brilliance even further. Turing was born in London in 1912 and later went to King’s College Cambridge where he studied mathematics and created theories about computable numbers with machines.

Most importantly, he was famous for decoding German messages during World War II and developing early designs for computers that are now seen as precursors of contemporary computers. In 1950 he released a paper entitled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, which outlined ways through which a machine can think like a human being. Throughout his lifetime, Turing’s remarkable work has seen him honored with numerous awards including being enlisted into the Royal Society back in 1951 among others! His intelligence continues to amaze millions globally!

8.David Beckham(IQ:150-155)

David Beckham – An Icon of Pop Culture

Through perseverance, determination and creativity David Beckham has become an icon not only in Britain but also across other parts of the world. It is well-known that one of the most outstanding footballers ever known had an estimated IQ between 150 and 155. Becks is what people often call him; he has achieved incredible heights playing for such famous teams as Manchester United and Real Madrid among others! Born in London in 1975, Beckham’s passion for soccer began when he was just a kid and guided him throughout his life.

Beckham won many awards including becoming England Captain in 2000 amongst others! Furthermore, Beckham also draws attention due to his philanthropy work around the globe. He runs various programs with several charities which concentrate on helping children through education and sports! Above all, he is a role model for millions of people around the world!

9. Simon Baron-Cohen ( IQ: 150 – 185)

Simon Baron-Cohen – A Pioneer in the Field of Autism

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen is a well-known expert in developmental psychology and psychopathology at Cambridge University. His works have since become landmarks on autism’s place within cognitive understanding of our brains and thinking.

In addition, he also had an estimated IQ between 150 and 185 which just confirms his super intelligence even more. The academic career of baron-cohen began from oxford where he studied Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology before moving on to University College London for research work. He won many awards during his lifetime like becoming Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) in 2002 among others!

But, even then, his major work touches on mindblindness which is an inability to understand what other people are thinking or feeling due to mentalizing challenges. Baron-Cohen’s theory has had a significant impact on the modern understanding of autism as it stresses that weak mentalizing abilities can cause impaired empathy. Additionally, he continues to be instrumental in psychology and neuroscience with notable accomplishments such as designing novel scales for gauging levels of empathy among others! Yes, he motivates so many around the world!

10. He owns an IQ score of 145-155.

Jim Al-Khalili – A live Physics Legend

Jim Al-Khalili is a professor of theoretical physics at University College London and one of the most influential figures in quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. His IQ measures between 145 and 155, providing further proof that his intellectual capabilities are exceptional. These are the kinds of things that have made him successful and famous; winning numerous academic awards like being awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty The Queen in 2007 amongst many others!!

He also has an extensive public engagement portfolio; appearing on radio, television, print media across the globe to share knowledge with people from all walks of life. Furthermore, Al-Khalili also runs various programs aimed at inspiring young individuals to embrace science and technology as their areas of specialization. It’s indeed admirable when kids learn through experiments! In addition, he has written several books about these subjects thus making him outstanding communicator within scientific community. Indeed there are millions who look up to him globally!


In conclusion it is obvious that both Simon Baron-Cohen and Jim Al-Khalili are geniuses with superlative intelligence quotient respectively whom have impacted many lives globally through their scholarly work and research findings within Psychology & Physics. They serve as invaluable role models for upcoming generations because they devote themselves to serving humanity, push the envelope of knowledge and are passionate about sharing it with others.

These ten individuals have been extraordinarily successful in their respective fields, demonstrating the power of intelligence. They made great contributions to science and society and they are real inspirations for many people all over the world! Indeed, it is a humbling thought that some of the most brilliant minds who ever lived were British. The UK has reason to be proud of its talented citizens!


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